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How much does a window repair cost?

$50 - $150 per hour

    How much does a window repair cost?

    There are many reasons you may want your windows repaired. A pane can break, or wood can rot and mould. Windows may stick, or moving parts may break inside the casing. If the mechanism is too old, replacing the entire frame may be your only option. Repairs in windows can cost from $50 to $60 per hour.


    Costs in Australia

    Window replacement costs excluding the necessary materials are influenced by the labour costs around the country. Here are some examples of average labour cost per state. 

    State Average window replacement labour costs per hour
    New South Wales $60
    Victoria $55
    Queensland $50
    South Australia $50

    How much does a window replacement cost?

    Your home glass replacement cost will range from $50 for a simple fix to $1,000 for a complicated repair on a large or complex window. Emergency glass replacement will raise labour costs. For repairs outside of business hours, a glazier may ask for as much as $150 an hour.

    Factors impacting the cost of window replacement and repairs

    Labour costs will go up with the complexity of the repair. A wooden frame will require a carpenter while other repairs may only need a glazier. A simple glass replacement will be more expensive if you decide to upgrade to a double-glazed window.

    Type of window – A broken window repair cost will be the most affordable for single-pane windows. A double-pane window will be more expensive due to two panes of glass and moving parts. Prices rise again with three-pane bay windows, multi-pane bow windows, or multi-pane louvres.

    Material – Glazed windows are more expensive than plain glass. With double glazing, two panes are separated by air providing insulation which can keep out intense heat. This insulation can quiet exterior noises, making it a must-have for busy urban areas. Low emissions glass or glass tinting are good ways to keep heat out, too. While these treatments cost more, they can reduce furniture fading and human exposure to harmful rays.

    Size – The cost of replacing windows and frames rises with complexity. Irregular shapes and large sizes increase costs. A sliding glass door will be extraordinarily expensive.

    Frame style – The window frame replacement cost depends on the material. Wooden frames tend to be the most expensive to repair. On the other hand, you aren’t likely to repair vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium or composite. You’ll be more likely to replace the glass.


    Price estimates for different types of window replacements

    Type of Window

    The type of window will be the initial factor that changes the cost of your window repair or replacement. The cost varies due to the size and shape of your existing window.

    Type of Window Average Reported Replacement Costs
    Single-hung windows $50 – $100
    Double-hung windows $350 – $400
    Fixed pane windows $50 – $100
    Bay windows $500- $1,000
    Bi-fold windows $1,250 (per square metre)


    The Material of Window Frames

    The cost of your window replacement or repair is also influenced by the material of your window frames. Keep in mind that these reported prices vary with the different number of windows.

    Type of Window Frame Average Reported Replacement Costs
    Vinyl $350 – $750
    Wood $800 – $2,000
    Fibreglass $600 – $900
    Aluminium $150 – $400
    Composite $250 – $1,100


    Type of glass

    Just as the window type and frame influence replacement costs, so too does the type of glass you are wishing to change your window with. The size of your glass will significantly influence the price.

    Type of glass Average reported costs per square metre
    Low emission or low e glass $220
    Double glazed glass $200


    If you’re looking for more detail and benefits on the different window types, frames and glass, read more about them here on in our window installation cost guide.

    How to hire a glazier or carpenter

    Creating an accurate estimate 

    • Determine whether you need an entire replacement or just a repair
    • Decide what window type, frame and glass you wish to have your windows replaced with
    • Get three or more online quotes to establish pricing.


    Licencing and qualifications

    Glaziers can install glass or acrylic windows and doors. Licencing throughout the country varies by state. You may want to ask if your glazier is a member of a state glazing association. If you’re looking to install wooden windows, you may need to hire a carpenter who is required to be licenced when working with windows. You can read more about the different licence requirements across the country here.


    How to save when hiring

    • Choosing high-value windows can be an excellent investment in the long term.
    • Don’t feel you have to replace a window if it can be repaired.
    • On the other hand, make sure to price a replacement window. If repair is costly, research the cost of a whole new window. You may get more for your money.
    • Remember that home values can be affected by the windows you choose.
    • Consider the benefits of double-pane or tinted windows. You may reduce your long term energy costs by keeping out the heat.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources



    How to install a replacement window?

    Downward Chevron
    Replacement windows are usually installed from the outside of the house but can vary based on the location on the window. A replacement window should not take longer than 30 minutes to install.

    Real Oneflare customer quotes

    Chris's window job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Job type

    Window replacement

    Type of window

    Fixed glass window panel

    Size of window

    Approximately 1.2m x 2m

    $500inc. gst

    Quoted by Cockburn Glass Pty Ltd

    Jan's glazier job

    Location PinNorth East Melbourne, VIC

    Glass from sliding door has shattered

    Job type

    Glass replacement

    Type of glass

    Toughened glass

    $470inc. gst

    Quoted by Jsa Glass

    Gaurang's window job

    Location PinSouth East Perth, WA
    Job type

    Window replacement

    Type of replacement

    Glass panel

    Size of panel

    Approximately 500mm x 750mm

    $170inc. gst

    Quoted by Swift Glass & Glazing

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