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How Much Do Tax Accountants Cost in Australia?

$100 - $280

    How Much Does a Tax Accountant Cost?

    Meticulous tax accounting and preparation are always essential for individuals and businesses to stay compliant with the law and accurately report their financial activities. But how much does a tax agent cost if you need external support? In Australia, expect to pay between $100 – $280 for standard returns and higher for complex situations involving multiple businesses and investment properties.

    Read on to better understand tax accountant costs in Australia and smoothly navigate this tax season.


    Tax Accountant Price List

    The cost of a tax accountant varies according to state, company structure, and more. By hiring a capable and, more importantly, reliable tax accountant, you’ll see a considerable difference in retained funds for personal or corporate use. The cost of a tax accountant can vary around Australia. Below is the average cost to hire a tax accountant in different states.

    State Average Tax Accountant Cost
    NSW $220
    VIC $195
    WA $77
    SA $180
    QLD $150

    Tax accountants are a boon during the End of Financial Year (EOFY) period, especially if you want to receive the highest tax refund. However, tax accountants are only helpful if you hire the right one for the right price at the right time. The deadline from the Australian Taxation Office for tax returns is Tuesday, the 31st of October, 2023.

    Signs that You Need a Tax Accountant

    You might need a tax accountant if your financial situation has become complex. Perhaps you have started a business, received significant investment income, or acquired various properties. Essentially, tax accountants can be helpful in comprehending the intricacies of tax laws and taking advantage of available deductions and credits.

    You might also need a tax agent if you lack the time to manage your taxes effectively. And if you’re an entrepreneur, a tax accountant can provide expert guidance on business tax planning, payroll taxes, sales tax, and other specific obligations, ensuring compliance with relevant ordinances.

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    Costs of Related Tax Accountant Services

    Depending on the inclusions of your tax return, there could be additional costs to consider. The average costs of other primary services are as follows:

    Tax Accounting Service Cost
    Tax return $100 – $280
    Business advisory $150 – $800
    Bookkeeping $90 – $300
    BAS Lodgement $150 – $250 per quarter

    Tax return

    Hiring an accountant for tax returns is convenient on Oneflare. Tax accountants can assist in uncovering as many deductions as possible for individuals and businesses seeking to receive big refunds at the end of the fiscal year. For details on how to claim your expenses due to working from home, refer to this guide

    Business advisory

    Some accountants can function as advisors who help businesses and individuals understand and adhere to ever-changing tax laws, reducing the risk of costly penalties or audits due to non-compliance. With business advisory services, you can focus on your core business operations and spend less time worrying about your tax obligations.

    BAS lodgement

    If your business is registered for goods and services tax (GST), you might need to hire a tax accountant to file your business activity statements (BAS). BAS reports are filed monthly or quarterly and include information about GST, pay as you go (PAYG) instalments, PAYG withholding tax, and other obligations. A tax accountant can help ensure that your reports are accurate and filed on time.

    What Factors Affect Tax Agent Fees?

    Tax accountant fees in Australia typically depend on the accountant’s fee structure, but the common factors that can impact the price include the following:

    Complexity of your situation  

    The complexity of your situation is a significant factor in determining the fees charged. For example, tax returns involving multiple income sources, investments, and rental properties require additional time and expertise to prepare and file accurately. As a result, the fees are likely to be higher.

    Amount of work required

    The work needed to prepare and file your tax return influences the fees. This can include gathering and organising your financial information, reviewing supporting documents, calculating deductions and credits, and completing the necessary forms. 

    Additional services 

    If you need additional services, like the ones mentioned above, that fall beyond tax return preparation, the overall fees will be higher. These can also include tax planning, business consulting, or representation during an audit or investigation.

    Experience of the tax accountant

    The tax accountant’s qualifications and reputation can influence their fees. Highly experienced accountants charge higher prices due to their expertise and the value they bring to the table. It is wise to discuss and clarify the fee structure with your potential tax accountant before requesting their services to ensure transparency.

    What to Look for in a Tax Accountant

    Qualifications and insurance

    Most accountants are likely to have completed a university degree or diploma; having one of these qualifications can contribute to deciding whom to hire. Also, check if the accounting business belongs to an accounting association, such as Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, which will further prove their abilities and trustworthiness.


    By reading testimonials, you can get a good idea of what it’s like to work with a tax accountant and decide if they suit your needs – whatever they may be. Look for reviews that match the service type; for example, if you are planning to hire a tax accountant to complete and lodge a tax return, it is best to check reviews related to tax return services.

    Finding someone you can work with who understands your situation and how you operate as a business or individual is extremely important, as the person you choose will be helping you make important life choices. Rather than seeing them as a once-a-year necessity, the right accountant should be able to provide you or your business with long-term financial advice and support.

    To receive the most accurate quote, include as much information about the job as possible.

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    Post a Job Request for Tax Accounting

    If you’re seeking the services of a reliable and experienced tax accountant, consider including the following to get a cost estimate for their services:

    • The nature of the job: Personal or business tax preparation
    • Tax deductions and credits: Would you like guidance on maximising deductions or identifying and claiming any eligible tax credits?
    • Bookkeeping and financial statements: Mention if you’re interested in bookkeeping services or require assistance generating financial statements (income statements, balance sheets, etc.).
    • Compliance and regulatory requirements: Clarify if you need help ensuring compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations or tax planning strategies to minimise liabilities and optimise financial outcomes.
    • Time frame: Ask for their availability and determine the estimated time to complete the tax filings and other requested services.
    • Additional information: Ask them to provide relevant details about their experience and certifications, and be sure to share your specific requirements.

    Ask for a detailed cost estimate for their services based on the information provided above. Additionally, have them include their terms and conditions and payment structure, as well as necessary information regarding their process. Once you find the right tax accountant, your end-of-financial-year stress will subside significantly. In fact, you can even look forward to significant returns! Find a qualified service provider on Oneflare today.


    What does a balancing account mean on a tax return?

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    The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) uses the term ‘balancing account’ to refer to the process of comparing the results of your tax return with information from other government agencies and banks. This is done to ensure that the amount of tax you owe is correct.

    What is the typical processing time for a tax refund?

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    In Australia, a rough time frame to receive your tax refund is within 14 days for online submissions. If a manual process is required, your return could take anywhere between 30 to 50 business days.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Marc's Accountant Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Tax returns

    Business or individual


    Type of tax return

    Single income with simple deductions

    $89inc. gst

    Quoted by Perera & Company Tax Accountants

    Chris's Accountant Job

    Location PinNewcastle, NSW
    Job type

    Tax returns

    Job description

    3 BAS statements dating to 2017

    Other services

    Tidy up tax obligations for ceased company

    $1100inc. gst

    Quoted by Evolve Tax & Business Services

    Sara's Accountant Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Tax returns

    Job description

    2 rental properties


    Capital gains and deductions

    $250inc. gst

    Quoted by Tax on Taurus

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