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Types of tax accounting services

Financial accounting/bookkeeping

Financial accountants can assist you in producing financial statements for parties to use externally. Usually these financial statements are generated to show a particular entity’s past and current financial position.

Management accounting

Unlike financial accounting, management accounting involves producing information predominantly for internal use by a business’s management. This financial information is typically more detailed than financial statements.

Tax accounting

As the name suggests, these accountants handle anything related to tax payments. It can be either for personal or corporate matters, and tax accountants assist you with handling audits, collections and even appeals as a taxpayer.

How to choose the right tax accountant


Investigating whether the business is qualified or not can be extremely helpful in making your hire decision. In terms of qualifications and education, accountants may have completed a diploma or university degree. If they’re a part of any accounting associations such as Chartered Accounts for Australia and New Zealand, it’s a good sign.


Reading past client reviews on the tax accountant’s Oneflare profile can give you a robust indication of what it’s like to work with the business, and you can then evaluate whether this business can fulfil your needs - whatever they may be.

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