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How much does a Roof Restoration cost?

$1,000 - $4,000

    How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost?

    Roof restoration costs vary drastically depending on the problems you experience with your roof. To restore a roof, including repairs, maintenance, and cleaning, you may expect to pay $2,500 on a three-bedroom home. Slate tile roof repairs may run you $4,500 or more.

    How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Roof?

    If you only need repairs and not a whole new roof, you can expect to pay between $200 to $500. Roof tile replacement cost goes up with higher-priced materials that require experienced craftsmanship, such as clay or slate tiles. The cost to replace fascia or fix the flashing may also drive up your bill.

    How Much is a Roof Inspection?

    An initial in-person inspection of your roof is essential to understand how severe the damage may be to your roof. The cost of the roof inspection is usually part of the price of a repair. If the problem is small, a spot repair may happen at the same time as the inspection, costing you $200 for both. If you’re looking to purchase a home, roof inspections are necessary to understand the condition of your potential new home. Hiring a roof inspector ranges depending on the purpose of the review and is approximately $150 to $300.

    How Much to Replace Roof Shingles?

    For mainly decorative purposes, roof shingles overlap on the edges of your existing roof, with many choices for the material. Single prices per bundle can vary greatly depending on the material you choose. Asphalt shingles cost about $30 to $50 per square metre, while clay may be as much as $200 to $270. Slate roof shingles are another option, costing about $200 to $540 per bundle.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Roof Repairs and Replacement

    Your roof repair cost affected by the complexity of the issue. Say you have a roof leak, your roof restorer will need to take into account the type of roof and amount of holes.

    Type of roofIt’s easy to see that a more expensive roof will be more costly to fix. This is due to the artistry and craftsmanship required for high-priced, often natural materials, for example, clay tiles are harder to work with compared to Colorbond shingles.

    Height, slope and steepness of the roof: A single-storey home with is less expensive than a multi-level roof with taller or steeply angled portions. The higher the roofer is from the groud, the bigger the risk, which is why the pricing will always cost more for a steeper and taller roof.

    The severity of the damage: While one leak may be easier to pinpoint, multiple holes may mean numerous repairs. Each type of repair will add layers to the overall cost.

    Accessibility to the roof: If the roof isn’t easily accessed, this will affect the number of labour hours and the amount of equipment needed.

    Moving out or temporary home: One of the costs you may not have considered is whether it is dangerous for you to live in your home during repairs. Be sure to ask your builder if your safety will be compromised and plan for any temporary moves.

    Transformation of a roof being restored.

    Transformation of a roof being restored. | Source: Westcoat Perths Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists

    Replacement/Renovation: A newer roof may benefit from renovations, while your roofer may recommend a replacement on an older house. You don’t want to waste money on leaking roof repair cost only to realise six months later than a whole new roof is necessary.

    Structural work: If your roof’s underpinnings or structure has damage, you will need an experienced roof contractor.  They will assess the severity of the issue and begin preparations to repair your roof. Damage to your roof framework will require urgent repairs.

    Roof materials: Materials come in a wide range of prices, and this will affect your costs. While Colorbond shingles may cost $50 per square metre, slate tiles can run up to $280 per square metre. Repairs are likely to reflect this difference in material cost and craftsmanship.

    Existing roof: If asbestos is in the existing roof, you cannot have it repaired. Asbestos removal costs from $3,500 to $5,000 and will need to take place before you pay for a new roof.

    Removal and disposal of existing material: When looking for a roof restoration quote, be sure to ask if the roofer will haul away any debris.

    Gutter or downpipe installations: Often leaks are caused by inadequate guttering. New gutters can be an option to stop future leaks. If you’re considering gutter installation and a roof renovation, it’s a good idea to ask whether your roofer can give you a combined deal. 


    Different Types of Roofing Repairs and Replacements

    All cost estimates below are the low end of the spectrum. Make sure to get several online quotes to find the best price for your home.

    Replacements: The cost to reroof a house will be around $11,000 to $12,000 for a new roof using the most affordable products on a modest home. Colorbond roof costs may be as little as $5,400 for the medium-priced power-coated materials. Prices will climb with large houses and with pricier products. One estimate shows that a new roof cost for high-end roofs can be between $30,000 and $60,000.

    Roof restoration: Replacing slate roof tiles cost less than a whole new roof. You may want to figure in ridges and gables, which cost $45 per hour or more. You’ll want to get a precise quote based on a realistic timeline to avoid unforeseen costs.

    Cleaning: Cleaners charge per hour, and they offer specialised services. They may use pressure cleaning or another method to remove mould or fungus or to clean dirty tile. Thus your roof tile cleaning cost is directly tied to labour costs, which average $40 per hour. One Oneflare customer has been quoted $500 for the cleaning of their roof.

    Repairs: A small roof leak repair cost $200 while multiple leaks or difficult leaks will cost at least $500. If there are too many leaks, then it may be worth getting a new roof.

