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Cost of hiring a decking expert

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Based on 4,040 cost profiles



Based on 4,040 cost profiles

Costs mentioned are determined by quotes received for decking expert requests on Oneflare and should only be used as a guide.

Decking professionals have the ability to create inviting, comfortable and cosy outdoor living and entertaining areas. Hiring the right professional will ensure correct installation and maintenance for a long-lasting outdoor solution. The cost of your decking professional will depend on the material you decide to use, how large the deck is and whether it needs building, repairing or replacing all together

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Setting a budget for your decking

When setting a budget for your decking job, it’s important to know that there are three main services: installation, repair and replacement. While this is the main factor that will affect how much you spend to get the job done, other factors will come into play, such as the condition of your existing deck or the material used to build the old or new one

Other factors affecting the cost of your job

While the type of service required will be the first factor that comes into play when pricing your decking job, other factors such as size and material will have a substantial effect. This is what you can expect to pay:

Size of the project

The size of the deck you want to have installed is a key factor in determining the overall cost of the quote. The size of the deck will also determine whether or not you need to seek council approval before you build. Waiting for approval can delay a project.

As the allowances for deck size vary from council to council you will need to check with your local council as to whether the size you are looking to have installed requires approval or not.

  • 10 sqm: $3806 - $5487 average reported cost
  • 20 sqm: $3540 - $5173 average reported cost
  • 30 sqm: $3672 - $5292 average reported cost
  • 40 sqm: $3513 - $5128 average reported cost
  • 50 sqm: $3695 - $5360 average reported cost

Decking material

The type of timber you choose will also have a significant impact on the cost of your deck. It is worthwhile considering your options here as cheaper options such as pine may be attractive in the immediate, but may require extra maintenance in the future as opposed to Merbau (which is a lot harder wearing and just as sustainable).

  • Pine: $3622 - $5196 average reported cost
  • Merbau: $3580 - $5228 average reported cost
  • Cedar: $3765 - $5361 average reported cost

Accessories and features

While the decking material and size of the project will affect the price the most, accessories and features will also affect the total price. Accessories include any nuts, bolts and posts involved in building the deck, as well as the timber for bearers and joists, and the inclusion of these materials will drive the price up - but it shouldn’t be a substantial proportion of the cost of the project.

The absence or addition of features can affect the price quoted directly, such as if you require stairs, a balustrade, any roofing or if the deck is elevated. If you decide to elevate your deck, this will drive the price in an upwards direction as it is more labour intensive for the professional and has to adhere to strict specifications.

Get accurate quotes

Improve accuracy of quotes by including the following information:

  • What type of materials?
  • What size decking - sqm?
  • Is it a repair job?

Cost calculator for decking

Find the average cost of decking jobs similar to yours

$45 $100 Expected price range in Australia*

*This is an average price only and doesn't include materials. Your job may receive different quotes.

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How to hire a Decking Expert


Reading customer reviews on the business's Oneflare profile are effective in indicating if the business possesses professionalism, is on-time and is capable of completing a quality decking job


Depending on where you live you will need to make sure that your chosen deck builder is properly licenced. It varies state to state as to whether the business you hire needs to be classed as either a carpenter or a builder. If in doubt, check with your local council on any regulations you will need to adhere to


If they have the verified badge on their Oneflare profile, this means they have provided an ABN and are a legitimate business.

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