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How much do shutters cost?

$200 - $550 per m2

    How much do window shutters cost?

    Window shutters not only offer shade but security to your home. The cost of shutters per window ranges between $150 and $2,500, depending on the size and the material used to construct the shutter.

    How much do roller shutters cost?

    In Australia, the cost of roller shutters is estimated to be between $250 and $2,000, depending on the material, size, motor quality, included accessories, and durability of the product.

    Roller shutters are rolling overhead doors with horizontal metal slats hinged together. They can be seen covering exterior windows in familiar places like shopping malls and banks. Roller shutters come in manual and motorised varieties. So learn about roller shutters beforehand to know which type is best for your needs.

    Moreover, they protect against rain, wind, theft, and fire and offer energy-saving benefits.

    How much do plantation shutters cost?

    Plantation shutters are interior window shutters with louvres that are typically 10cm wide. They’re the most popular type of shutter in Australia and are found in almost every neighbourhood. This type of shutters have an elegant look and works well in dining rooms, casual rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

    Plantation shutters cost around $1,000 to $2,100 to cover a window measuring 1200mm x 2100mm. Just like regular window shutters, the type of construction material and size both impact determine the total plantation shutters price.

    Three sets of white shutters on a light blue wall in a home.

    The impact of white shutters. | Source: Imperial Window Furnishings

    Factors that affect shutter costs

    Whether you’re redecorating or building a new home, your choice of window shutters will hinge on a few factors like aesthetics, functionality, and colour. The cost of new shutters primarily depends on these variables.

    Window size

    The size of your window can affect the overall shutter installation costs in several ways. When you can buy standard-sized shutters that fit your windows either by a face fit (outside mount) or recess fit (inside mount), the price will be less than if your shutters are custom-built.

    Custom windows and material choice

    You can expect a higher price per square metre if you need to order a custom-sized shutter to fit your window. The material used to construct the shutter will also impact the cost. Window shutters are made with materials like titanium, wood, composite, and vinyl (PVC).

    Another variable to consider when estimating shutter prices are the construction material. Wood shutters can go from low-end shutters manufactured with pine to high-end shutters constructed with mahogany. Functionality for both can be identical; however, the cost usually comes down to personal preference.

    The cost for shutters constructed with alloys like titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium tends to be more robust in price than other materials like wood and PVC. Plantation shutters made with PVC are the most affordable shutters and offer a lot of the same benefits as other materials.

    Point of purchase and total price

    Other variables to consider are the point of purchase and total purchase price. If you’re buying local in Australia, you can expect to spend less per shutter than buying from a foreign country. It’s entirely possible to find a comparable shutter cheaper overseas. However, shipping rates and delivery time make buying local the more logical choice. Your total purchase price will include the size and type of shutter you’re considering and how many windows you’re covering.

    Does the cost vary based on location?

    Across Australia, the cost of shutters can fluctuate slightly from as little as a couple of dollars to as much as several hundreds per shutter.

    This depends mainly on where you buy your shutters. Some retailers will offer more discounts on bulk purchases, but charge a premium for installation, and other retailers may have a standard pricing model, but offer discounted installation.

    How to hire a shutter installer

    When it comes to hiring a shutter installer, sometimes working with an independent contractor is the cheaper alternative over retail stores which utilise their own installers.

    A convenient way to find a qualified installer is to post a shutter installation job on Oneflare. Make sure to mention your detailed requirements and other essential information, such as location and window sizes. This helps qualified shutter installers to provide a quote that match your needs.

    A half opened black outdoor security shutter on a red brick house.

    Outdoor security shutters. | Source: All Star

    Tips on how to save money when buying shutters

    Tip #1: Buy in bulk and ask for discounts.

    Tip #2: Look for sales or retailers that are closing down.

    Tip #3: Check with different retailers and wholesalers in nearby cities or states.

    Tip #4: Shop online and compare prices.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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