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    Get in touch with the best-reviewed and rated concreters in Melbourne with Oneflare. Collect quotes from cheap Melbourne concreters near you. Whether you're resurfacing your home's concrete driveway or need to build a new, sturdy and smooth ramp outside your business, the skills and experience of a professional concreter can help you out. The right concreter can ensure that your job is completed to the highest possible quality and within your budget. You can also rely on a professional to be on time and have the necessary tools and equipment to finish your job properly. While concreting may look straightforward from the outside, the work requires a high level of skill and expertise. Professional concreters are trained in the trade and have access to the right tools and equipment to get the job done right. Melbourne's booming construction and renovation industry means there's no shortage of talented and trusted concreters you can hire to help with your project. Available across all the major suburbs and locations in Melbourne, experienced concreters can help you with a range of jobs varying in complexity and nature. No matter your concreting needs, you can find the right Melbourne concreter near you with Oneflare. Whether you need to resurface the concrete around your home, would like to build a new footpath near your business, or want a concrete slab for a small greenhouse in your backyard, there's a local expert ready to help you. Below you'll find all the best-rated and cheapest concreters in Melbourne. Find out more about each vendor's services by viewing their business profile and clicking the "Get Quotes" button once you're ready to enquire about pricing estimates for your job. Enjoy quality concrete surfaces by using Oneflare to find an experienced and affordable Melbourne concreter near you.
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    Emma Salimeda's Avatar

    Emma Salimeda

    Review left for Pazzo Concreting

    I recommend Joshua to anyone out there that is looking for a concreter , I am a very happy customer.

    David Stringer's Avatar

    David Stringer

    Review left for Metro Concrete Works

    Did a great job on my smallish, $2,300, fiddly concrete garage door slab. Highly recommended.

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    Types of Melbourne concreting services

    Concrete is a versatile, strong and durable material used in a variety of construction and renovation projects. As Melbourne's construction industry continues to grow, concreters in the region are now offering many different types of services across all suburbs. Below is a quick explanation of the different types of concreting services in Melbourne:

    Concrete sealing

    Concrete sealing is an essential part of maintaining your concrete surfaces. It helps to protect the concrete from staining and deterioration. Sealing also enhances the colour and appearance of the concrete.

    The concrete sealing process involves applying a sealer to the surface of the concrete. The sealer penetrates the pores of the concrete, creating a barrier that repels water, dirt and other contaminants. Concrete sealing should be done every 1-2 years to maintain the quality of your surfaces.

    Spray-on concrete

    Spray-on concrete is a type of concrete that's sprayed from a hose. It's commonly used to repair cracked or damaged concrete, as well as to create new concrete surfaces.

    The spray-on concrete process starts with a professional mixing the concrete and additives in a truck. The mixture is then sprayed onto the surface using a hose. The concrete is then left to set and harden.

    Concrete polishing

    Polished concrete is a type of finish that results in a smooth, glossy surface. It's achieved by grinding the concrete with increasingly finer diamond abrasives until the desired level of shine is achieved.

    Polished concrete is a popular choice for those wanting a high-performance yet low-maintenance flooring option. While typically used in commercial settings like warehouses, this service is increasingly used in residential homes around Melbourne for its aesthetic appeal.

    Learn more using our concrete polishing cost guide.


    Concrete patios

    Concrete patios are a great way to create an outdoor entertaining area. A concrete patio can be stamped, coloured or textured to complement your home's exterior. It's also a durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and furniture.

    The process of installing a concrete patio is similar to that of installing a driveway. The main difference is the size and shape of the area being concreted. Most patios are completed in 1-2 days.

    Top Melbourne concreting questions

    How much does hiring a concreter in Melbourne cost?

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    Concreting jobs can vary considerably in scope and complexity, so the rates for hiring a professional service are also quite varied. In Victoria, the average reported cost of a concreting job is $35 per square metre. This price may change depending on the project's size, complexity and design.

    For example, exposed aggregate concreting jobs are more expensive than spray-on due to their higher skill level and use of costlier equipment. The material needed for the job will also affect the project price.

    In addition to these factors, the company's expertise, location and the time limit for the job may also contribute to the overall cost. Depending on your project, you may also need to consider the costs of permits and council approval.

    Learn more with our concreting cost guide.

    What tools and machinery do Melbourne concreters use?

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    Professional concreters will have access to various tools and pieces of equipment to help complete jobs efficiently. Concreters will use different tools depending on the scale of the job.

    For example, for smaller concreting jobs, professionals may only need to use wheelbarrows and a concrete mixer. In contrast, for larger jobs such as building a driveway, concreters will need to utilise skid steer loaders or excavators to move around heavy loads.

    Other commonly used tools include trowels, levels, screeds, float pans and brooms. Due to the cooler Melbourne climate, concreters will use the appropriate tools and equipment to accommodate longer concrete setting times. For example, they may use insulated blankets or heat lamps to speed up the curing process.

    How long do you have to wait before driving on freshly poured concrete?

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    The time you'll have to wait until driving or walking on newly poured concrete will depend on the weather conditions, the type of concrete used, and the number of layers of concrete laid.

    For example, if the weather is particularly hot, the concrete may be set relatively quickly and be ready for use in around 24 hours. However, if it's cold or raining, the setting process will take longer, and you may need to wait up to 3 days before driving or walking on the freshly poured concrete.

    Always check with your concreting business to see when they expect the surface will be ready for use.

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