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    Do you feel like you’re neck-deep in clutter every day? Do you want to clear your home of junk and make space for your future purchases? Or do you have a construction site requiring constant rubbish clearing? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, rubbish removal services may be the convenient solution to all your problems. Hiring rubbish removal services is a great way to remove unwanted items and material waste from any place - whether that is your home or a construction site. Luckily, there are many reputable rubbish removalists in Melbourne offering reliable and prompt service. Although you could always throw away unwanted junk yourself, it is much easier and cost-efficient to work with a rubbish removal service. Having professionals remove rubbish for you guarantees a safe and hygienic process. Removalists do all the heavy lifting while also saving you time and energy. From old furniture to heavy appliances to general waste, there is nothing a rubbish removalist can’t throw away for you. Rubbish removalists offer a variety of services at a reasonable price, such as same-day rubbish removal, construction debris cleaning, and garden waste clearing. Not only can they handle different types of removal, but they can also do so in record time. Working with a professional means you can ensure that they have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to get the job done right. Almost all rubbish removal services in Melbourne operate with a large truck, allowing them to complete your job in one single trip. What’s more, you can also trust Melbourne rubbish removal services to be environmentally responsible and completely transparent when it comes to removing and throwing away your household rubbish. This means you gain peace of mind, knowing that the garbage collected from your home or construction site will be donated or turned into green waste. If you’re thinking about hiring an efficient service near you to remove your rubbish, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for household waste removal services or construction rubbish removal services, there are removalists near you who can help. At Oneflare, you’ll find industry-leading removalists in Melbourne who are ready to provide you with reliable service at affordable rates. They will solve your rubbish problem while ensuring good communication and affordable pricing when working with you. Explore the range of cheap providers below and compare their junk removal services. You can assess each provider’s quality of service by visiting their business profile and reading up on their past customer reviews and ratings. You can also click “Get Quotes” to get a free quote from removalists you are interested in working with. This page also contains links to relevant articles that may help you use rubbish removal services and answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding rubbish removals. Throw away all your unwanted rubbish by working with a reputable and cost-efficient Melbourne removalist from Oneflare today.
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    Romil Villanueva's Avatar

    Romil Villanueva

    Review left for MKH AUS Group Pty Ltd

    Mike was easy to talk with. Timely came to the job and finished early and safely. Highly recommended

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    Review left for Hook Demolition

    very good job. show up on time. price is reasonable.

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    What do rubbish removal services in Melbourne include?

    Get the job done brilliantly with the right expert connection

    Most rubbish removalists will offer an all-inclusive service that accounts for the cost of labour, fuel for travel, insurance, and disposal fees. However, some may charge separately for these components.

    The cost of fuel is generally included. However, it is always worth confirming with a removalist directly so that you do not have to pay any additional fees you are not expecting to. Some providers may also make exceptions depending on your job and location, so it is worthwhile to ask if any particular circumstances may change the rate you need to pay.

    Most rubbish removalists in Melbourne complete the job quickly, safely, and easily with no additional fees. However, if you have a large volume of waste or are located in an inconvenient space, you may be charged extra labour, equipment, and travel fees.

    Some providers may also offer specialist services for commercial and construction sites. Large-scale waste removal, site clean-ups, and debris disposal are a few examples of the services offered by these specialised removalists.

    When hiring a cheap rubbish removal service in Melbourne, you should also ensure that your hires are fully insured with a reputation for delivering reliable and high-quality service at reasonable prices. You should also make sure that they have a communicative and friendly service team so that you can reliably contact them with inquiries and concerns should anything go wrong.

    You can evaluate the quality and professionalism of a rubbish removal service in Melbourne with Oneflare. You can use our platform to confirm service fees and read up on experiences from past customers (through reviews and ratings) to better gauge whether you want to work with a service or not. You can also contact removalists directly through their business profile and ask for a specific quote and general information on their services.

    Top Melbourne rubbish removal questions

    What is the cheapest way to remove rubbish in Melbourne?

