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How much does a handyman cost?

$115 - $220 per job

    How much does a Handyman Cost?

    The cost of a handyman ranges from $40 to $200, with the median, ranging from $95 to $290 across Australia. Handymen are exactly what their name suggests – handy. This is because they are highly skilled professionals in a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. The types of services handymen can provide is a lengthy list, all with varying prices. It’s always handy to investigate the price variations for different handyman jobs to get an idea of what your particular job will cost you.

    Handyman Price List Australia

    Handyman prices in Australia are highly influenced by the nature of the job rather than the location. In relation to location, a handyman may charge extra for travel costs or out of business hour services. To give you an estimate on what to expect, here is a range of what Oneflare customers have been quoted:

    State/Territory Average Reported Cost
    Australian Capital Territory $80 – $450
    New South Wales $25 – $450
    Queensland $40 – $900
    South Australia $45 – $500 
    Tasmania $60
    Victoria $55 – $850
    Western Australia $40 – $600

    Handyman Hourly Rate:

    The average handyman pay rate varies based on the type of job you want to be completed. Customers can expect to pay between $40 to $60 per hour for a regular job.

    What can a Handyman do in Australia?

    It is important to note that a handyman does not require a license to engage in certain services and repairs around the home. There are of course some tasks that will require a license; however, this section will outline those jobs that do not.

    Basic Home Installations:
    You can hire a handyman to install a variety of objects around your home. Items that can be installed include:

    • TV mount ($90 – $300)
    • Furniture construction ($80 – $120)
    • Clothesline ($70 – $250)
    • Dryer ($50 – $150)
    • Blinds or curtains ($200 – $300)
    • Picture or mirror hanging ($150 – $200)

    Basic Home Maintenance:
    General maintenance is required to keep your home in good condition. A handyman is able to undertake a variety of different home maintenance tasks. These include:

    • Basic painting ($100 – $500)
    • Gutter maintenance ($100 – $500)
    • Garden maintenance ($50 – $200)

    Basic Home Repairs:
    If there are numerous small repair jobs to be completed around the house, then a handyman may be the best option to accomplishing them. A handyman will undertake tasks related to:

    • Door repairs ($50 – $300)
    • Wall repairs ($200 – $500)
    • Small painting jobs ($100 – $500)
    Painter hand painting details onto a ceiling.

    Painter hand painting details onto a ceiling. | Source: The Artful Decorator

    What jobs can a Handyman not do in Australia?

    If a job requires structural attention or exceeds a specific amount in material and labour, then a qualified and licensed tradesperson is required for the project.

    The following jobs should be attended to by licensed professionals:



    All electrical work is to be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician due to the dangers involved with electricity.



    If a job has the potential to alter the structural integrity of a building, then a licensed builder is required.


    A licensed professional is required for all plumbing work.




    All roofing work associated with the house is to be completed by a licensed roofer.



    Similar to a builder, any bricklaying jobs that have the potential to alter the structural integrity of a building must be carried out by a licensed bricklayer.

    Other Factors Affecting Handyman Costs

    Every handyman will have their own method of charging for their services – it can be an overall fixed price, by the hour or even by the day – all depending on the size and scope of the project. Other factors such as experience and legal licences can potentially affect the cost of your handyman job too.


    One of these factors is the tools used for the job, with the cost of materials varying depending on the type, quality, and brand. For instance, the cost between Trubolt and Dynabolt fixings will differ, with Trubolt fixings generally being more expensive than Dynabolt fixings.

    Job size
    The size and scope of the job will directly affect the amount you pay to hire a handyman. Whether it’s the literal size of the project or the level of complexity and expertise involved, job size is one of the main factors affecting the final cost of the job – the size is going to affect the time involved as well that materials used. It bears repeating, but you should always include as much detail and information as you can when submitting the job. Images are a fantastic way to get an idea across clearly if you don’t quite have the words to describe what you’re after. It’s important to include as much information as possible in your job request form.

