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How much do Builders cost?

$10,000 - $130,000

    How much does a Builder Cost?

    Builders are normally hired for longer-term projects that usually involve a higher cost than many other jobs. Whether you’re building a new house from scratch, planning a renovation or an extension, there’s more involved than you may think.

    While the price range and median price of building jobs in your state will matter, it isn’t the most indicative of what your particular project will cost. Building a new home from scratch will obviously cost significantly more than adding a simple home extension. Choice of features will also factor into the final cost in the end.

    Below is the average cost per hour for a builder in different states around Australia.

    State Average Cost per hour
    NSW $45 – $55
    VIC $35 – $45
    WA $30 – $40
    SA $35 – $45
    QLD $35 – $45


    Builder on a construction site.

    Builder on a construction site. | Source: Statiker

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Your Builder

    The cost of your building ultimately comes down to the size, complexity, and vision of your project. Oneflare customers have been quoted for the following estimates for their building projects:

    • Apartment or house: According to data obtained by Oneflare, the price range of a building project for a house is $29,000 and $295,600, compared to $50,000 to $238,100 for apartments.
    • The number of storeys: For one-storey building projects, the cost can be anywhere between $9,400 and $173,600. For double-storey projects, the price range is from $100,900 to $407,500.

    What Are You Looking to Renovate?

    Bathroom Renovations

    Perhaps your bathroom needs a refresher? Depending on your budget and whether you’re looking for a simple, mid-range or luxury bathroom renovation, the prices for your renovation can vary drastically.

    Kitchen Renovations


    A new benchtop or drawers can transform the atmosphere and theme of your dining space. Find out how much your entertaining space can cost you.
    Frame of a building.

    Frame of a building. | Source: SouthernLand Construction Group

    Who Do You Need to Hire to Achieve Your Dream Home?



    Getting confused about concrete? Concreters can lay down blocks, grind and seal a polished concrete floor or lay down coloured aggregate concrete for your new home or renovation.



    Draftsmen will bring your dream home ideas to life by drafting up the necessary technical drawings needed before construction begins.



    Choosing the right electrician is important for your family’s safety and to ensure everything is working to Australian standards.

    Flooring Installer

    Should you apply carpet, timber, tile or laminate flooring? Get quotes and tips from an expert flooring installer.




    Whether it’s a new home build or renovation, you’re going to need a plasterer. Found out how plastering and gyprock costs will impact your budget.



    Get the water in your home flowing properly, especially if you’re looking to complete a bathroom or kitchen renovation.



    Your new build or renovation is now complete, let’s get your personal belongings moved the right way!



    Rendering your home is a huge investment that can add value to your property. Find out if the different types and benefits of rendering will be beneficial for you.

    How to Hire a Builder

    References are of more importance when it comes to building or construction jobs. They’re a relatively hefty investment so you want to be sure that the business you hire for the job is the right one for you. A good way to obtain references is to look through past customer reviews on their Oneflare profile, or alternatively, ask them for some photos of past work they have completed.

    Industry Experience
    Industry experience is more important than you may think. A builder with a great amount of industry experience will often have a sound understanding of local codes, zoning laws, and project management; all indicators of quality and efficiency.

    Education: Certificate III
    Building and construction are considered highly specialised fields that require particular qualifications before undertaking any work. By working with an experienced and qualified builder, it will give you the ultimate peace of mind with regards to safety and reliability. In Australia, a builder is qualified to work as a skilled tradesman or contractor when a Certificate III is obtained after completing a four-year apprenticeship. They can also gain a qualification through school-based apprenticeships which include off and on the job training.

    Registered: Building Practitioners’ Board
    For the builder or contractor to carry out any construction or building project valued over $5,000, they must be a registered member of the Building Practitioners’ Board. Additionally, they must gain approval from the Board to obtain a building permit for your project

    Are They Verified
    If they have the verified badge on their Oneflare profile, this means they have provided an ABN and are a legitimate business.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Paul's Builder Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job type

    Bathroom renovation

    Renovation needed

    Bathroom furniture and fixtures

    Bathroom size

    8 - 11m²

    $6000inc. gst

    Quoted by Alex @ Alsoma Renovations

    Tim's Builder Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Type of property

    Tim's Home

    Job details

    Removal of 3 archways and plaster ceiling

    Plasterwork needed

    Approximately 13 metres

    $5000inc. gst

    Quoted by Complete Maintenance & Property Repairs

    Jacqui's Builder Job

    Location PinGold Coast, QLD
    Job type

    Kitchen renovation

    Job details

    Changing cabinets and replacing tiles


    Kitchen damage

    $950inc. gst

    Quoted by Byron Constructions Australia

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