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How much do Plantation Shutters Cost?

$200 - $500 per m2

    How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

    Plantation shutters are great for controlling the amount of heat that comes through windows. Usually, custom fit and made of different materials, plantation shutters can cost between $250 and $500 per square metre.

    Installation Costs in Australia

    The cost to install plantation shutters can vary from region to region. Some businesses offer installation when you buy their product. Other times, a good handyman can do the job. If you would like to hire a contractor instead, look to pay at least $125 per hour. 

    City Average Reported Costs (per hour)
    Sydney $35 – $95/hr
    Melbourne $50 – $90/hr
    Brisbane $35 – $90/hr
    Canberra $50 – $75/hr
    Perth $40 – $70/hr
    Darwin $35 – $70/hr
    Hobart $50 – $75/hr
    Adelaide $40 – $70/hr

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Plantation Shutters

    There are many different styles of plantation shutters that affect the cost to do a window treatment.

    Type of Material

    PVC plantation window shutters are moisture-resistant, termite-proof, and flame resistant. They are cost-effective and low-maintenance compared to other materials. PVC plantation shutters prices cost about $250 per square metre.

    Wooden plantation shutters add warmth and beauty with their natural look. Classier than PVC shutters, they will cost $300-$500 per square metre. Different types of wood also affect the final price.

    Aluminium plantation window shutters are perfect for outdoor use. They can weather all types of temperatures and conditions. Aluminium windows are a great option as not all kinds of material are sufficient for outdoor use. These shutters will cost $350 to $450 per square metre.

    Shape and Size of Window

    Plantation shutters price per metre square can differ according to whether they are a stock item or custom made. If your window is of standard size, you can probably use plantation shutters that in stock. $20 per square foot is the average cost for ready-made shutters. Custom-made plantation shutters can cost as much as $400 per window. If the window opening is an odd shape, expect to pay even more.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Plantation Shutters

    The price of materials can vary according to the type of plantation shutters that you choose.

    Aluminium Shutters – Outdoor plantation shutters cost more than interior shutters due to the extreme weather that they must endure. Aluminium shutters price can start at $300 per square metre and more for custom made or adjustable models. 

    Indoor Plantation Shutters – Interior plantation shutters cost less than outdoor shutters because they do not have to withstand the exposure to weather. However, being maintenance-free and moisture resistant can raise the cost. PVC plantation shutters are the most cost-efficient with many good qualities. Composite plantation shutters cost is economical and delivers a stylish appearance with a slightly higher price. Timber is the most expensive with a classic natural look.

    How to Hire a Plantation Shutters Installer

    Not everyone is skilled in hanging window treatments. Plantation shutters can be particularly tricky, depending on the window shapes and sizes. Make sure that your installer has experience in installing plantation shutters. Some shutter companies offer installation at an extra fee. Be sure to:

    • Get three estimates
    • Ask for liability insurance
    • Check references
    • Ask shutter store for recommendations

    You can save money by having your plantation blinds installed right the first time. Blinds are a significant investment. Don’t cut corners with cheap labour.


    Q. How much do plantation shutters cost per window?
    A. Most people spend an average of $150 to $400 per window with plantation shutters.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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