Determining Deck Costs

Determining Deck Costs

When replacing a deck or installing a new unit, it is critical to research the entire cost. The best aspect of a new deck is that it can be customized to fit your budget. This article will outline the costs of decking to assist with removing the guesswork.


Decks are an excellent addition to any household to help enjoy Australias comfortable, year-round weather. Adding a deck extends the entire residence while providing a robust outdoor section for entertaining guests. Also, decks can add significant value to your home.

Material Costs

Most of the associated costs will go toward decking materials. Regardless of the budget, there are materials available that will fit your price range. For those with a tighter budget, softwood, such as untreated pine, is the best option. Although the initial cost is less, take into consideration that softwoods deterioratemore quickly than other substances.Therefore, you may be required to repair or even replaceyour deck in a shorter period of time.

At the other end of the budgetary spectrum is hardwood timber, which is aesthetically-pleasing and lasts much longer. Locally-cut hardwood is significantly cheaper than imported, but there may be a higher delivery fee due to its weight, which can delay the entire process.

The majority of homeowners opt for composite decking, which is a combination of timber and recycled plastic. Although it is not the cheapest option, it is extremely low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly.


The cost of your deck will also be affected by the style and size. A square structure, which is the basic kind, is the least expensive.As you add options such as posts, stairs, beams, railings, outdoor furniture and lighting, your costs will increase.

Added Costs

In addition to accessories, payment may also be required for the plot to be cleared, excess rubbish removed and new drains connected. Also, a pest professional may need to examine and spray the entire site prior to installation. Furthermore, the cost of hiring a skip bin, excavation and the enlistment of rubbish removal professionals may be added.

Finally, a professional will be required for installation of the deck. There are many do-it-yourself guides, but you will need standard construction knowledge and must investigate permits and approvals. Once the deck is in place, there are further costs of sealing, waterproofing and other types of maintenance.

Cost Calculation

When adding together all the costs, the total will range from $2,000 to $20,000. This range is based on location and the amount the decking supplier includes in their quote.

It is simple to compare quotes with our free Get Quotes service. Local decking professionals will then provide their quotes.