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How much does a Skip Bin cost to hire?

$50 - $95 per m3

    How Much Does a Skip Bin Cost to Hire?

    The national average for skip bin hire prices in Australia can cost between $100 to $2,000, depending on how long you need it and the size of the skip bin.


    Skip Bin Hire Cost Across Australia

    Whether you’re looking for skip bin prices Sydney by the day or skip bin sizes Perth by the cubic metre, you can use the average cost list below to see what a skip bin of different sizes may cost in your area.

    City Average Skip Bin Costs (2m³)
    Sydney $220
    Melbourne $170
    Brisbane $150
    Perth $180
    Darwin $100

    Factors Impacting Skip Bin Hiring Costs

    Size of Bin

    Several factors can impact the cost of hiring a skip bin. For example, there’s a difference in price from a two cubic metre skip bin, and four cubic metres skip bin to a six cubic metre skip bin. The bigger the skip bin, the more it will cost you. When looking for skip bins, often they’re referred to as mini skip bins (2 to 4m³), skip bins (5 to 8m³) or large skip bins (9m³+). For the best mini skip prices, a 2m³ to 4m³ skip bin generally will get the job done, and they fit most Aussie’s budget.

    Size of Project

    The size of your project will also impact bin sizes and prices. If you have a small project, then you don’t want a larger skip bin. If you have a large project, depending on the location of the project, you may need to get a skip bin that fits within your working space and pay for extra trips when you reach the full mark on the skip bin.

    Other factors that can impact skip bin prices include:

    • Type of waste
    • General waste
    • Green waste and lumber
    • Heavy waste
    • Recyclable heavy waste
    • Miscellaneous waste

    Weight of Debris

    The weight of the waste can affect and change the total price as well. Most skip hires have a maximum load limit of three tonnes, which is the safe lifting limit. If you have a lot of solid fill such as concrete, pavers, bricks or dirt, you will need a skip bin to accommodate solid fill materials.

    Type of Debris

    Additionally, you can mix the debris, but there are different rates for household rubbish, green waste, and solid fill. In most cases, it’s better for the environment and cheaper to separate your waste.


    4 skip bins of different sizes on grass

    Skip bins come in a variety of sizes / Source: P&S Dumpers Skip Bins

    Price Estimates for Different Sizes of Skip Bin

    To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for different skip bin sizes, take a look below for average costs to hire a skip bin for 5 days.


    Size of Skip Bin Cost of Hire (5 Days)
    2m³ $150
    3m³ $180
    4m³ $220
    5m³ $250
    6m³ $300
    7m³ $350
    8m³ $400
    9m³ $450
    10m³ $520
    11m³ $550
    12m³ $600

    For large skip bins such as 20m³ and 30m³, you can expect to pay $1,000 or more, depending on size, weight, and debris.

    How to Hire a Skip Bin Installer

    There are numerous ways to hire a skip bin installer. One of the best ways is to research bin installers in your local area online and check out their reviews. It’s important to make sure the business has insurance and is licenced to operate as a skip bin provider.


    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    It’s essential to figure out how much waste you have to get rid of to create an accurate estimate. If it’s possible to visualize how many cubic metres you have, you should get a skip bin one size bigger. If you’re limited to space and need to pay for removal and replacement of a skip bin, you should check with the skip bin provider about their rates and ask questions about the type of materials and whether or not they charge more if you mix the debris.


    How to Save Money Hiring a Skip Bin Installer

    You can save money by shopping around for the best rates. Obtain as many quotes as possible from different service providers in your area. Separating your waste and getting the right skip bin for the type of materials you want to dispose of will also save you money.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Carole's Skip Bin Job

    Location PinGeelong, VIC
    Job type

    Rubbish removal

    Skip bin needed

    Yes and needed help loading bin

    Other job details

    Backyard cleaned as well

    $200inc. gst

    Quoted by Harry's Bins

    John's Skip Bin Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Job type

    Skip bin service

    Type of skip

    Walk-in skip

    Debris needed to be collected

    2 - 3m of dirt, blocks and pavers

    $200inc. gst

    Quoted by Daniel's Garden Maintenance

    Megan's Skip Bin Job

    Location PinWollongong, NSW
    Job type

    Rubbish removal

    Skip bin size

    3 metres

    Type of debris

    Bathroom renovation

    $375inc. gst

    Quoted by G C Bailey Constructions Pty Ltd

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