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How much does a Glass cost?

$40 - $200 per m2

    How Much Does Glass Cost?

    An average of $320 per square metre will figure into your safety glass price. However, you can expect regular gloat glass price to be $38 per square metre. Double-glazed glass, which offers the best insulation, is about $200 per square metre. 

    Costs in Australia

    A typical house call will be $50 to $80. This will cover glass repair, but it won’t include the materials. If your glass has been broken due to a storm or a break-in, you may find yourself calling for a glazier after hours. Then you can expect the price per hour to be in the neighbourhood of $100 or $150

    What is a Glazier?

    As you can imagine, in the days before prefabricated windows and other factory products, a glazier had the highly skilled job of cutting and fitting glass into a frame. Now a glazier may cut glass or acrylic. They may work inside, creating partitions, glass walls, or open office plans. They still work outside, installing windows or window glass. They may also treat existing glass for sun protection or acoustic purposes. You may need to hire a glazier to:

    • remove and replace the glass in windows, doors, sliding glass doors or skylights
    • install prefabricated windows or doors
    • replace glass with an acrylic or similar translucent materials
    • install inside glass partitions
    • build outside balustrades or fences
    • replace inlaid glass in furniture
    • install or replace shower glass panels
    • install glass or mirror splashbacks
    • double-glaze existing windows
    Light blue splashback in a kitchen.

    Light blue splashback in a kitchen. | Source: Complete Glass Innovations

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Glass

    Type of glass

    Glass comes in more varieties than most people realise. The price of glass panels hinge on how sophisticated it is: double-glazed (two panes), laminated, low emissions, or tempered. Sheet or float glass is the least expensive, but it does not help insulate the house.

    Size of glass

    Sliding glass door prices will be more than simple windows. The sheer size makes the cost of glass higher. Large windows may require a particular order to get the glass needed.

    Shape of glass

    Oddly shaped windows will require a special order or a glazier with the skill to cut the glass. This will increase the price when compared to a rectangular window.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Glass and Glazing

    Sheet glass: This traditional glass is one of the least expensive, but it has a slight green tinge which makes many people choose something else. 

    Float glass: At $38 per m2, this conventional glass is inexpensive compared to treated glass. Colourless and transparent, it is also stronger and more temperature resistant than sheet glass. 

    Laminated glass: By adding a flexible acrylic layer between two sheets of glass, a window manufacturer creates a safer glass. It can cost as much as $320 per m2.

    Toughened glass: For kitchen splashbacks and other applications that require heat resistance, toughened glass is also known as tempered glass. A typical splashback lists at $149 for 700mm x 745mm x 6mm precut or $299 with textured glass. However, a custom cut may run $350 per m2.

    Double glazing: The average cost is about $200 per m2. This is the best glass to reduce heat loss in the winter and air conditioning loss in the summer. It also adds some noise insulation. If you have a glazier add an insulating pane rather than a new window, the cost can be as low as $3,500 to $5,000 for a whole house. 

    Low emission: Averaging about $220 per m2, your low e glass cost will be similar to double glazing. This unique glass filters out infrared radiation for your health and to keep things cooler.

    Glass Fencing: Glass pool fencing prices include the cost of hardware as well as glass expenses. A 1200 x 1100 x 12mm glass pool fence panelists at $96. Posts are priced starting at $82. Hardware starts around $75 for hinges. Although frameless fencing requires less equipment, the cost goes way up due to the size of each panel.

    Costs of where glass is used:

    Glass Use Average Costs
    Glass Splashback $150 – $350 per m2
    Glass Shower Screen (860mm x 900mm) $1,500
    Glass Doors (timber-framed) $165
    Glass Windows $150 – $700
    Glass Walls $300 per m2
    Glass Pool Fence (frameless) $600 – $1000 per linear metre
    Glass Pool Fence (semi-frameless) $200 – $275 per linear metre
    Glass shower and three mirrors.

    Bathroom renovation with. a glass shower and three mirrors. | Source: Cockburn Glass Pty Ltd

    How to Hire a Glazier

    After creating an accurate estimate based on quotes, you will want to decide which glazier is right for your job. You should make sure the glazier has the proper state licenses and can offer references that are relevant to the work you want done.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Determine what type of glass your project requires
    • Research the cost of materials
    • Compare approaches (full replacement vs. treatment)
    • Get three quotes from different contractors
    • Compare hourly estimates to discover how much time and skill will be needed to complete the job

    Glass Standards:

    When shopping for glass, you will want to look at the Australian Safety Standards. AS1288 and AS2208 windows and doors are certified as safety glass.

    Licensing & Qualifications:

    Regardless of where you live, it is important to ask for all relevant licensing and accreditation as well as references. For large jobs, you may want to demand more proof of skill before agreeing to any contract.

    New South Wales:

    Your glazier is required to have a business license and a glazing license from NSW Fair Trading. A licensed builder should supervise any work that is part of a more extensive $5,000-plus renovation or new build.


    The Victorian Building Authority does not require licenses. Instead, seek out members of the Glass and Glazing Association of Australia (GGAA).


    The Queensland Building and Construction Commission requires a scope of work license. Glaziers will be licensed for glass, glazing and aluminium. 

    South Australia:

    Since no specific license is required, preferred glaziers are members of the GGAA or have accreditation from the South Australian Glass Merchants Association. You may also prefer someone with a restricted building license that is explicitly applicable to windows and doors. 

    Western Australia:

    Except when jobs are over $20,000, glaziers only have to be fully insured and have a business license. You can look for a member of the GGAA or the Glass and Window Association of Western Austalia.


    Since no license is required, it is advisable to find someone with accreditation from the Tasmanian Glass and Aluminium Association.

    Australian Capital Territory:

    You should expect your contractor to provide you with a Construction Induction Card and a valid business license. A licensed building contractor should supervise work. 

    Northern Territory:

    You should look for glaziers who belong to the Australian Glass and Glazing Association. In some counties, a Home Improvement license may be required for jobs costing more than $2,000.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Glazier

    Before you choose a glazier, you should price different styles and decide exactly what material you want for your glass-related product. Then you should select a glazier based on their ability to handle the exact project. For instance, if you want sophisticated glass walls for an office, you may want a higher level of capability than if you are replacing a window or two.

    If you are considering double pane windows, you may want to investigate how much it would be to have a glazier add an extra insulation pane to your existing windows.

    For best insulation results, consider low e glass where the sun hits hardest and double-glazing on windows that aren’t subjected to the harshest rays.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Elanor's Glazier Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Job type

    Window replacement

    Window type

    Double hung window

    Other notes

    One pane of glass is broken and requires replacement

    $175inc. gst

    Quoted by Gms Facades

    Sheralee's Glazier Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Door window replacement

    Door measurements

    107 cm x 206 cm Clear Glass Aluminum Frame

    When needed


    $350inc. gst

    Quoted by Michael's Magic Glass

    Gaurang's Glazier Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job type

    Window replacement

    Job description

    Glass panel to be replaced in window

    Panel size

    Approximately 490mm x 760mm

    $170inc. gst

    Quoted by Swift Glass & Glazing

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