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How much do Pool Tiles cost?

$50 - $95 per m2

    How Much Do Pool Tiles Cost?

    Pool tiles can range between $15 per square meter for low-end options up to $95 for the same size in luxury tiles. The cost of the tile is only one consideration when looking to purchase an upgrade or new pool materials. Labour costs, the difficulty of installation, design intricacy, extras, and must-haves like a fence enclosure or deck can rack up the total cost.


    Ceramic Tile Costs in Australia

    Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular options for pools across Australia. The cost per square metre also depends on the size of your pool and the complexity of the design. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay in your state:

    State Average Ceramic Pool Tile Costs
    New South Wales $90 per square metre
    Victoria $35 – $70 per square metre
    Queensland $45 per square metre
    Western Australia $60 per square metre

    Factors Impacting Pool Tiling Costs

    When your backyard needs a makeover, remember to show your swimming pool a little love, and it will return the favour. With an increase in curb appeal, your home value will go on the rise. The shape, colour, tile composition, application, extras, and other factors are essential to pool tile prices. Whether it is a new or retrofit application makes a difference in the overall price. Pebblecrete pool cost is another option to consider falling in the lower end of the price range.

    Some pool contractors offer a discount on pool tile costs at the end of the season. Others may offer the best deals at the beginning of the spring season. Knowing when to catch the best deals can save homeowners thousands of dollars on installation or material costs. 

    Material – The composition is an important factor when considering which tile choice will help turn your backyard into an oasis. One affordable tile is porcelain. The material is inexpensive and abundant. Ceramic is more durable than porcelain and comes in pool mosaic tiles design. A mesh backing makes the smaller tiles go up quicker. Glass tiles are often the most expensive option along with natural stone like quartz. Both materials are sturdy and last for decades instead of years. Luxury glass tiles affect swimming pool prices because these materials can reach well over $100 per square metre.

    Colour – Remember, when choosing your tiles, the colour will end up being a shade or two darker or deeper than the actual tile. Tiles can be translucent, iridescent, pearl, marble, and solid depending on your preferences. Most people opt for a natural shade of blue or green while there are more exotic choices like black, grey, and purple to consider.

    Size – The cost to tile a pool largely depends on the size of your fun zone. The thickness of the tile factors into the overall price. The most common sizing of pool tiles is approximately 20mm to 60mm. Each option has a price range where buyers can select low, mid, or top-grade pieces. All of these items affect the total price of the tiles.

    Two tilers laying blue tiles for a pool.

    Two tilers laying blue tiles for a pool. | Source: Brilliant Tiling & Bathroom Renovation Pty Ltd

    Design – A stunning design at the bottom of a backyard pool can create the perfect backdrop for long days of summer fun. Pool designers use several techniques to develop a theme. A mix of tiles like one size along with the stair treads and a larger tile on the pool walls designates entry and exit points while providing contrast and interest. Playing with grout colours is a fun way to add a modern touch.

    Season or time of year – Contractors charge more to work in the colder months, so it might be best to schedule long tiling jobs at the beginning of the season. Equipment breaks down more often in colder weather. Some adhesives will not work below a particular temperature, or they take a longer time to cure.

    Shape – Using a standard size tile will cut down costs because these options are more readily available. Odd angles are more difficult to cut. The more curves and cuts it takes to get the correct shape and size tile, the more it will cost.

    Additional upgrades – Decks, diving boards, and pool filtration units are additional costs one must consider when investing in pool upgrades and maintenance. You can get everything you need at the same time to save on contractor fees. 

    Safety items – Every swimming pool in Australia must have a safety fence. The law requires them in all states. This enclosure keeps children and pets from getting into the pool and falling in accidentally.

    Which Should Pool Tile You Choose?

    For affordability and short-term goals, porcelain is a beautiful and inexpensive choice. Ceramic is a mid-range option with standard tile sizes and designs being on the lower end while custom or mosaic tiles are the most expensive choices. Luxury options include the natural and glass tiles. For longevity, the luxury tiles are the longest-lasting and most value-adding options.

    Cost of Different Pool Tiles

    Type of Pool Tile Average Reported Costs Per Square Metre
    Ceramic pool tiles $15 – $90 per square metre
    Glass pool tiles $70+ per square metre
    Natural stone pool tiles $70+ per square metre
    Mosaic pool tiles $35 – $80 per square metre
    Porcelain pool tiles $15 per square metre
    Repairs, retile and resurfacing $10,000 – $20,000+

    How to Hire a Pool Tiler

    Tips on How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Tip #1 – Have an onsite inspection for the most accurate quote

    Tip #2 – Get itemised and written quotes that list material and service prices separately

    Tip #3 – Ensure the quote has any additional services included


    Licencing and Qualifications

    The most important things to look out for is if your tiler has experience in pool tiling and has a business licence and insurance. The licence requirements vary across each state. Check out our tiling cost guide for more information on hiring a tiler across Australia.


    How to Save Money Hiring a Pool Tiler

    Choose a reputable installer to save from future adjustments and repairs. Get everything for the pool at the same time, for example, any decking, tiling or coping. Having your materials ready for other projects will save you on labour costs. 


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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