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How much do Blinds cost?

$150 - $485

    How Much Do Blinds Cost?

    If you shop at a discount department store, you may find blinds for $20. You will need to install them yourself, which can get complicated.  On the other hand, you can expect better blinds to start around $90. The same blind in a designer pattern can reach three times as much. Choosing real wood over humanmade materials may drive the price up to $1,000 or more.


    Cost of Blinds in Australia

    Your final quote can include costs such as the type of blinds, whether you are supplying the materials, the shade needed and the number of blinds. Oneflare businesses have quoted a customer in Sydney $1,200 to install 6 black roller blinds, while a customer in Brisbane received a quote of $500 for the installation of 15 light blockout blinds. As you can see, the number of blinds and the type of blinds are more likely to impact your quote versus your location in Australia.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Blinds

    Besides quality issues, size, shape and use are the three main factors in the cost of vertical blinds and rival products.

    The shape of your windows – Blinds come in standard sizes, even if you are buying a higher-end product. Getting them designed for unusual windows will add to the cost. It may affect which type of shutters you use. For instance, you may have to get angled shutters for a round or curved-top window.

    Size of your window – A very large window may need a much pricier shade due to size. You also may consider getting multiple shades for a long span of glass.

    Light-Blocking Qualities – You will find different pricing for translucent, light-blocking blinds, or screen. There are also day and night blinds with blockout and sheer backings, giving you the best of both. Another choice is to have double blinds with a screen for day and a second blockout panel for night-time use.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Blinds

    Blockout roller blinds

    The cost of roller blinds may start as low as $60. For a quality shade for a 1200mm x 2100 mm window, the cost can be as low as $190 or go as high as $390. Blockout blinds come materials that let in light but filters out glare and UV rays. They also come in a translucent style, which allows in light without letting in sunlight. Bonded roller blinds will start around $300.

    Honeycomb blinds

    Honeycomb blinds are designed to trap UV rays holding air inside each cell. These blinds should make the summers cooler and help ensure more warmth in the winter. You can expect prices to start at $70. A higher-quality honeycomb material starts at $125.

    Roman blinds

    With wide slats and a sun-blocking pattern, roman blinds provide a genuinely dark room for those who want it. Picking a standard 1200 mm width and 2100 mm height, you will find roman blinds cost about $330 apiece. Higher-end blinds may cost as much as $570. The type of materials, such as aluminium pattern, will affect the cost. Although you may associate this style with room darkening, it is available in translucent and screen.

    Timber Venetian blinds

    If you want real wood, timber Venetian blinds start at $100. If you are content with faux timber, you can expect the Venetian blinds cost to start much lower. One homeowner reported paying $65 per window while another spent up to $85 per window.

    Vertical blinds

    The width of the slats, as well as the length, will affect the cost of your vertical blinds. A typical 1200mm x2100mm window may be covered for $180 in quality material. A higher quality material may raise the price to $400.

    Panel blinds

    These blinds come on tracks and are controlled with a wand. You may have nine panels on as many as five tracks, and the system may open from the centre, left, or right. A higher price is expected for panel blinds as the installation will require work on the top and bottom of the window. The same 1200mm window may run $380. The top-quality panel blind cost may require an outlay of $550.

    Plantation blinds

    These large-slat blinds come in PVC and timber for indoor use. Plantation blinds cost varies widely with the material. A quality plantation choice will run about $1,000 for the typical 1200mm x 2100mm window. Prices can rise as high as $2,500 if you are getting wooden plantation blinds. Aluminium quality is the main factor in outdoor blinds cost.

    How to Hire a Blind Installer

    To hire a blinds installer, you should find a variety of businesses who can do the job, and then you should make sure they have excellent references and proper insurance.


    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    1. Get three or more bids for installation
    2. Price several different types of blinds before settling on your favourite Find out if the price drops to do more windows. There may be a cost-saving to doing a more substantial job rather than a small one. This way, you can put more of your money toward utility and design.


    Licencing and Qualifications

    Blind installers aren’t required to have a license in any Australian state. Nevertheless, you should check to make sure the business is bonded and insured. To be sure they understand their job, you should try to locate an installer who is a member of the Window Coverings Association of Australia.


    How to Save Money Hiring a Blind Installer

    The best way to save on blinds installation cost is to have several quotes. You’ll also want to price a variety of materials to determine which type of blinds is best for your money. You should be aware that some installers limit themselves to specific brands, which can limit your options.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Roman's Blind Installation Cost

    Location PinSydney CBD, NSW
    Job type

    Blind installation

    Type of blinds

    Black roller blinds


    8 roller blinds in total

    $1190inc. gst

    Quoted by Ozy Blinds N Screens

    Jan's Blinds Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Job type

    Blinds repair and clean


    Chain broken on roller blinds

    Number of blinds


    $150inc. gst

    Quoted by Imperial Window Furnishings

    Steven's Blind Installation Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Job type

    Installation of light blockout blinds

    Number of blinds


    When installation is needed

    As soon as possible

    $500inc. gst

    Quoted by Curtains4u

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