How much do Windscreen Repairs cost?

$250 - $400

How Much Does a Windscreen Repair Cost?

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On average, the estimated costs basic windscreen replacement with no technology in the vehicle is between $200 to $400. With the advancement of technology, newer car models have features such as rain sensor infrared technology to automatically trigger wipers when raining. Adding technology into the mix will increase the price. If the damage is unable to be fixed, a replacement windscreen will be required costing anywhere from $800 to $1200.

How Much Does Windscreen Chip Repair Cost?

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These start from $60 for a small, basic repair. The price increases with the complexity or size of the repair.

This is a surprisingly complex question, with a lot of variables. Windscreen repair costs can depend on the make, model, and age of your car and the extent of the damage.

So, how much does a windscreen chip repair cost? And how much does a windscreen crack repair cost? We sourced the following quotes for windscreen repairs:

  • Chip, basic star, or bullseye: $60 – $78 average reported cost
  • Crack repair cost (including repairs): $60 – $80 average reported cost

While it used to be the case, there generally aren’t price differences between mobile service providers and shop-based repairers anymore. Many mobile service providers don’t charge additional fees to come to you, wherever you are.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a critical part of your car, and the quality of the repair is critical for ensuring your vehicle remains safe and roadworthy. Make sure you use a trustworthy brand with a good reputation.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Windscreen Replacement

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It can depend on the make, model and year of your car. However, with a replacement, you also need to consider the level of technology your car has. If it has advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as cameras, sensors, speed zone recognition, lane departure, auto braking, radars or lasers in the windscreen, a replacement will be more expensive.

If you have lots of gadgets in your car, it is also more critical than ever that you repair any damage or replace the windscreen as soon as possible. This will avoid any features of your car malfunctioning due to the damage.

Some examples of quotes received for common car models and varying price ranges in Australia:

  • Mazda 3 Maxx: $495 – $500 (Windscreen replacement with low or no technology (ADAS) installed)
  • Mazda 3 SP25 Astina: $1,000 – $2,500 (Windscreen replacement with high technology ADAS equipped)
  • Hyundai i20 and i30s: $200 – $400 (Windscreen replacement with low technology)
  • Toyota Prado: $295 – $300 (Windscreen replacement with no technology)
  • Toyota Prado: $1000 – $1,200 (Windscreen replacement with automatically dimming headlights, radar enabled, dynamic cruise control and emergency braking capability)
  • Basic BMW: $200 – $500 (Windscreen replacements with limited or no technology)

Windscreen replacements with limited or no technology can be estimated between $200 to $400 with reputable but non-manufacturer providers. This is for a windscreen with no rain sensors, no forward camera, no lane departure warning features or any other tech gear installed.

As with repairs, be careful and shop around to find the best deal for a replacement windscreen. Keep in mind, though, that quality and a reputable, trustworthy brand are critical.

When Can a Windscreen be Repaired vs Replaced?

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If the damage is small and inside your critical vision area, or slightly larger and outside your critical vision area, it is likely that it can be repaired. If the damage is outside of the pre-determined parameters for these, you will need to replace your windscreen.

A crack can be repaired if it’s less than 25mm in length when it’s inside your critical vision area (the part of the windscreen that is the driver’s field of vision). Outside your critical vision area, cracks up to 100mm in length can be repaired.

A bullseye or chip can be repaired if it is under 10mm when it is inside your critical vision area, and up to 20mm outside this area.

Stars and horseshoe damages can be repaired if they are under 15mm and inside your critical vision area. If they are outside your critical vision area, they can be up to 30mm or 25mm respectively, and still be repaired.

A crater is one of the most serious damages to your windscreen, as it seriously affects the integrity of the glass and the strength of your windscreen. Craters can only be repaired if they are under 2mm and inside your critical vision area and no larger than 5mm when they are outside your critical vision area.

Windscreen Replacement Cost and Insurance

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If you have windscreen cover on your car insurance policy, you will generally get one windscreen replacement every year without charge, sometimes without having to pay any excess also.

Check your insurance policy and terms and conditions in the product disclosure statement to understand what your insurer offers under your policy for car windscreen replacements.


Professional inspecting the windscreen of a vehicle. | Source: Autoscreens Automotive Glass

Windscreen Repair Cost and Insurance

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Windscreen repairs can also cost nothing if you have windscreen replacement cover included in your insurance policy. Most of the time this will also be excess-free.

Once again, check your policy and terms and conditions in the product disclosure statement to understand what your insurer offers under your policy for car windscreen repairs.

Man in orange hi vis applies black adhesive to side of a white van where a window once was.

The application of adhesive in preparation for a windscreen replacement. | JD Windscreens Sydney / Melbourne

Does the Cost Vary Based on Location?

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The location of your car can slightly change the cost of a windscreen repair or replacement. A location-related factor could include emergency mobile repair. Emergency repairs will generally cost more due to additional travel and out of business hour expenses. More or less, the pricing is more indicative of whether your windscreen can be repaired or need to be replaced overall. Here are examples of quotes Oneflare customers have received in different states: 

Types of Windscreen Repairs Average Reported Cost
Small chip in the windscreen
Australian Capital Territory $75
New South Wales $99 – $120
Queensland $79 
Victoria $95 – $110
Windscreen with rain sensor
New South Wales $350 – $380
Victoria $390

Tips on How to Save Money on Windscreen Repairs

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Tip #1: If you have RACV (or equivalent) cover in your state or breakdown service, you will likely get a discount on windscreen repairs or replacements. Sometimes this can be up to 20%.

Tip #2: Driving with a cracked screen is illegal in Australia, as it can affect your ability to see the road clearly. Therefore, it’s important to get your windscreen fixed as soon as possible to avoid additional fines.


* The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

How long does windscreen repair take

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A windscreen repair will take around 1 to 2 hours to complete. After the repair you should not drive the vehicle for at least two hours to ensure the new windscreen has set safely in place and is safe to drive again.

Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

Christine's Windscreen Job

Location PinInner East Melbourne, VIC

Stone chip in front windscreen

Job type

Windscreen repair

Car make and model

Subaru Liberty

$110inc. gst

Quoted by Efficient Windscreens

Stefanie's Windscreen Job

Location PinHunter Valley, NSW
Job type

Windscreen replacement

Job service

Front sensor windscreen replacement

Car make and model

Volkswagen Polo

$380inc. gst

Quoted by Autoglaze Paint and Detailing

Wil''s Windscreen Job

Location PinSydney, NSW

Rear windscreen cracked

Job type

Windscreen replacement

Other job services

Fit windscreen and clear out remaining glass

$485inc. gst

Quoted by New Image Auto Glass

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