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Types of rubbish removal services

General rubbish collection

The need for a general rubbish collection service occurs when the rubbish consists of general waste products, and doesn't fall into any of the following categories:

Furniture and appliances removal

This is especially useful if you're moving house with the intention of buying new furniture and appliances or you've simply decided to upgrade. These items can be troublesome to dispose of and a rubbish removalist expert can help make it a smooth process.

Green waste removal

Green waste material belongs in the lime green lidded bin, and includes garden organics that are recycled into mulch, soil conditioners and composts. Small branches, leaves, grass clippings, plants, flowers and weeds are just some examples of the materials that can be disposed as green waste.

How to hire the right rubbish removalist

How they charge

If you're set on a certain budget for your rubbish removal job, it may be worthwhile to investigate how different businesses charge for their service. For example, some may charge by weight and others may charge in terms of how many skip bins the rubbish fills.


Hiring a business with the relevant insurance in place ensures peace of mind when getting the job done.

Council permits

If you have a mountain of rubbish to throw out, sometimes you may require a council permit on the street, which can add to the cost of the job.

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