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How Much Does a Spa Cost?

$2,000 - $25,000

    How Much Does a Spa Cost?

    Spa prices will vary according to the materials used and the size of the spa. A medium-sized spa seating 1- 4 people will cost approximately $5,000 to $7,000, but a larger tub may cost as much as $25,000. You can purchase an inflatable spa for about $2,000 and have it installed for a couple of hundred dollars. 

    City Average Spa Installation Cost
    Sydney $2,000 – $20,000
    Melbourne $2,000 – $15,000
    Brisbane $3,000 – $18,000
    Perth $2,000 – $16,000
    Adelaide $2,000 – $20,000

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Spa

    Type – You can choose between various types of jets. Some hot tubs have air and water that rotate in circles, some move in a specific direction and others pulse or massage.

    Material – The spa price will vary depending on the material used to make it. For instance, you could get a soft tub inexpensively. The tub would be portable, and you could save on installation costs by installing it yourself. Fibreglass and concrete tubs are more expensive.

    Size – Some companies will charge you a per metre price. Therefore, a tub seating 1-2 is generally less expensive than one seating 5-6 people.

    Location – Your yard will need to be dug up or excavated to insert your tub in ground. The more excavation, the costlier the job. Be sure to consult with a professional about the best spot in your yard for the new tub.

    Indoor or Outdoor – An indoor spa will allow you to enjoy your spa regardless of the weather. An outdoor spa must be covered whenever you aren’t using it.

    An indoor spa may require you to make some modifications to your home, such as improving ventilation and increasing the support necessary to sustain the weight of the spa.

    In ground or Above Ground – You can get a portable, above-ground spa for as little as $2,000 or a slightly more expensive one for several thousand more. However, the in ground spa cost is typically in the range of $10,000 and may cost as much as $25,000.

    Electrical/Plumbing Set Up – In most cases, you can have a hot tub installed for anywhere between $100 and $500. However, depending on where you live and the type of installation, you may pay up to $800.

    Accessories – One necessary accessory is the spa cover. You can purchase a thermal spa cover for about $100. You will also need a platform on which to set your new spa hot tub. Expect to pay $100 to $1,500 for the platform.

    Maintenance – You must perform maintenance on your spa throughout the year. You can do this yourself or with the help of a professional. Your tub must be regularly drained, scrubbed and shocked with chemicals. Your average running cost of a spa is about $250 annually.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Spas

    Portable – Portable spas are easier to install and generally less expensive than in ground spas. You can get an inexpensive portable spa for about $500, or a slightly more expensive one for about $2,000. The spa installation cost is lower for a mobile spa, but you should expect to pay several hundred dollars.

    Custom-built – Custom-made extras can personalize your pool to fit your unique style. For instance, you could add extra lighting or a rock waterfall, or you might need the tub itself to be custom cut to fit a small space in your home. The average cost of a custom-made spa is $10,000$35,000.

    In ground –An in ground pool or spa can add to a home’s value. In general, in ground spa prices are between $10,000 and $20,000.

    Above Ground – Prices for an above ground spa will range from $2,000 to about $18,000. You could install the tub yourself or hire a pro. Though these tubs are portable, they are often difficult to move because most weigh over l00 kilos.

    Price Estimates for Different Spa Materials

    Fibreglass – The average cost of a fibreglass spa is between $4,000 and $8,000 to seat 1-4 people. If you want a family-size spa, you should plan to spend several thousand dollars more.

    Concrete – The installation of a concrete spa requires a certain degree of excavation. The more extensive the hole, the costlier the job will be. The price to purchase a concrete spa is generally between $5,000 and $15,000.

    Wooden – You can get a wooden tub for $4,000 to $10,000. An acrylic one is generally a bit more expensive and can cost as much as $15,000.

    Inflatable – You could purchase an inflatable soft tub for as little as $2,000. These tubs are portable and easier to install.

    Price Estimates for Different Spa sizes

    Two-person – You can purchase a two-person spa for about $6,000 on average.

    Four-person – A can expect to pay about $8,000 for a four-person spa.

    Six-person – The six-person spa prices range from $8,000 to $10,000 for an inexpensive model.

    Eight-person – You can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for an 8-seater spa.

    A square blue tiled spa that connects to a pool surrounded by decking.

    A pool and spa combination. | Source: Silhouette Pool Designer

    Price Estimates for Outdoor & Indoor Spas

    Outdoor – Outdoor spa prices vary depending on how much excavation is necessary. An average outdoor spa cost is between $3,000 and $7,000 for installation, which doesn’t include the price of the tub you choose

    Indoor – The average price to make modifications on a home to insert an indoor spa is between $10,000 and $25,000. However, the fewer adjustments you need, the lower your price will be.

    What is a Swim Spa?

    A swim spa is a mini pool that enables you to swim in place. The pool has a built-in device that accelerates the water past you. Some models have a split design in which you have a hot tub on one end and a swimming pool on the other. The in ground swim spa cost is between $5,000 and $30,000.

    Spa Installation Costs

    Many hot tub removal companies will haul your spa away for a flat rate. The average spa removal cost is between $300 and $800.

    What Is the Difference Between a Spa, Hot Tub & Jacuzzi?

    The words “spa” and “hot tub” are used interchangeably. Both terms are used to describe a tub with built-in jets and swim spa prices vary widely. Spas and tubs can be used for therapeutic reasons or to relax with a small group of people. A Jacuzzi is a hot tub brand, and it is considered a luxury hot tub.

    How to Hire a Spa Installer

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Ask for a quote on excavation.
    • Call an electrician for a quote, especially if you’re unable to install the tub yourself.
    • For an indoor installation, ask which improvements are necessary to ventilate your home.
    • Shop around and compare various brands.


    Licencing and Qualifications

    In most cases, you need a building permit issued by your state to get a hot tub installed. For instance, in Western Australia, you must install a compliant barrier in order to install a pool more than 300mm deep. Several other states have similar laws, and when you hire a professional, he or she should be someone familiar with state laws. To get your building permit, you must contact your local state government and have a surveyor come out to inspect your home.

    Most people hire a certified electrician to wire a hot tub. The licensing of electricians is done by the state, and the following lists show the guidelines to obtain an electrician’s license in each state.

    New South Wales:

    • Submit an application form
    • Must have relevant work experience in electrical work


    • Experience in electrical installation
    • Must submit an application


    • File an application
    • Complete an apprenticeship

    Australian Capital Territory

    • Proof of successful completion of the required training or you must work under a licensed professional
    • Submit an application

    Western Australia

    • Submit an application
    • Meet competency standards as defined by the government

    Northern Territory

    • Must complete training requirements set by the government
    • Must complete an application


    • Successful completion of a written test
    • Must submit an application

    South Australia

    • Completion of a trade apprenticeship program or a Certificate III
    • Submit an application

    How to Save Money Hiring a Spa Installer

    Some hot tub installation companies offer financing. Do not finance a hot tub. If so, you’ll end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more in interest in addition to the hot tub price. You should also plan to hire a certified electrician to hook up your tub. Doing it yourself can be difficult, and if you make a mistake, it could cost you, even more, to pay someone to fix the mistake.


    How Much Does It Cost to Run a Spa?

    You should expect an increase in your energy bill once you begin using your hot tub. Depending on your usage and the size of your tub, you can expect to pay between $25 and $100 more per month on your electric bill. You should regularly clean your filters and pay for cleaning chemicals. Expect to spend several hundred dollars per year for maintenance.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources