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    Roller shutters: How do they work?

    We'll shine some light on these popular window protectors

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    Roller shutters are the ideal way to protect your home from elements such as extreme and cold, excessive noise and intruders. Home security is an issue that every homeowner should address. It is important to keep the house safe at all times, not just because there are expensive belongings inside, but also because your loved ones are there. Having roller shutters at home can be a good form of home security.

    What are roller shutters?

    A roller shutter is a type of shutter that is permanently mounted above a window or door. The shutter can be rolled down when desired or left up to let air and light into the house. Most roller shutters are made of metal, most commonly aluminium or steel. They’re comprised of slats, which control how much the shutter closes, and can be painted any colour to match your home décor.

    Roller shutters are available in manual and motorised varieties, usually operated from within the home. Manual roller shutters are operated using a manual winder crank, and motorised roller shutters are operated using a control panel or remote control.

    Source: All Star

    Electric roller shutters

    These roller shutters have a small motor that allows you to open and close them through the push of a button. You can also opt for those models that use solar energy or those that are wired to your electrical supply. Electric roller shutters are operated using a panel or remote control. There are even others that can be automated, which makes them convenient for you and your family to operate. It’s easy for you to close and open them when needed and from wherever you are in the house. Automatic roller shutters with sensors can close and open automatically, depending on the time of the day.

    Electric roller shutters are more expensive and can be difficult to install. However, they last longer and are quite durable. Note, for electric roller shutters you will need an electrician to wire them up.

    Manual roller shutter

    With manual roller shutters, you have to open and close them by yourself. They have a winder that allows you to adjust them as needed. These are preferred by many homeowners because they are cost-effective and easy to install. It’s also easy to fix and troubleshoot rollers when there’s a problem. Manual roller shutters are more affordable and can provide the same protection as electric ones. This can be useful in securing windows and smaller doors that are exposed to many passersby since you can easily purchase a shutter for every house opening.

    The only drawback to manual shutters is that you have to go to every shutter to open and close it. This may be a bit of a hassle and can take time since you need to open them every morning and close it at night.

    Solar-powered roller shutters

    For a more energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly option, choose solar powered roller shutters. Solar-powered roller shutters operate totally separate from mains power and get their power from the sun. The solar power is generated by solar panels on the roller shutters, which convert solar energy into electricity which is then stored in a battery. If your roller shutters are located in an area that is away from the sun, you might have to install two or more solar panels. Usually, you will only need a single solar panel to operate the shutter.

    The battery of a solar powered roller shutter powers a motor which in turn operates the shutter. By simply hitting a button on a remote control, the shutter can be raised and lowered as per your need. These roller shutters work exactly like electric or automated shutters in this respect. Thus a solar-powered roller shutter gives you the same functionality of an electric roller shutter at a fraction of the operating cost. There is only an initial cost that you will incur when installing the solar panels.

    The advantages of using roller shutters

    Roller shutters provide many benefits over other types of window coverings. The main benefits are:


    Roller shutters add a layer of security to your home. The shutters are made out of strong material and are tightly fitted against windows and doors. When the roller shutters are closed, people cannot see into your home, and intruders cannot easily pull the shutters off your windows or doors which means they often act as a deterrent to potential thieves.

    Source: pcwiz


    Most roller shutters are built with a layer of insulation, which helps keep your home from getting too hot or too cold. Roller shutters can block up to 90 percent of heat from escaping or entering your home, which is useful in both summer and winter weather. Rollers shutters also block up to 50 percent of the outside cold from entering your home.

    Insulated roller shutters block noise, in addition to temperature, which helps keep outside noise from entering your home. So, your house will be a more comfortable temperature and peacefully quiet.

    Weather protection

    Roller shutters protect your home during windy and stormy weather. If branches or other debris break your window or door glass, the roller shutters will prevent broken glass, debris and water from entering your home. During fire season, rolling shutters can deflect burning embers to help prevent your house from catching fire.


    Roller shutters offer you choices and options. Open them up a little or a lot to control how much light enters your home. Do you want to sleep in during the day? Leave your roller shutters closed to keep the inside of your home nice and dark.

    Do you want to allow air into your home, while still maintaining your privacy? Open your windows, but only crack the shutters to allow air in and to keep prying eyes out.

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