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How much do Bifold Doors Cost?

$1,200 - $5,500

    How much do Bifold Doors Cost?

    Bifold doors are a great way to enjoy the wide-open spaces of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Bifold doors come in many different types and sizes. Depending on the model chosen and width of your opening, the cost of bifold doors can range from $1,200 for a three-door system and up to $5,500 for a larger four-door system.

    Bifold doors price estimates differ according to the type and size of the door and labour costs. The cost of labour depends on the size of the project and the going rate in the area. 

    Below is the average door installation cost per hour in different Australian states:

    State Average Cost 
    NSW $55 – $65
    VIC $50 – $60
    QLD $40 – $50


    Factors Impacting the Cost of Bifold Doors

    Bifold doors are a great way to create ventilation and expand the living area to include the outdoors. This can make your home seem much larger and is perfect if you are fortunate enough to have a fabulous view. Several factors can affect the cost. Here are a few examples of items that affect the price.


    You have a choice of several different materials for bifold doors. The material chosen might be dependent on your local weather and climate. The kind of home that you have might also affect the type of door chosen. You can choose timber, aluminium, or glass. Among these choices, timber and double-paned glass are the most expensive, but you can also get steel security doors that are also considerably higher in price. Aluminium bifold doors start around $1,200. Timber and glass begin about $3,000. 

    Size of the project

    The size of the project is another significant factor in the cost. If you have a larger opening to cover, it will cost more than covering a smaller aperture. The big difference is in the number of panels that you need to cover the space. Each panel adds to the cost of the project. If the opening needs to be expanded or made smaller to fit the panels, this will add to the price, too. 

    The complexity of the design 

    The complexity of the panel design and project also affect the cost. For instance, ornately carved hardwood timber doors will cost more than a simple mesh fly screen. Sometimes, people will have two sets of doors installed, one for a screen and letting in the fresh air and another set for privacy. These types of installations cost more than a simple bifold door installation. 

    Interior or Exterior 

    Many people choose bifold doors as a way to open their home to the outside, but you can also use them on the interior of the house to separate two areas. External bifold doors price depends on the type of door chosen, but they tend to be more expensive than bifold doors for the interior of the home.

    White bifold doors leading to an outdoor pergola.

    Bifold doors leading to an outdoor pergola. | Source: Unik Building Services Pty Ltd

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Bifold Doors


    Aluminium bifold doors prices depend on the type of door. You can choose screen mesh or solid aluminium. A simple set of bifold doors without a screen begins at about $3,000 for a three-door set. If you add a screen, the cost begins at $4,000.


    Glass bifold doors cost depends on whether you choose framed or frameless. You can also select single, double, or triple-paned glass. Glass doors begin around $5,500 for a simple glass door with an aluminium frame. That is only the price for the door and does not include installation.


    Timber bifold doors prices differ according to the type of wood chosen. Hardwoods are more expensive than hardwoods. The style of the framing also affects cost. Lower prices timber doors begin around $3,000 for a three-door system. Timber might not be an appropriate material for exterior doors in all parts of Australia, depending on climate.

    Pegola being renovated with timber decking, new lighting and bifold doors.

    Timber bifold doors. | Source: Jesper Poels

    How to Hire a Bifold Door Installer

    Cost to install bifold doors is a more costly project to undertake. You want to make sure that you hire a professional who is qualified and who offers their services at a reasonable price. Here are some tips for hiring the right professional for the job.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate 

    To get the most accurate bifold door price estimate, you need to provide several pieces of information when checking for quotes. No one wants a big surprise on the cost of the job in the end. 

    • Size of the opening. You need to measure the existing opening and compare it to the number of door panels that you want. This will give the installer an idea of how much work will be involved. 
    • Shop for different doors. Many different choices in bifold doors are available. You need to do some shopping first so that the installer will have an idea of the labour involved with the type of door that you choose. Some doors are more complicated to install than others. 
    • Wall material. Be sure to tell your installer about the type of walls that you have. Going through masonry or brick is much more difficult than installing doors on a timber frame house. This will help your installer create a more accurate estimate. 

    Licencing and Qualifications 

    Of course, you want to hire an installer who will do the job for the best price, but be wary of installers who are too much below the competition. You want someone who will do the job right. Here are a few suggestions. 

    • Licencing. Door installers do not have to have a licence to install a door, but if they are doing carpentry or electrical work as part of the job, they will need licencing. 
    • Insurance and liability. Make sure that the installer you hire has the proper insurance and liability coverage when working on your property. This is the hallmark of a conscientious installer. 
    • Get References. Get references, or at the very least, ask to see pictures of jobs they have done in the past. This will give you an idea of the quality of their work. 

    How to Save Money Hiring a Bifold Door Installer

    Of course, you want to save money, but cutting every corner is not always best. Here are some ways that you can save and still get a job that you will be happy within the end. 

    • Shop around. You need to shop around for the doors that you want and for someone to put them in. This is a big project, and you want to get something that you will be happy with for a long time in the future. 
    • Get the right door. Make sure to consider your climate and weather conditions when choosing a door. You want to make sure that it will not be too cold in the winter, and you need to make sure it meets brushfire standards. 
    • Add value to your home. When chosen and installed correctly, bifold doors can add value to your home. This is something that you will want to check before you make your choice on the type of door to be installed.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Maria's Door Installation Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job type

    Door replacement and installation

    Type of door

    Glass door

    Other notes

    Door also varnished

    $160inc. gst

    Quoted by Holm's Maintenance

    Theodora''s Door Installation Job

    Location PinAdelaide, SA
    Type of job

    Door replacement and installation

    Type of door

    Laundry door

    Other notes

    Door to be purchased from Bunnings

    $188inc. gst

    Quoted by Ark Building and Renovations

    Julia's Door Installation Job

    Location PinAdelaide, SA
    Type of job

    Replacement and installation of door

    Is door provided?

    Door provided, door handle is not

    Other notes

    Door required seal and p

    $160inc. gst

    Quoted by Lake Property Handyman Service

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