    Job complexity
    Job size and complexity do not always go hand in hand. Large jobs, for instance painting a fence line, could be considered a large job depending on the size of the property. However, it’s only a single action and requires little specialist knowledge, therefore, it is low complexity. Whereas removing and installing a new toilet (while physically smaller) is both a large job (regarding the lifting and replacing) but also highly complex, requiring knowledge of both plumbing and tiling. When hiring a handyman, make sure to consider the complexity of the job you’re asking them to undertake.

    Job type

    Another factor that affects the cost of handyman services is the type of job required. For example, a joist-to-bearer connection, a tradesman trailer fit-out, or even assembling a clothesline in your garage will require different levels of skills and expertise that can affect the cost.

    Safe installation is also critical in handyman services, particularly when dealing with tricky jobs such as removing a Hills Hoist from the ground socket or installing it properly.

    Job complications
    Complexities also tend to bring complications. Simply the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong, the more like a complication is to occur. If you are being charged at an hourly rate, these complications can blow out your budget. An experienced handyman should be able to both minimise complications as well as provide you with an accurate quote on the cost and time of the job. Be aware of this factor when choosing which business to hire. A less experienced handyman might be at the right price point, but, might ultimately cost you more if complications arise.

    How much experience the handyman has
    Sometimes, it may be the case that a more experienced handyman will associate with a higher hourly rate – they work quickly due to efficiently calculating what trouble spots to be wary of and can avoid any mistakes that an inexperienced handyman might make. Depending on the type of job you are undertaking you may also be looking for a handyman with specific qualifications.

    Are they licensed?
    In Australia, handymen do not need to hold a licence to undertake handiwork. However, hiring a licensed handyman can provide you with an assurance that the job is being done. Keep in mind that there are some jobs that a handyman are not allowed to undertake without a specialised licence. If this is the case make sure that you hire an appropriately licensed contractor to undertake the job.

    How to Hire a Handyman

    Regular maintenance schedule
    Organising a regular maintenance schedule with your handyman can actually save you money in the long run. If you have a larger property with a number of jobs or you simply want the peace of mind that everything is checked regularly by a professional, then this option is for you

    Prioritise your to-do list
    Look at what jobs can be completed together. If you have leaking pipes that need fixing and also want to get an older style tap replaced check whether you can bundle the jobs together and save you and the handyman having to make multiple trips.

    What are their skills?
    It’s true that handymen are capable of multiple jobs around the house, but not all of them will be able to do everything you may want. Therefore, before you hit the hire button, make sure you clarify exactly what you want to be done and whether the business is capable of doing it for you.

    Make sure they have insurance

    Handyman insurance is crucial for any professional trades who carry out work in your home. This not only protects your property from any damages that may occur should a complication arise but also if they are injured in the course of undertaking their work. Oneflare makes it easy to see whether a handyman is insured or not. The information will be present on their profile

    Past customer reviews
    Reading past customer reviews on the handyman’s Oneflare profile has the ability to effectively indicate if they are a competent and capable worker that can get the job done smoothly and brilliantly.

    It is also important to note that choosing the cheapest quote isn’t always the best.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Graham's Handyman Job

    Location PinWest Brisbane, QLD

    Sliding door in cupboards stuck


    Cupboards in wooden bookshelf

    Type of property

    Graham's home

    $140inc. gst

    Quoted by All Hours Handyman

    Mauricio's Handyman Job

    Location PinWest Adelaide, SA

    Carpark sign to be fixed

    Type of property




    $150inc. gst

    Quoted by Virgo Property Maintenance & Handyman

    Raj's Handyman Job

    Location PinWestern Sydney, NSW

    Remove 80kg garage bolted to floor

    Type of handyman service

    Cut through dynabolts fixed to floor and walls

    Type of property

    Raj's home

    $120inc. gst

    Quoted by Talat True Service/Maintenance, Handyman

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