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    Different types of garage doors

    What kinds are available, and how to choose the best one

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    For most homes, the most striking feature is the garage door. It faces the road, it’s by far the largest door, and it may even be attached to a freestanding structure. More than that, your garage door is functional in that it protects your car and other garage contents from the elements and intruders. Here, we’ll explore the common types of garage doors on the market, and whether you should consider them for your home. are the most common types op

    Here’s a round up of the most common types of garage doors.

    1. Sectional doors

    Sectional garage doors are made up of around six to eight segments that retract upward and inward at the same time. When the door is fully open, they lie flat against the ceiling. These are a reliable and durable option – each of the panels has its own connection to the main door track to ensure it’s secure when opened or closed. Repairs can be conducted on just the affected panel, instead of the entire structure.

    Another benefit of the sectional door? Because they don’t need to be flung open, the space in front of the door is free to use.

    Source: Smart Realty

    2. Tilt-up garage doors

    With this style of door, wide doors open up and when open are parallel to the ground. When they retract, they are flush against the garage ceiling. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles, and are a popular choice as they can be more customisable (e.g. glass panels) than a roller or sectional door. However, because they swing out then up they do require a large amount of clearance space in front of the door.

    3. Roller shutter doors

    Garage door roller shutters are made from a coated steel panel that smoothly rolls open, providing access to your garage. They are safe, secure and made from top-quality materials like Colorbond steel in a wide range of colours.

    Manual or automatic options are available. For the manual option – simply unlock the door and push it open, then pull it down and lock it when you’re done. If you need to retension a roller door or tension a roller garage door, there are resources available on how to retension a roller door or how to tension a roller door for proper operation. The automated option – which is considerably more expensive – operates in the same way, except using a remote control.

    Automatic roller shutters also feature an electronic safety beam that detects movement across the width of the garage entranceway. If the beam senses that anything is crossing through this area, it will automatically re-open the door. This safety feature can keep pets and children from getting caught when the door comes rolling down, ensuring your roller door retention remains intact.

    4. Side-hinged doors

    The oldest type of garage door available is the side-hinge door. In fact, this style predates automobiles. These are fixed at the side, and swing-out like a regular door. While this style takes up more space than a sectional or roller door, they are easy to use and provide a more unusual, vintage aesthetic.

    Every type will get the job done, but you might have to eliminate one or two choices depending on the layout of your garage or how much clearance you need in front of the garage to open it. Keep in mind that if you choose any kind of hinge door, you will need to keep a minimum amount of space in front of the door clear so you can open it.

    Other considerations when selecting a garage door

    Choice of material

    It might be true that traditional garage doors were made with flat panel plywood, sheet metal or hollow core for those on a budget, and fibreglass or solid timber for those homeowners willing to splurge, but today you have many more options in a variety of prices. In addition to the choices already listed, they also include powder-coated aluminium and vinyl doors. These are becoming popular for the many choices of colours, their affordability and their durability. Wide tempered glass panels are also gaining popularity – because the panels are in aluminium frames they can also be used indoors to replace sliding glass doors.

    Here’s a quick view of the pros and cons of the different types of materials available for your garage door.

    • Timber: Timber can be painted to any colour you want. While a painted garage door can look striking, it will need regular maintenance.
    • Steel: A popular choice, it doesn’t require as much upkeep and is more durable than timber.
    • Aluminium: While these are lightweight and inexpensive, they do have a tendency to dent easily.
    • Fibreglass: This type isn’t a good choice for cold climates since they don’t have good insulation properties, and they have a tendency to break easily.
    Source: Hao Son Constructions

    When you finally turn to aesthetics, you will be pleasantly surprised by your options. Even standard doors these days are stylish options, as well as being the most economic choice. If you choose to have your garage door completely custom made, it will definitely make a statement on your home, but it might cost you a chunk of change as well. A good middle ground is to choose a semi-custom garage door. This uses standard materials and style options, and you also have your choice of sizes and panel inserts to make it your own.

    Manual or automatic?

    You will want to decide if a manual or automatic door is the best choice for you. You can find an automatic system for practically any door, but this will cost more money. These can be retrofitted for existing doors or installed on new doors, and are certainly more convenient. An automatic door remote can be connected to a home alarm system, so opening or closing the door turns the alarm on or off automatically. A more logical (and cheaper) solution is to buy the garage door and automatic system together as a package.

    Safety & security

    One of the most important things a residential garage door must do is offer protection. When you consider purchasing a particular door, make sure that the materials used and the way the door is built for your home security and that there aren’t any weak points that may attract burglars. Also, don’t forget that safety is the most important thing and you should teach your family how to stay safe around the garage door and how to operate it safely.

    Check with local council

    When building a new garage, you’ll need to double-check local restrictions and what the specifications of an allowable garage might be. Check with your local council or permitting office to determine restrictions and permits before committing any time or money into the project. Permits most often apply for a large garage, one that encroaches on a current easement, one that is attached to a home or one that fails to meet the minimum setback requirements.

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