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How Much Does Linoleum Flooring Cost?

$30 - $60 per m2

    How Much Does Linoleum Flooring Cost?

    Lino flooring prices are an average of $30 per square metre or $60 per square metre installed. The main factors that determine linoleum flooring prices are the size of the space and the quality of the linoleum that is purchased. The cost of the company’s services will also determine the final price of the project.

    Costs in Australia

    City Average Cost (per m2)
    Sydney $30 – $50
    Melbourne $40 – $60
    Brisbane $40 – $60
    Canberra $30 – $45
    Perth $30 – $60
    Hobart $45 – $65
    Adelaide $45 – $65

    What is Linoleum?

    Linoleum is made of solidified linseed oil, pine resin, wood flour, ground cork dust, and various mineral fillers. Linoleum floors have a cushioning effect and are known to bounce back when pressure is applied while walking on the material. It has an average lifespan of 20 to 40 years, which is influenced by how much use it gets and if it’s maintained well over time.

    Benefits of a Linoleum Floor

    Durable – Linoleum floors are made to be waterproof. They don’t develop scratches or dings because of the thickness of the material. The material also doesn’t fade in the sunlight because of its protective coating, which can allow it to continue looking new for many years to come.

    Environmentally friendly – Linoleum flooring is made with eco-friendly and renewable materials, which allows it to be biodegradable. It also doesn’t emit harmful VOCs.

    Biodegradable The materials used to manufacture linoleum floors are biodegradable, which prevents them from contributing to the waste in landfills.

    Low-maintenance – The hardwearing design of linoleum flooring allows it to hold up well to frequent use without need a lot of care or maintenance. It has self-healing properties and doesn’t scratch or dent with daily use or in high traffic areas.

    Water-resistant – The protective coating added to linoleum floors prevents it from becoming damaged when it has contact with water. This makes it easier to clean each week. The water-resistant design makes it ideal for installing in bathrooms where flooding could occur in the future.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Linoleum Flooring

    Type (sheet, rolls) – The type of linoleum flooring installed is one of the main factors that determine the cost. The different grades available indicates how much abuse it can withstand. Grade 1 is ideal for regular use. Grade 2 is suitable for medium traffic areas. Grade 3 can be installed in low-traffic rooms that aren’t used often as other areas in the building.

    Location – The area where the flooring material is installed is also factored into the cost. If the location is on a second or third floor, it can be more difficult and time-extensive to transport the materials and install the flooring.

    Materials – The materials used in the linoleum flooring determine the cost of lino flooring, depending on their durability and quality. The type of materials used also influences how long the floors will last before they need to be replaced, as well as how well they hold up to frequent use.

    Labour – The type of company, used or the contractor that is hired to install the linoleum flooring affects the cost of labour. Professionals with more experience in the industry will likely charge more because of their expertise and knowledge. Some companies may also charge more if they have more people on their team, which can allow the floor to be installed quicker and more efficiently.

    The size of the project – The size of the project is one of the top factors affecting the linoleum flooring price. It takes into account the number of materials that must be used, as well as the number of hours it’ll take to complete the project. Installing linoleum flooring in a guest bathroom will cost significantly less than installing the material in the kitchen. The square footage of the space where the flooring needs to be installed is calculated in advance.

    The complexity of the project – If installing the linoleum flooring is going to be a complicated process. It will cost more to execute, especially if older flooring is already present and needs to be ripped out. Some older flooring materials are also more difficult to remove than others, which will lead to a higher lino flooring cost.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Linoleum Flooring

    Type Price Estimates
    Sheet The sheet linoleum flooring cost for a home or office is an average of $8 to $15 per square metre. The price fluctuates depending on where it was purchased and the quality of the material.
    Roll Linoleum flooring rolls price is $3 to $8 per square metre, which can make it most cost-effective for larger projects compared to buying it by the sheet.
    Floating/Plank Vinyl floating linoleum floors can be installed over existing flooring materials and have a price range of $5 to $15. The quality of each plan can make the price fluctuate.

    Linoleum vs Vinyl

    What is the difference?

    Linoleum flooring differs from vinyl because it’s all-natural, and vinyl is synthetic. Vinyl flooring is known to be flexible because it’s made with phthalate plasticizers for more flexibility. Linoleum can hold up better with daily use without suffering from as much damage.


    What is the difference in price?

    Linoleum flooring has a price tag of $30 to $60 per square metre, whereas vinyl flooring costs $25 to $50 per square metre. Linoleum costs more because it’s made of natural materials, and vinyl flooring is made of synthetic products.

    How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Linoleum Floor?

    Replacing a linoleum floor costs approximately $750 to $2,500. This depends on the size of the floor, and the company or contractor hired to perform the labour. The type of linoleum flooring installed can also affect the cost. The quality of the material and lifespan of the product must be factored in.

    How to Hire a Linoleum Flooring Expert

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Determine the square footage of the space where the linoleum flooring material needs to be installed.
    • Consider the existing flooring material to determine the cost to lay linoleum.
    • Obtain at least three quotes from multiple companies or contractors to find the best price point for the job.


    Licencing and Qualifications

    • Request to see the professional’s license before signing a contract.
    • Ask about their experience in the industry and how many years they’ve been in business.
    • Request at least three referrals to speak directly with former customers and learn about their experience.
    • Contact the state to verify the professional’s license.
    • Read online reviews to get an idea of the professional’s reputation in the local area.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Linoleum Flooring Expert

    1. Shop During the Off-Season Consider using the services during the colder months of the year when business is slower for most companies. You can request a lower rate or even obtain deals that may be available because the company will be more desperate for business.
    2. Install Flooring in Smaller Rooms A useful way of saving the most money when hiring a professional is to install less flooring to reduce the price of linoleum flooring. Consider only replacing the flooring in some of the smaller rooms of the home.
    3. Choose a Cheaper Flooring Material Consider choosing a cheaper grade of linoleum flooring to spend less on the project for a lower lino cost per square metre. Most linoleum can hold up well to frequent use while maintaining its quality and appearance. This can allow you to have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the material selected without having to invest as much money.
    4. Do Some of the Work Yourself You can rip the old flooring material out yourself if you want to save money when hiring a flooring expert with the lino installation costs. The project is hard to mess up and can reduce the cost of the services when using a professional with the cost to replace linoleum floor.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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