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How much does a car air conditioning regas cost?

$115 - $260

    How much does it cost to regas car aircon?

    In the blistering Australian heat, your car’s air conditioning provides cool comfort. A car air conditioning regas in Australia typically starts between $155 and $260. This seemingly routine maintenance is about preventing larger issues from surfacing. As temperatures soar, the importance of a fully functional car air conditioner is undeniable.

    In this guide, we’ll discuss regas car air conditioning costs, shedding light on the factors influencing them and answering questions that often linger in the minds of many drivers.

    How much does a car air conditioning regas cost?

    A regular cost to regas aircon is usually between $115 and $165. While the regassing process may cost $100, most technicians prefer to complete a thorough inspection of the entire unit, including any minor repairs that may be required inside the system. 

    The total cost of a regas can be over $260, depending on the specific automotive shop and the additional services required with the regas.

    How much does it cost to get your car air conditioner repaired?

    A small AC problem, such as replacing a leaking seal, normally costs around $300. However, for more major repairs, such as replacing a faulty compressor, the cost may start from $500 and could go higher, depending on the severity of the damage and the breadth of the required repairs.

    Additional costs may be incurred if the compressor damage is substantial and requires extensive service. This could need the replacement of additional parts as well as an increased requirement for refrigerant, raising the overall costs.

    Car air conditioning service costs based on location

    The cost to regas and repair car air conditioning varies per location. Usually, the higher the cost of living in a place, the higher the labour cost goes as well. Oneflare customers have been quoted the following for a car air conditioning service: 

    City Average reported cost
    Sydney $300
    Melbourne $250
    Perth $250
    Brisbane $210
    Adelaide $215

    Signs your car air conditioning system is low on refrigerant gas

    Reduced cooling capacity

    The diminishing efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system in terms of heating or cooling is one obvious sign that it needs maintenance. If you observe that the air is not as cold as before or is not blowing cold air at all, it could be a sign of air conditioning system issues.

    Strange noises from the system

    When you activate your unit, the fan should blow cool air. Another warning sign is that unusual sounds, like banging or rattling, indicate the need for an air conditioner service or repair. 

    Unpleasant odours

    If you detect unusual smells from the air conditioning vents, it may indicate a problem. A bad smell could indicate mould or mildew growth or a coolant leak, and a foul or rotten smell could mean a buildup of bacteria or debris in the vents.

    Factors impacting the cost of car air conditioner repair or regas

    Understanding the factors influencing air con regas cost is crucial for informed decision-making. These variables can affect the total cost of car aircon repair or regas:

    Vehicle make and model

    a mechanic checking the car's air conditioning system

    Different cars have varying AC system intricacies. Prepare to shell out more if the condenser is damaged or faulty, especially in older vehicles prone to electrical issues. Repairing an older vehicle can cost more due to the rarity of certain parts, and larger or more complex engines may require increased labour hours. Luxury or imported models might incur a higher cost of regassing car aircon due to specialised parts.

    Labour costs

    Labour charges vary among service providers. Repairing an air conditioner’s condenser involves the unit cost and a minimum of two hours of labour, with some vehicles requiring three or four hours for completion.

    Job complexity

    Repair costs for your car aircon are lower when addressing specific issues like a leaking hose or clogged air filter. More complex issues demand more time, expertise and parts if necessary, impacting the overall aircon regas cost. For instance, fixing a refrigerant leak may cost more than a routine regas.

    Other services

    Beyond standard regassing, additional car services impact pricing

    If your air conditioning compressor fails, it may lead to hot air blowing, which typically occurs after 150,000 km. Compressor replacement costs range from $500 to $1,200, and your mechanic should specify additional parts needed in the estimate.

    On the other hand, a broken air conditioning compressor may cause internal damage, requiring the replacement of hoses and additional parts, potentially reaching $1,200

    DIY vs Hiring a professional mechanic

    an auto mechanic working on the car's air conditioning system

    Successful regas require technical knowledge and tools only available at a local auto repair shop. While a DIY regas kit may seem to reduce the overall cost of regassing your car’s aircon, it poses risks, such as inadequate removal of old refrigerant and potential damage to components like the condenser.

    Hiring a professional guarantees the job is done right the first time, reducing the likelihood of future issues. With access to advanced diagnostic tools and a commitment to safety, professionals provide comprehensive, reliable repairs that guarantee the longevity and efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system. Choosing a pro means peace of mind, warranty protection, and long-term reliability.


    How to hire a mechanic

    When hiring, remember that a refrigerant license is required to handle aircon gas. If it is not done correctly, it can leak and cause further damage to the ozone layer. Your service technician should follow strict regulations and have specialised equipment for transfer and storage.

    Ask about the process. To make an accurate diagnosis, your technician should inspect the hoses, look for broken seals, check the thermostat operation, do a condenser temperature check, make a suction line temperature reading, and use an electronic leak detector.

    Tips on how to save money when hiring a mechanic

    Tip #1: When you get an estimate for the car servicing you need you should find out if parts and gas are part of the estimate. If you have used personalised quotes, you’ll have a good idea if the costs are reasonable or not.

    Tip #2: Ask the technician to state exactly what you need for a safe and productive aircon unit. Otherwise, they may tack on extra services and drive up your costs. If your service tech says it’s a broken compressor without looking for a different cause, this should make you think twice. A refrigerant leak can cause the compressor to stop working. Once the leak is addressed, the compressor can do its job.

    Tip #3: Drivers should also avoid going with cheap regas because of the danger. Cheaper regasses are often made from hydrocarbon-based gas which is highly flammable and dangerous to you and your passengers if there is a gas leak.


    Keep your car’s air conditioning cool 

    Maintaining your car’s air conditioning system is a delicate balance between comfort and cost. Regular check-ups and prompt repairs can save you from sweltering in the heat of unexpected expenses.

    Check your car’s AC health. Is it time for a regas, or perhaps something more? Don’t leave it to chance! Consult a professional mechanic to keep both your cool and your cash intact. Your comfortable drive awaits!


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    How to clean a car air conditioner?

    Downward Chevron
    You can clean your car’s air conditioner by wiping the vents clean with a brush. Accessing the aircon cabin’s filter is usually possible through the glove compartment. Disconnect the cabin and wipe it clean with a cloth or brush. Lastly, you can brush and spray the fans and condenser clean by accessing them via the car’s bonnet.

    How often should you regas a vehicle air conditioning system?

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    Most manufacturers recommend that a vehicle air conditioner system be regassed or serviced every 1-2 years. Some vehicles can go longer without having their AC system serviced, but you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines on your vehicle to see what it says.

    How long does car aircon regas take?

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    A repair for air conditioning can be completed in as little as 90 minutes, usually in 35 to 45 minutes. This includes checking the air conditioning system and replacing any empty or low refrigerant gas.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Raiya's Car Aircon Job

    Location PinSydney CBD, NSW
    Job Type

    Car aircon service


    Water sound once turned on

    Other issues

    Leaking from passenger side

    $285inc. gst

    Quoted by Ascend Automotive Services

    Tim's Car Aircon Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job Type

    Car aircon service


    Yearly service


    Also includes other car services

    $149inc. gst

    Quoted by Advance Auto Tune

    Anthony's Car Aircon Job

    Location PinInner South Melbourne, VIC
    Job Type

    Car aircon repair


    Service of aircon included


    Includes oil service

    $275inc. gst

    Quoted by Safe Lube Mobile Mechanics

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