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How much do Garage Doors cost?

$40 - $70 per hour

    How much does a garage door cost?

    Garage doors can cost anywhere between $600 and $4,600. The exact cost of a garage door depends on many factors such as the desired automatic features, type of door you want, the style of the door, the location of your home, and the size of your garage.

    Below is the average hourly installation cost in different Australian states:

    State Average Hourly Cost
    NSW $50 – $60
    VIC $50 – $60
    WA $60 – $70
    QLD $40 – $50


    Here are some rough estimates for supply and installation of different kinds of garage doors.

    A single roller door: Roller garage doors open by rising upwards and wrapping around a roll at the top. Single garage roller door prices averages between $600 and $1,350.

    A double roller door: Garage roller doors prices for a double door can be roughly $1,350 to $1,850.

    A roller shutter garage door: A versatile garage door option, roller shutter garage doors run smoothly with a vertical opening and no internal tracks. A roller shutter garage door may be priced from $700 to $1,300.

    A single tilt door: Tilt garage doors are often more beautiful and elegant than other garage door types. These garage doors are able to open and close the garage by pulling back on a pivot and then the door is raised onto a track in the garage’s ceiling. The cost of a single tilt garage door may be between $1,700 and $2,250.

    A double tilt door: A double tilt door can range from $2,200 to $2,750.

    A single sectional door: Sectional garage doors feature separate panels, and they are great for small space scenarios because of their small clearance. A sectional garage doors price list may feature these types of doors with costs between $850 to $1,900.

    A single sectional wooden garage door within a grey tiled wall.

    A wooden single sectional garage door. | Source: Hao Sen Constructions

    A double sectional door: The price of a double sectional door may cost $1,400 and $4,600. The remote control type of this garage door can cost between $900 and $1,500. These types of garage doors are perfect for homeowners who come and go frequently, and they can be operated with a remote control.

    Concrete driveway leads to a cream coloured, large double sectional metal garage of a two-storey brick home.

    Large double sectional garage door. | Source: Hao Sen Constructions

    A panel lift garage door: Panel lift garage doors prices range from $760 to $1,300. Known as one of the main types of garage doors, single panels are sold in one large piece and are popular among homeowners with old homes.

    Does the cost vary based on location?

    The national cost of installing a garage door in Australia is $1,020, but garage doors prices can vary significantly depending on the city and state. The national cost includes the garage door, labour, materials, and tracks.

    How to get accurate garage door estimates

    The garage door quotes shown above are estimates that include the cost of the door and installation.

    In order to choose the best and most affordable garage door for your home, you’ll need to contact many different suppliers to receive multiple quotes and review garage roller door prices.

    How to hire a garage door installer

    To ensure that your new garage door is installed right, you should make sure that you hire the right installer. Many experts advise homeowners to compare quotes with a minimum of three garage door installers.

    The garage door installation cost should include parts, labour, and disposal of the old garage door. Homeowners should also ask about the remote control garage door cost.

    Whether you choose a larger company or a small business, the most effective garage door installers are insured and licensed.

    Excellent garage door installers will also have a warranty on their work. Don’t forget to ask to view past garage door installation projects.

    Tips on how to save money on garage doors

    Garage doors can be costly, but here are some ways to save money on installation.

    Tip #1: Single panel garage doors have fewer parts, therefore the labour time and costs may decrease.

    Tip #2: Weigh up the short-and-long-term costs for installing a manual or automatic garage door.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    How much does it cost to fix a garage door?

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    The cost to fix or repair a garage door will vary greatly depending on where the damage is and how bad it is. The cost can be as little as $50 to $100 to fix issues such as dents or broken hinges, whereas it can cost a couple of hundred dollars to fix more complex issues.

    Is white a good colour for garage doors?

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    White garage doors can be an excellent choice for many homes. Colours like Perisher white provide the home with a clean and contemporary look and help reflect direct sunlight away from the house, keeping homes cooler. White also goes with almost any exterior color, so it’s an easy pick for the style you want to achieve. Ultimately, when choosing any color or finish for your garage door, consider how well it will blend with the rest of your home.

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