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How much does a Door Cost?

$150 - $2,000

    How Much Does A Door Cost?

    The door is one of the first things people notice about your home. Putting in a new door can make a dramatic improvement in the curb appeal of your home. If you are looking to replace a door, you can expect to spend between $150-$2,000, depending on the type of door that you choose. 

    Door Replacement Cost by City

    The most crucial deciding factor in the cost of putting in a new door is the type of door that you choose. If any structural repairs need to be made, that will add both materials and extra time to the process. In terms of labour, you might have to pay different rates according to where you live. On average, the cost for labour is between about $125-$250 per hour.

    City Average Door Costs
    Sydney $55/hour
    Melbourne $50/hour
    Brisbane $40/hour

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Door

    Several factors affect the cost of having a door replaced. Here are some of the elements and how they affect the price of door replacement. 

    Type and Material. The type and material of door have an effect on the cost of the door, but there is considerable variation in these factors. For instance, a fibreglass door can cost between $100-$5,000. Wood doors range between $25-$550. You can also expect to pay more for an outside door, as opposed to an interior door. 

    Shape and Size of Door. The shape and size of the door will also affect the cost. For instance, French doors cost more than the standard wooden entry door. A French door can cost between $500-$7,000 to install. A larger door, such as a garage door or barn door, will also cost more. 

    Replacement. Replacing a door can cost more than installing a new one. The reason for this is the amount of structural work that might be involved. A custom frame can cost an extra $100-$250 plus any disposal fees. 

    Outdoor/Indoor. In general, exterior doors cost more than interior ones. An exterior door must be weather resistant, secure, and is often heavier than an interior door. You have much more flexibility with an internal door. 

    Complexity of Design. The complexity of the design of the door also affects the cost. For instance, a door with a rounded arch at the top will cost more than a standard rectangular door. You can also choose doors with hand-carved details or ones made from exotic woods. These types of features will increase the cost of the door.

    Bright room with large windows and doors overlooking a green paddock.

    Large windows and doors of a country home. | Source: Southern Highlands Carpentry

    Price Estimates for Different Door Materials

    The most significant factor in the price of the door is the material and type of door that you choose. Here are some examples of how material and type affect cost. 

    Aluminium. Aluminium is a popular choice for exterior and interior doors. This material is lightweight and does not rust. These doors begin about $100, but aluminium sliding doors prices can be upwards of $2,500. 

    Wooden. Wood is one of the most popular door choices. You can choose a solid or hollow door. An interior wooden door costs between $25 and $250. Engineered wood for and exterior costs between $125 to $550. 

    Solid Core. Prices for solid core doors depend on whether it is a single or double door. A solid exterior door can cost about $400-$3,500.

    Double Glazed. Double glazed doors cost more than doors with a single pane of glass. They have two panes of glass with a narrow gap or air between them. 

    Iron. Many choose wrought iron for security, and they can be decorative elements, too. Iron doors cost anywhere from $1,250 to $7,500. They are heavy and can require additional structural bracing that can add to the cost. 

    Pocket. A pocket door is a door that slides into a compartment in the wall when open. They cost about $800 to install if the pocket for them already exists and fits the replacement door.

    An open blue door with a brass lock and handle.

    Brass door lock and handle. | Source: The Tidy Tradie – Lock Carpenter

    Price Estimates for Different Door Styles

    Different door types also affect the cost. Here are some examples of common door types that people choose to have installed. 

    Security. Security screen door prices are a bit higher than average exterior doors. They start at around $2,000, but you can have smart features and sidelights included, which can drive the cost to about $20,000. 

    Sliding. Sliding glass doors prices vary depending on the material chosen — aluminium glass sliding doors price around $350 each. 

    Screen. Sliding fly screen doors price around $200-$450 depending on the cost of the door chosen. They can be much less if a simple aluminium screen door is chosen. 

    Bifold. Bifold doors cost between $100-$600 for most average jobs. They can require extra frame reinforcement, which can add to the cost of installation. 

    French. French doors price depends on the door that you choose. They can range from $500-$6,000

    Roller. Roller door cost depends on how much work must be done to prepare the area. If the hardware is already there, then the roller door installation cost will be less. They are about the same as a bifold or pocket door, which can range from about $100-$750. 

    Fire. A fire door must meet specific code requirements. This type of door costs about $400-$1300 to have installed. 

    Wardrobe. Many people choose a pocket door for a wardrobe door. This can cost about $600, as opposed to about $80 for a standard interior door. 

    Garage. New garage door cost depends on the size of the door and the material chosen. There is also additional hardware installation involved. The average garage door costs about $400-$2,250.

    Light brown sectional double garage door.

    A modern sectional double garage door. | Source: Hao Sen Constructions

    How to Hire a Door Installer

    Hiring a door installer who can do the job right is an essential part of getting the job done. Here are a few tips to help you get the job done right and to have a result that you are happy within the end. 

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    No one likes surprises in the end, especially when it comes to cost. Here are a few tips to help you get an accurate estimate. 

    • Know the size and type of door that you want. 
    • Know what type of wall material is involved. 
    • Let the installer know if the home is brick or stone. 
    • Make a note of any damage that might need to be repaired. 

    Licencing and Qualifications

    Your installer might need to be a licensed carpenter or electrician. Licencing varies depending on the state, so you will need to check on local requirements where you live. Here are some tips for choosing the best door installer. 

    • Check with your locality to see if any licenses are required in your city or state. 
    • Ask the installer about their experience and insurance. 
    • Try to get references and see any jobs that they have done in the past. 

    How to Save Money Hiring a Door Installer 

    Everyone wants to save money when hiring a door installer, but the cheapest is not always the best. Here are some tips for saving money. 

    • Do your research on the type of door that you want and the costs. 
    • If no framing is needed and the new door is the same size, you might be able to hang it yourself. 
    • Make sure that any estimates you get have everything included in them.


    How much does it cost to hang a door in Australia?

    The cost of hanging a door in Australia depends on the type of door and the amount of work involved. If the size of the door will be changed, it will be more expensive than simply hanging a new door. A commercial door is typically more costly than a residential door. There are many factors involved in the cost of hanging a door. 

    How much does it cost to replace a door?

    Door replacement cost can be relatively inexpensive if all that needs to be done is to hang the new door. If the door is small, it might only take a few minutes to do. If any changes need to be made, then the cost can go up accordingly.

    How can I add more security to my door?

    If you’re eying products from Lockwood Nexion and other brands to address door security problems, consider adding a deadbolt lock. Deadbolts can’t be easily picked or forced open with tools like screwdrivers or credit cards. You can also install a strike plate for protection against forceful entries, as well as peepholes to see who is outside before answering the door.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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