Keep noise at bay with soundproof doors

Unwanted noise is a leading cause of mental ill health. The home and office become uncomfortable when there is loud, constant noise entering from the outside. Noise makes concentration difficult and changes the atmosphere of the environment. Soundproof windows and doors provide the most effective solution to prevent noise from causing loss of sleep and distress.

What is a soundproof door?

A soundproof door is heavily insulated to block out noise and vibrations from the outside. This reduction in noise is achieved with strong acoustic seals and quality insulation. These doors are ideal for the home and office, and are an essential requirement for venues that are noisy and loud. Many industries make use of these doors to block out the noise from nearby busy motorways and construction zone machinery.

Soundproof doors: The basics

It’s important to have the basic information about soundproof doors before you decide to purchase one.

  • Acoustic doors are made in accordance with standards of sound resistance. They need to be certified after being tested.
  • These doors are available in a wide range of materials like laminated steel, galvanised steel and also sheet metals.
  • With acoustic doors, you have the choice of different finishes that can enhance the look of a home or office.
  • Other types of available doors include protective doors and fire-rated doors. They are used for different protective functions.

Soundproof doors: Types

Once you have considered your soundproof requirements, you can choose doors in different sizes and types.

The main doors available include the following:

  1. Double or single sliding doors
  2. Swinging doors, single or double.
  3. Smoke or fire doors.
  4. Magnamatic or electronic automatic doors.
  5. Lightweight or heavy doors.

Reasons to choose soundproof doors

  • Changing or replacing existing doors to soundproof doors is highly beneficial for most home and business owners. There are different types of soundproof doors that are available on the market, so you can choose which doors will suit where depending on your unique living or workspace situation.
  • Soundproof doors increase the value of a property, regardless of where it is located. Running a business in crowded and noisy places tends to bring down the price of the property. A small change like replacing the doors can boost the value of the property, be it a home or a business.
  • Insulated windows and doors keep the temperature in the interior of buildings relatively stable. This can reduce utility bills because the air conditioning and heating systems do not need to be used as frequently. When you call the door installation experts, you can also sign an annual maintenance contract with them to maintain the doors to ensure their longevity.

Get your soundproof doors installed

You can find professional door installers easily on Oneflare. Before accepting a quote from a specific supplier, make sure to check out their reviews. Look for quality not only of the product but also quality of the service provided. Discuss the welding and sealing and ensure you get a choice of say in the hardware, locking systems and any other requirements.

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