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How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?

$60 - $100 per session

    How Much Does Acupuncture Cost?

    According to health science experts, acupuncture is a good way to target the pressure points of your body and relieve accumulated stress. The average price of acupuncture, ranging from $50 to $100, depends on the qualifications and experience of each practitioner.

    If you are looking for low-cost acupuncture, it is worth noting that the initial consultation is more expensive than succeeding appointments. Other treatment methods, like cupping or acupressure, can also increase the cost of acupuncture for each session.

    City Average Acupuncture Cost
    Sydney $60 – $80
    Melbourne $60 – $100
    Brisbane $70 – $100
    Canberra $80 – $100
    Perth $70 – $100
    Hobart $75 – $95
    Adelaide $50 – $85

    What Is Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is an alternative treatment derived from Chinese medicine. It involves inserting thin needles into specific areas of the body to alleviate pain and treat various health conditions. If you are fond of massage treatments, acupuncture can provide similar benefits.

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    What Affects the Cost of Acupuncture Treatments?

    Acupuncture/treatment type

    The complexity of acupuncture influences its cost. It requires equipment, tools, and specialised training, which affects the cost of acupuncture treatment by $50 to over $100.

    Different types of acupuncture can target specific health conditions (e.g., back pain, migraine, etc.) or pain and affect the cost. Some additional needles might need to be used for various ailments.

    Session length

    The length of the session is an additional factor included in the cost of acupuncture. Patients can expect to pay more if they spend more time in the facility.

    Initial & ongoing rates

    The first appointment is typically more expensive for new patients than ongoing appointments by an average of $30. Some locations also offer discounted rates for bundles purchased for those who plan to receive ongoing treatment.

    Prices for Different Acupuncture Services

    Acupuncture Type Description
    Body Acupuncture The average cost of body acupuncture is $75 to $100, depending on the targeted areas.
    Ear Acupuncture Ear acupuncture costs $30 to $50. It is used to ease pain and treat various body functions connected to the ears.
    Electroacupuncture This form of treatment ranges from $75 to $150. It is necessary for treating chronic conditions like carpal tunnel, which affects mobility and dexterity. It involves using a small battery-driven device to stimulate the needles with varying voltages.
    Acupressure An acupressure massage comes with a price tag of $80. This depends on the length of the session and the professional’s level of expertise. It can often be used in conjunction with additional treatment methods, which can increase the cost of each session.
    Moxibustion Moxibustion involves burning different herbs before applying heat to different areas of the body. It costs an average of $70 to $90 for each treatment.
    Cupping The cost of cupping might be included in the price of acupuncture. It is typically $35 to $75 per session.

    Acupuncture Prices for Different Health Goals

    young woman getting acupuncture treatment


    Acupuncture used to increase fertility ranges from $100 and $350 for the first consultation and $70 to $150 for follow-up appointments. Some insurance policies can cover the cost.

    Back pain relief – Acupuncture for back pain costs $50 to $130 and can alleviate discomfort.

    Weight loss – Acupuncture for weight loss costs an average of $50 to $100 per session. It is not covered by insurance, and it typically involves using multiple treatments for up to six weeks to cause 5 to 10 kilograms in weight loss.

    Migraine relief – Acupuncture for migraine costs $50 to $120. The treatment can trigger a healing response and stimulate the nerves to release hormones like endorphins to help the individual find relief. Ongoing treatment can also reduce the risk of migraines developing by improving the immune and circulatory systems.

    Acupuncture Costs for Pets

    Dogs – The cost of dog acupuncture is an average of $60 to $90. The size and health of the dog influence the price of the treatment.

    Cats – Acupuncture treatment for cats costs $25 to $125 per session. The size of the cat determines how much you’ll spend at each session.

    How to Hire an Acupuncturist

    • Perform a search online for local naturopaths or acupuncturists.
    • Read online reviews posted by former customers.
    • Ask if they have a license.
    • Visit the professional’s website and review their qualifications.
    • Schedule a consultation and discuss your health issues or concerns.

    How to Set a Budget for Acupuncture Treatments

    • Evaluate your health needs.
    • Determine how often you need acupuncture (e.g., how many treatments do you need?).
    • Research if your insurance covers any of the costs.

    How to Reduce Your Acupuncture Treatment Cost

    • Visit a professional with less experience in the industry.
    • Ask about deals or discounts for each acupuncture session.
    • Ask for a lower price in exchange for an honest review online.


    How much does acupuncture cost for those who want to quit smoking?

    Those who are interested in quitting smoking will spend an average of $100 per session on acupuncture. More highly qualified acupuncturists charge over $500 per session. The treatments are useful in addressing the physical effects of smoking and reducing cravings.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Prerana's Acupuncture Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Type of treatment


    Type of pain

    Chronic pain

    Area affected

    Neck and shoulders

    $110inc. gst

    Quoted by Long Life Health Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

    Doreen's Acupuncture Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Type of treatment


    Type of pain

    Muscle pain

    Area affected

    Lower back and neck

    $90inc. gst

    Quoted by Healing Tree Acupuncture And Natural Medicine

    Bobby's Acupuncture Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Type of treatment

    Acupuncture and massage

    Type of pain

    Muscle and nerve pain

    Area affected

    Calf, ankle and foot

    $60inc. gst

    Quoted by Best Choice Medical Centre

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