    Renovation: Painting, cleaning and minor repairs can transform the look of your home. Tile roofs may require ridge capping, priced at around $2,000 for a whole house. If you have a terracotta roof, you may need capping and repointing, costing around $1,500. Renovation prices depend on how drastically you wish to change your current roof.

    Roof Painting: The type of roof affects the roof painting cost. The average price of a roof painting job will range from $2000 to $7000, depending on how small or large the house is.

    Roof Repointing: The repointing process can repair damaged tiles, but it also creates a stronger bond between the tiles and the roof. Roof repointing cost is around $2000 to $3000 for the average size house. 

    Roof Sealing: Roof sealing cost averages from $500 to $2000 for the average home. 

    Does the Cost Differ Based on Location?

    Labour costs in Australia run from $45 to $100 per hour. You can see how it changes within the country by looking at these rates:

    State/Territory Average Labour Costs
    Victoria $50 per hour
    Western Australia $50 per hour
    Queensland $52 per hour
    New South Wales $55 per hour

    Despite roof restorations varying dramatically on the project, here are some quotes Oneflare customers have received for their roof restorations:

    State/Territory Average Reported Costs
    Victoria $200 – $4,000
    Western Australia $2,200 – $2,500
    Queensland $4,400
    New South Wales $450
    Roof being cleaned by a high pressure cleaner.

    The roof being cleaned by a high-pressure cleaner. | Source: C & N Roofing Pty Ltd and maintenance

    Tips on How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Tip #1: If you want to create a fair estimate, you’ll want to start with online quotes. Be prepared with as much information as possible. Your roofing materials and the size of the roof are must-have information.

    Tip #2: You may want to discuss the number of leaks and the age of the roof. For the most accurate roof restoration online quotes, you’ll also want to point out any access problems, the roof’s height, the number of storeys, and any features, such as chimneys and skylights.

    How to Hire a Roof Specialist

    While many people can patch a roof, you should be careful about hiring a general handyman to do it. It requires expertise to do this work, and a generalist may not have the skills needed. Make sure your specialist has a license for roofing. 

    Ask about special certificates regarding the type of product used on your roof. Find out about work guarantees and warranties. You want to make sure the repair completed adequately. If you are having your entire roof done, make sure to ask for references.

    Tips on How to Save Money When Hiring a Roof Specialist

    Tip #1 – Act quickly: If you can see a problem or you have an actual leak, you don’t want to wait. Every day you wait is a day that the problem can get much worse. Deterioration tends to lead to more deterioration until it snowballs into a need for a whole new roof.

    Tip #2 – Shop around: Get different online quotes and assessments. Then you can be sure you are getting a fair price.

    Tip #3 – Restoration: When you know something’s leaking, you don’t have long. A leak can lead to a problem with electrical wiring, significantly increasing your costs.

    Tip #4 – Restoration vs Replacement: You want to weigh the costs and benefits of repair versus replacement. Some roofs can be simply be painted, while higher-end roofs may cost less for restoration than a replacement. Also, inexpensive materials are more likely to deteriorate. Some experts say that if more than 25% of your roof needs to be replaced, then the entire thing should be redone. If the damage is all in one area, however, you could do a partial replacement.

    Tip #5: Replacement

    Considering the expense of a new roof, you should know all of your options. It helps to track the age of your roof and to know the deterioration rates of your roofing materials. 


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources



    Can rotted roof eaves be repaired?

    Downward Chevron
    Yes, rotted roof eaves can be repaired. However, consider the extent of the damage. In cases where a small portion of the eave is rotten, simply replace the affected area with new wood. However, if the rot is extensive, the entire eave might need to be replaced. A roofing professional can assess the damage and recommend the best course of action to repair and prevent further rot.

    How do you fix a dead valley on a roof?

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    Fixing a dead valley on a roof typically involves repairing any damage or wear in the area and installing a new roofing system to improve drainage. The first step is to remove damaged or loose materials and repair leaks or breaks in the underlying roofing structure. Once the surface is clean and dry, install a waterproof membrane or flashing to help divert water away from the valley. Finally, consider adding valley boards or other roofing materials to provide extra resistance to water damage.

    How do you fix a sagging roof beam?

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    Fixing a sagging roof beam involves providing additional support to lift it back into its proper position. One common technique is to install supplementary joists or piers beneath the strutting beams to distribute the load across a larger area. It’s important to work with a professional carpenter or engineer to ensure that the structure is installed safely and effectively.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Terry's Roofing Job

    Location PinSouth East Melbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Roof restoration

    Type of building

    Single-storey home

    Size of roof

    100m² - 200m²

    $2500inc. gst

    Quoted by Bulletroofing

    Kate's Roofing Job

    Location PinWest Melbourne, VIC
    Job type

    Roof painting

    Painting service

    Respray roof


    Midnight black

    $2500inc. gst

    Quoted by Weathertuff Roof Restorations

    Akhila's Roofing Job

    Location PinNorth West, Melbourne
    Job type

    Roof cleaning

    Gutters need cleaning?


    Other services

    Cleaning glass windows

    $500inc. gst

    Quoted by Roof Youth

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