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How much does an Electrician Cost?

$50 - $200 per hour

    How much does an Electrician Cost?

    Electricity is one of the main and most important sources for any residence. The absence of electricity can cause an array of potential problems; from not being able to watch TV to not even being able to see without a light. Undertaking electrical work can be extremely dangerous and complex, so it’s better to leave it to the experts. Expert electricians offer a wide range of services and it’s important to know what you’ll be expected to pay so you’re not out of pocket by the end of it.

    Services Available Installation, repair, maintenance
    Certification Required Yes
    Verified Businesses Yes
    Free Quotes Available 3
    Online or in-person In-person
    Average Repair Cost $130 – $240
    Average Installation Cost $160 – $300
    Average Replacement Cost $170 – $310
    Average Fault Finding Cost $120 – $210

    The prices and rates of an electrician can differ between cities. Depending on the type, size and materials used on the job, this is what you can expect to pay for an electrician.

    City Average Reported Cost
    Sydney $50 – $1,500
    Brisbane $75 – $1,200
    Melbourne $70 – $1,500
    Perth $80 – $900
    Adelaide $90 – $600
    Canberra $50 – $1,000

    Setting a Budget for Your Electrical Services

    Some electrical jobs can be seen as simple, such as the installation of a switch. However, a job that may seem two-dimensional from an outside perspective, may involve more consideration than you may think. However ‘big’ or ‘small’ the electrical work, the more details you provide, the more accurate the estimated quote will be.

    Cabling/Wiring – $170 – $310 average reported cost
    Rewiring may be needed if you have an older property. Wiring in older homes tends to not meet the latest standards, proving to be unsafe. Ensure that a fully licensed electrician carries out this work.

    Man with glasses holding device plugged into an electrical box of a white house.

    Man assessing an electrical box. | Source: Sharpe Group Pty Ltd

    Fault Finding – $120 – $210 average reported cost
    This type of electrical service entails testing the operation of electrical equipment to determine if it is safe and working correctly. It can prove to be a dangerous job if not done correctly, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of a qualified electrician

    Installation$160 – $300 average reported cost
    Installation jobs are a broad category that can almost apply to any electrical component, each component varying in cost; Switches, Outlets, Electrical Wiring, Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans – the list goes on.

    Timber ceiling with warm coloured bulb and horizontal tube lights hanging.

    Modern lights with filament globes hang from a timber ceiling. | Source: Meyer Electrical And Data

    Renovation – $150 – $310 average reported cost
    Whether the renovation is indoors or outdoors, the installation of lights, powerpoints, and other electrical components are essential for functionality. An electrician can also be useful in determining types of lights needed to create the right mood and feel of the space.

    Repair Or Replace – $130 – $240 average reported cost
    When repairing or replacing any electrical components, it’s safest to leave it to the qualified electricians.

    Test and Tag – $130 – $230 average reported cost
    Test and tagging is the process of an electrician visually inspecting and testing electrical equipment to make sure it’s safe for personal use. Usual items that are tested and tagged are appliances such as toasters, power tools, and kettles.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of an Electrician

    Indoor or outdoor?

    Outdoor lighting tends to be more simple than other home electrical tasks, yet prices for indoor or outdoor electrical tasks remain similar. It’s convenient to add extra outlets outdoors so there isn’t any complications for outdoor appliances such as lawn equipment and plug in lighting.

    For indoor electrical jobs, the price can range from $110 to $280. For outdoor tasks, the costs range between $110 to $300.

    Beautiful backyard of a single-storey home with pool, spa and large outdoor-indoor area.

    The positive impact lighting can have on an indoor-outdoor area. | Source: Brillare Electrical & Lighting

    Type of roof? 

    The type of roof can affect the amount you pay for the electrical job. Depending on if you have a flat or pitched roof (tent-shaped), the cost can vary from $120 to $300 for pitched roofs and $100 to $280 for flat-shaped roofs.

    What type of walls do you have? 

    For brick veneer/plasterboard/gyprock wall material, the cost of electrical jobs can vary between $120 to $320. Double brick walls have a price range of $100 to $300. Electrician jobs involving weatherboard walls have can cost between $110 to $350.

    Are you providing materials? 

    Providing materials can cut the total cost you’re paying the electrician, so be sure to include this information when placing a job request to receive the most accurate quote.

    Electrician Call Out Fee

    A call out fee is a fixed amount outlined by a business to attend a customer’s house or business to perform a task. A call out generally occurs on short notice or after hours and is incurred on top of the repair and labour costs. An electrician call out fee can vary depending on the time of the call out and the type and location of the job at hand. Electrical call out rates start from $50 and can increase to over $100 depending on the factors mentioned above.


    Electrical tools play a crucial role in various projects. There are wire strippers, multimeters, circuit testers, crimping tools, and pliers. There are also cut-out templates like the Green Donkey. These tools are designed to ensure safety, accuracy, and efficiency in electrical work, enabling electricians and DIY enthusiasts to handle electrical tasks effectively and professionally. It is important to choose high-quality tools from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and safety in electrical projects.

    How to Hire an Electrician

    Licensing and regulation of electricians

    Any type of electrical work can be extremely dangerous and can result in electrocution or fire if not handled properly, so hiring a licensed professional is a must. Unlicensed electrical work in Australia is illegal and is dangerous for the individual and the safety of their home. It is also important to note that if a trainee or apprentice electrician is working in your home, they should be supervised by a fully licenced electrician at all times.


    Checking if the electrician has relevant insurance is just as important as them having a license. This will provide you with the peace of mind that should anything go wrong where damage is caused to you or the property, they will be covered.


    If you require a large and costly project to be completed it may be worthwhile to check for references to past work by your chosen expert. A good start is to check previous customer’s reviews on their Oneflare profile.

    Emergency work

    If you require the services of an electrician for emergency work, be mindful that the cost may be higher, particularly if you require their services outside of their regular work hours.

    Unlicensed electrical work in Australia is illegal and is dangerous for the individual and the safety of their home.




    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources.


    How much should electrician charge per hour?

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    Many factors determine the cost of an electrician per hour. One must account for the type of job, the location of the job, the size of the job and the materials used. The average electrician hourly rate is somewhere between $50 to $300 per hour.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Gina's Electrician Job

    Location PinEastern Suburbs Sydney, NSW
    Service type

    Appliance installation

    Areas of installation

    Kitchen and bedroom


    Installation of oven and holes for ceiling LED lights

    $300inc. gst

    Quoted by AGMD Electrical And Communication

    Peet's Electrician Job

    Location PinEast Brisbane, QLD
    Service type

    Fixture installation

    Fixtures to be installed

    Ceiling fans and lights

    Type of property

    Freestanding house

    $385inc. gst

    Quoted by Peter Flemming Electrical Pty Ltd

    John's Electrician Job

    Location PinMolonglo, ACT
    Service type

    Lighting installation

    Job details

    Dimmer switch and LED light replacement

    Area of installation


    $180inc. gst

    Quoted by Gto Electrical

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