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    People often assume that removing rubbish themselves is cheaper than hiring a professional rubbish removal service. However, this is not always the case. In fact, removing rubbish yourself may prove more expensive in the long run, as you will need to hire a truck and pay for fuel to travel to the nearest rubbish dump.

    When factoring in the time and energy saved, hiring a rubbish removal service is much more cost-effective than trying to do it all yourself. Getting professional help will guarantee that your waste is removed safely and that proper hygiene practices are put in place.

    Removalists with years of experience are sure to complete the job much quicker and easier than you while also offering advice on general waste management. The best providers are environmentally conscious and will work with a professional, uniformed team.

    It’s also worth remembering that waste removal services often include all kinds of rubbish removal, including furniture removal and electronic waste disposal. Hiring a reputable service ensures you get quality work done without the hassle of hiring separate providers for several different jobs.

    While working with commercial rubbish removalists may come with an upfront cost, the pay-off over the manual alternative makes it the most suitable service to hire when you need a large amount of waste removed.

    How much does it cost to dispose of rubbish?

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    The average cost of rubbish removal services in Melbourne is $50 to $130 per cubic metre. Some services also charge hourly, usually between $30 to $80 an hour. Rubbish sorting services are also available across Melbourne at an hourly rate, averaging $50 per hour.

    The cost of rubbish disposal services may vary depending on several factors, such as:

    • The type of rubbish being removed: Some types of rubbish such as concrete, bricks, and soil can be very heavy and may incur additional waste disposal fees.
    • The volume of rubbish being disposed of: The more cubic metres of rubbish you need to remove, the higher your total removal fee will be. The average waste removal service usually charges by the cubic metre (or bag). However, some companies provide a flat rate for their services, which saves customers time and money in the long run.
    • The amount of time you’d like your rubbish removed in: How quickly you want your rubbish removed will affect the service cost. Some rubbish removalists offer same-day disposal services and take urgent jobs at an additional fee. To ensure customer satisfaction, they also often include extra services such as deodorising and sanitising your premises before or after rubbish disposal.
    • Your location: Rubbish removal companies charge different prices depending on the area in which they are conducting their rubbish disposal. Generally speaking, commercial removalists in central locations of Melbourne will have higher fees than their suburbs-based counterparts, such as in North Melbourne.
    • The job’s complexity: Some jobs, such as large projects or those containing hazardous materials, will carry a higher removal fee. This is because it requires the removalist to have more experience and skill in disposing of a particular type of waste. In some cases, it may also mean the removalist has to possess a specific licence or qualification.

    How much does a dump run cost?

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    A dump run is usually between $50 to $180. Dump runs involve the removal of several cubic metres or bags of waste in one trip and are often included in the general waste removal service fee.

    If your items require storage until the job is completed (which will be advised at the time of booking), additional fees may apply depending on how long the items need to be stored.

    Please note that these prices are only indicative, as each company has its own pricing structure. As such, it is helpful to compare removalist services on a platform like Oneflare. On Oneflare, you can compare and evaluate hundreds of local removalists’ service quality and prices and assess them based on reviews left by real people and past customer ratings. In this way, you can make the best hiring decision according to your budget.

    It may also be best to directly ask for a quote from a removalist so that you can prepare ahead of time and know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing.

    What types of rubbish can I remove?

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    You may be wondering what types of rubbish you can and can’t remove. When it comes to the rubbish you can remove, you should always confirm with your specific removalist. They should provide you with an accurate assessment of what types of waste items can be removed.

    Generally speaking, most of your waste should not be larger than 130mm in size and not weigh more than 100kg. These limitations are usually due to safety concerns within the bin truck used for the job.

    What types of rubbish cannot be removed?

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    Certain items cannot be removed due to their hazardous or unsafe nature. This includes asbestos, chemicals, and other toxic materials, which might pose a threat to your health if they’re not properly handled.

    However, it is worth noting that asbestos may be disposed of by specialist removalists with the proper training and equipment. In fact, many companies that specialise in rubbish removal will know of all the items that are banned from being removed from your home or office. Always contact a removalist directly to check which items they can and can’t remove or read up on reviews left by past customers on Oneflare.

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