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How much do Solar Panels Cost?

$2,800 - $6,000

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

    A full roof of solar panels can cost anywhere from $2,800 to $6,000, depending on the quality and wattage the panels can produce.

    To produce maximal energy output solar panels should be cleaned once a year.  An annual clean can cost anywhere from $380 to $550, generally, prices are quoted per solar panel and can be anywhere from $4 to $10 each.

    Solar panel price continues to go down in recent years. In Australia, the estimated solar panel cost per panel is estimated at $1.31 per watt as of January 2018. The figure represents an almost 40% drop in the price of a photovoltaic system since August 2012.

    Aerial view of a red tiled house with solar panels on two sides of it.

    A bird’s eye view of solar panels on the roof of a house. | Source: Banana Solar Pty Ltd

    Factors Affecting Solar Panel Costs

    Aside from the solar panel price, there are other costs to consider.

    Installation: Installation cost depends on your location and how much kilowatts the solar panel is capable of producing.

    Electrical: Electrical components and the mounting structure are some other additional expenses when building a solar panel.

    Electrician costs: Labour costs, too, need to be factored.

    All of these factors depend on which Australian state you are in or whether you are in the city or a rural area.

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    Grey tiled roof with twenty one solar panels on it.

    Installation of solar panels. | Source: Solarcel Energy

    How Much Do Solar Panels Cost to Produce?

    Price is what proponents of renewable energy are using to convince more people and industries lately for greater adoption of renewable energy. Wind and solar energy components saw a drastic slip in building costs in recent years.

    However, the location is still a significant element affecting the solar panel price. The Renewable Energy Target, a federal government program, is the culprit behind the wide disparity in prices of solar panels across Australia. The program incentivises homes and other structures that embrace renewable energy. However, it implements a different zone rating for each state that directly impacts the price.

    For example, solar panels cost $4,740 for a 2 kilowatts (kW) photovoltaic system in January 2018. The national price differs significantly from that of Darwin, where the panel price is at $8,100 for a 3kW solar panel system during the same period, and that in Sydney, New South Wales where it was at $3,890.

    An aerial shot of house roofs in bondi with the beach in the background.

    An aerial view of solar panels on a roof in Bondi. | Source: Banana Solar Pty Ltd

    Breakdown of Solar Panel Installation Costs

    The mounting structure, electrical components, and labour costs are other factors you need to consider when deciding to install solar panels. Location still affects additional costs when installing a photovoltaic system. This is due to the prices of components used in the structure and the different hourly labour cost in different locations in Australia.

    Electrical components

    Components needed for this system includes wires, switches, breakers, and inverters. These parts each play an essential role in converting that sunlight into electrical energy you can use in your home.

    Mounting structure

    This component is an essential piece of the system. A photovoltaic system can use a good, quality mount for more than 20 years. We recommend that you choose a mount made from a material that is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. It is a given that your photovoltaic system is most likely to be installed in your home’s roof.

    Labour cost

    A licensed electrician is usually capable and the most dependable professional to install your photovoltaic system. Having a professional do all the work brings all the comfort that less is likely to go wrong while you are using it and that it will last for an extended period. Costs depend on your location, as different cities across Australia have varying hourly rates. Rates can go higher if you decide to work with a Clean Energy Council-accredited company.

    The average cost of solar panels for home is around $3,000 to $6,000 for a quality 3kW photovoltaic system. While it might seem to be a big investment, you can be comforted about your contribution to the planet’s conservation and the long-term return of investment.

    *The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    James's Solar Panel Job

    Location PinEast Brisbane, QLD
    Job type

    Solar panel installation


    Large garage barn

    Location on roof

    North facing-side

    $5000inc. gst

    Quoted by Impact Energy

    Trevor's Solar Panel Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job type

    Removal and installation of solar panels


    Panels removed for roof to be cleaned and painted

    Existing solar panels system


    $550inc. gst

    Quoted by Jtec Contracting

    Craig's Solar Panel Job

    Location PinAdelaide, SA
    Job type

    Solar panel installation

    Type of system

    Battery ready system

    Power consumption


    $4500inc. gst

    Quoted by Littlehampton Electrical

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