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How Much Is a Car Service in Australia?

$220 - $385

    How Much Does a Car Service Cost?

    Getting your car serviced is necessary to ensure it runs fine with no issues for as long as possible. But how much does a car service cost? The average car service cost can vary between major and minor services. The car service cost for one minor service ranges between $220 to $245. In contrast, a major logbook or full car service cost could range between $370 to $385.

    The typical car owner services their cars at least twice a year. This means the average car service cost per year in Australia is between $430 to $770. If these car servicing costs make you hesitate to contact a mechanic, think again.

    Owning a car is a major purchase, but it’s still considered a depreciating asset. This is where proper car care and maintenance come in. Skipping periodic maintenance could lead to a costlier breakdown or accident. In this guide, we’ll help you know what to expect and budget accordingly before you go to a mechanic. 

    What’s Included in a Car Service?

    For most manufacturers, minor services are usually every 5,000 kilometres. You’ll need to perform major logbook services at least every 12 months or every 10,000 kilometres. However, all this depends on the make and model of your car, the manufacturer’s requirements, and, most importantly, your car’s current condition. Since you’ll need to take your car to get serviced every few thousand kilometres, it’s best to know what’s included. 

    Minor car services 

    Minor or basic car services cost considerably less than major ones due to the focus on preventative maintenance. These include but are not limited to:

    • Vehicle inspection and diagnostics
    • Engine oil and oil filter replacement
    • Various fluid top-ups, replacement, or flushing (brake, coolant, power steering, etc.)
    • Safety inspections
    • Tyre pressure adjustment
    • Tyre rotation
    • Bolt tightening
    • Small repairs

    Major car services

    Major car services address comprehensive issues that have appeared or address an imminent breakdown. These include everything mentioned above and are not limited to::

    • Check or replace spark plugs, fuel filters, belts, and other engine components
    • Check or replace air and cabin filters
    • Inspect lights, battery, steering, suspension, and air conditioning
    • Brake replacement, cleaning, and adjustment
    • Battery testing and replacement
    • Body repairs
    • Interior repairsMechanics servicing a lifted vehicle

    Car Service Price List

    Car service prices are usually the sum of all the inclusions that come with job requests. Specific services in Australia, such as oil and filter changes or brake pad replacements, could be priced differently if availed separately. These individual costs are usually lower than the car service cost. If you plan on fixing more than one or two things, booking a basic car service is better.

    Car service costs by state and territory

    If you’re wondering how much a car service costs in your area, refer to the table below. Be sure to get an accurate quote from your Oneflare mechanic.

    State/Territory Average full car service cost
    Queensland $340
    New South Wales $365
    Victoria $345
    Western Australia $340
    Australia Capital Territory $365
    Northern Territory $430
    South Australia $310
    Tasmania $275

    Car service costs by manufacturer

    How much does it cost to service a car like yours? Here’s a quick cost guide to give you a rough estimate.

    Vehicle/Manufacturer Average full car service cost
    Toyota $280 to $720
    Mazda $296 to $387 
    Holden $239 to $299
    Hyundai $189 to $500
    Mitsubishi $230 to $600
    Ford $255 to $365
    Nissan $262 to $517
    Volkswagen $561 to $830
    Subaru $299 to $528
    Honda $259 to $297

    What Factors Affect Car Servicing Costs?

    Service type

    Getting a major or a minor service will affect your car service costs. Minor or basic car services will entail less work on your car. They still sting your wallet, but they’re definitely cheaper. The best you can do is to get the most bang for your buck.

    Your location

    Car service costs may vary between states and territories. Mechanics in and around the city might charge you more due to the higher cost of living, but spare parts are more accessible. In rural areas, part and car service costs can also increase due to monopoly and limited options. 

    Car make and model

    Your car’s make and model can and will determine your car service cost. An average family sedan would cost less to service than a high-performance vehicle. Different car brands will also affect the price. It’s safe to say that service costs for an Audi or a Mercedes exceed those of a Hyundai or Holden.

    How to Save on Car Maintenance Costs

    Car servicing costs are unavoidable; it’s the price to pay for car ownership. Here are a few ways to save money long-term: 

    1. Perform regular maintenance – Take your car in for its regular servicing schedule. Periodic maintenance ensures your car is in top shape to prevent breakdowns, spotting small problems that could lead to bigger issues.
    2. Drive conservatively – Speeding and going hard on the breaks every day can wear your car down, especially if your car is not built for speed, to begin with. Also, avoid driving on bad roads or terrain where your car isn’t supposed to be—no point in going off-road and driving on dirt in a sedan built for cement and asphalt.
    3. Use quality parts – Quality parts may cost more but usually last longer. This allows you to save in the long run.
    4. Compare prices – Don’t be shy and shop around if you’re not getting your money’s worth. You can always compare prices at different mechanics and pick the best one to fit your budget.

    Other Car Services You Might Need

    Service Average Cost
    Air conditioning regas $115 to $165
    Clutch replacement $1,000 to $2,000
    Car detailing $100 to $300
    Engine replacement $1,000 to $4,000
    Timing belt replacement $500 to $1,000
    Car window tinting $200 to $400
    Wheel alignment $50 to $150
    Windscreen repair $200 to $400

    Auto mechanic working in a garage

    Hire a Car Mechanic on Oneflare

    Instead of calling every mechanic in your area, log on to Oneflare instead and get connected to professional mechanics near you. Oneflare makes it easier to compare prices without leaving the comfort of your home. Log on to Oneflare and look for a mechanic who fits your schedule and budget. Be sure to indicate the following details to get an accurate estimate: 

    • Location
    • Car make and model
    • Mileage
    • Type of service
    • Other issues you’ve noticed or special requests

    Get your vehicle checked regularly

    Car servicing is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of your vehicle. It’s also good preventive maintenance to help you diagnose potential issues before they worsen. Schedule a visit to a car mechanic or service centre, give your car its self-care day, and see it run smoothly on the road.


    How often should a car be serviced in Australia?

    Downward Chevron
    You should get your car serviced every 6 months or every 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. For older cars, the recommendation is every 5,000 kilometres. Take note this may vary based on the make, model, and manufacturer requirements. Best to speak to your dealer or mechanic for further advice.

    Can you service your own car?

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    Unless you are a mechanic or have some knowledge of cars, it is not wise to service your vehicle yourself. You might inadvertently cause further damage, costing you more in the long run. It’s best to leave some jobs to professionals.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Bernardo's Car Service Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Job type

    Logbook service

    Car make and model

    Nissan Navara 2014

    Kilometres on car


    $250inc. gst

    Quoted by On The Spot Mobile Mechanics

    Rikki's Car Service Job

    Location PinNorth West Melbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Logbook service

    Car make and model

    Hyundai i30 2015

    Kilometres on car


    $149inc. gst

    Quoted by Melbourne Mobile Auto Services

    Cathy's Car Service Job

    Location PinAdelaide, SA
    Job type

    Oil change

    Car make and model

    Hyundai Getz 2005

    Kilometres on car


    $150inc. gst

    Quoted by Stewart Mechanical Services

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