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How much do fencing experts cost?

$60 - $90 per m2

    Cost of Hiring a Fencing Expert

    A fencing professional comes in extremely handy for many reasons: it could be your dog keeps digging up your neighbour’s flower bed or you simply want to feel more secure and safe inside your home. Whatever the reason may be, a fencing professional is ready to help – but their services may vary in price depending on a number of factors including the material of the fence and the size. Within Australia, the estimated pricing for fencing ranges from $900 to $3,800.

    Below is the average cost of a fencing job in different states in Australia.

    State Average Cost for a Fencing Job
    NSW $1200
    VIC $800
    WA $500
    SA $1300
    QLD $1750

    Setting a Budget for Your Fencing

    When requesting a professional to service your fence, the first question that is asked of you is the type of service that is required. You’ll either need a fencing professional to install, replace or repair a fence. Installing a new fence is the most expensive out of the three, followed by a replacement and then a repair job. However, determining the total cost of the job depends on a number of other factors too, such as the size of the fence and the material used.

    Install a new fence – $2000 – $3700 average reported cost
    The price of installing a new fence from scratch has a higher average value than replacing or repairing an existing one. There are a few factors that lead to this higher cost; the cost of new fencing materials, cost of installing the fence and any costs associated with preparing the ground surface to be ready to hold a fence.

    Replace an existing fence $2000 – $3800 average reported cost
    Replacing an existing fence may be due to damages or weathering over the years.

    Repair an existing fence – $750 – $1400 average reported cost
    It can prove to be slightly cheaper to repair your fence rather than replacing it altogether. If you’re not sure whether the damages to the fence are to the extent of replacing or repairing it, it can be worth your while to ask your fencing professional for their honest opinion.

    A blue sheet steel fence with white posts and rails.

    Blue and white steel fence. | Source: Nicee

    Other Factors Affecting Fencing Costs

    The materials used and the size of the fence are arguably the main determinants of the cost of your fencing job. Additional factors such as the condition of the land that the fence will be built on and the type of property will also affect the cost.

    The type of material
    The material used to build the fence or gate will affect the price you pay. Brick is the cheapest option and is ideal if you’re sticking to a tight budget. Colorbond, on the other hand, is on the other end of the price spectrum, but the material is extremely durable and can last for at least ten years. Colorbond fencing is a common choice within Australia because of the more affordable price point and clean aesthetics.

    Fencing Material Average Reported Cost
    Glass $1,400 – $2,300
    Wood/Timber $700 – $2,000
    Wire $1,600 – $2,500
    Steel $1,500 – $2,300
    Colorbond $950 – $1,900
    Wooden picket fence in front of a white cottage house and garden.

    A wooden picket fence. | Source: Aussie Style Fencing

    Condition of the land
    The condition of the land that the fence sits on can have a positive or negative impact on the price that you’ll be expected to pay. One factor is the soil type and condition; if the soil is deemed less than ideal by your professional, then you may be charged more as it will take more work and time to ensure that the fence is built properly. Additionally, if you live on a slope then you will most likely be charged more for your fence.

    The type of property

    Property Type Average Reported Cost
    Home $900 – $2,000
    Rural property $1,700 – $2,600
    Commercial property $750 – $1,900

    Stratco vs Colorbond

    Choosing between Stratco and Colorbond for your fencing material affects your colour options. Stratco fences offer custom colours and finishes, while Colorbond provides a wide range of baked-on colours. Although Colorbond can only be installed in one colour per side, it offers an extensive selection of colours. On the other hand, Stratco provides more flexibility and design options. Both have their benefits when it comes to fencing colour options, so consider personal preference and property conditions.

    How to Hire a Fencing Expert

    Do they have insurance?
    Just like most trades, hiring a professional that is insured is important in maintaining ultimate peace of mind.

    What qualifications do they have?
    A general rule of thumb is if the business or worker possesses relevant qualifications, then it’s more likely they will complete a quality job that meets your expectations – however, it’s not the most important factor in hiring a fencing professional.

    What have others said about them?
    Reading previous customers’ reviews for the fencing professional has the ability to effectively indicate how capable this business is among a number of other factors – such as if they were on time and if they understood the customer’s needs well.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    What is a good neighbour fence?

    A good neighbour fence, also known as a boundary fence, runs along two adjoining properties. These fences can be used to maintain a good relationship between neighbours, as they allow for mutual input and agreement on fence design, location, and cost. Good neighbour fences are typically installed using weather-resistant materials and can also incorporate features such as gates or decorative elements to enhance aesthetic appeal.

    Can I mount a clothesline on a fence?

    Yes, it’s possible to mount a clothesline onto a sturdy fence. Ensure that the fence is not weakened by the installation, as this can cause damage or instability over time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the appropriate tools to safely and securely attach the clothesline to the fence. Additionally, consider the location of the clothesline on the fence to ensure it doesn’t obstruct paths or access points.

    Can blueboard be used for fencing?

    Blueboard, also known as blue board or blueboard plasterboard, is not recommended for use in fencing applications due to its susceptibility to moisture damage. Instead, more durable materials such as timber, steel, or masonry are typically used for fencing. It is possible to use blueboard as a feature wall in fencing. However, it would be best to consult a professional before doing so as there could be potential complications depending on the type of fence being used and its surrounding environment.

    What is the best way to protect a timber or pine fence?

    The best ways to protect timber or pine fences are painting, staining, or sealing. A paint or solid stain will provide the most protection against the elements but can also cover up the natural grain and texture of the wood. A semi-transparent or clear stain will make the natural beauty of the wood shine while still providing protection. A sealant can be applied as an additional layer of protection after applying a stain or paint. Regularly maintain the fence by cleaning it and reapplying the coating or finish to ensure long-lasting protection.


    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Jaeha's fencing job

    Location PinNorth Sydney

    Replace current brick wall with fence


    Demolish and reinstall

    Type of property


    $550inc. gst

    Quoted by AZ Company Pty Ltd

    Sebastian's fencing Job

    Location PinNorth West Perth

    Noisy broken gate


    Repair or replacement of gate

    Type of property


    $380inc. gst

    Quoted by Buckleys Garage Doors

    Johnathan's fencing job

    Location PinPerth

    Garage door doesn't close


    Electrical repairs to door

    Type of Property


    $650inc. gst

    Quoted by Buckleys Garage Doors

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