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How Much Does it Cost to Wall Mount a TV?

$150 - $300

    How Much Does it Cost to Wall Mount a TV?

    The cost to mount a TV can vary depending on the style and design you need to be installed. There are also extras, like soundbars, to be considered. The average cost to mount a TV of 65″ or smaller is between $150 and $300.

    Different regions of the country can have a fluctuating TV mounting service price. If it is an urban area where competition is high, a lower fee may be offered. It can be difficult to compare areas because of the individual needs of each customer. Here is the average cost of each region with an experienced handyman hanging a unit.

    City Average Cost
    Sydney $100 – $140
    Melbourne $80 – $100
    Brisbane $100 – $130
    Canberra $80 – $120
    Perth $100 – $150
    Darwin $70 – $90
    Hobart $60 – $100
    Adelaide $80 – $100

    Benefits of Wall Mounting your TV

    There are many benefits to wall mounting a flat screen TV. The need for a TV stand is no longer necessary, opening up new floor space. While this is the most apparent reason, several others make it worth considering.

    Your TV is safe – How many times has someone caught the corner of your TV with their hand and almost sent it flying? Even when it is a safe distance from other furnishings, it happens. A flat screen TV is considerably lighter than the old tube models and more prone to damage.

    The viewing angle is perfect – A TV stand typically sits too low for you to watch comfortably. Neck strain and eye strain can result in headaches and sore muscles. There are recommendations on wall screen placement that consider the ergonomics of enjoyment.

    A built-in appeal is made – Mounting a TV on the wall leaves the impression that you have built-in qualities about your home. Depending on where to place your TV, the look can be one of elegance. By hiding all of the cables, it adds a floating attraction to a room.

    Mounted TV on a wall in the living room of a modern home.

    A mounted TV in a modern living room. | Source: Hometrix

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a TV Wall Mount Installation

    There are many factors involved in a TV wall mount installation cost. All modern flat screen TVs that are less than ten years old should be able to be wall mounted. Check on the back of the unit for VESA mounting points to be sure. However, there are reasons why the cost of installation could fluctuate.

    Size of TV – Most TV wall mount companies have a TV mount installation price for models under 70″ and a higher price for those exceeding 70″. A larger TV may surpass the weight rating of mounting on a wall that is not load-bearing. This could disqualify your desired location entirely.

    Type of Mount – Different kinds of mounts offer fixed, tilting or articulating movement. All bracket types should come with side locks that keep the unit from falling to one side. The TV wall mount cost can vary from $20 to $200. This depends on the complexity of the TV and area where it is being hung.

    Type of wall – Not all walls are sturdy enough to hold a flat screen TV. Most new TVs come with a manual that explains the requirements of a wall’s thickness and the type of brackets needed. This can also increase the cost to mount a TV on the wall.

    Hiding Wires – Once you have a spot located and the TV wall mount installation price is agreed upon, unsightly wires could be a problem. The cost to wall mount TV and hide wires could increase drastically if a new outlet needs to be installed. This will involve the cost of an electrician in addition to the original TV wall mount price.

    The model of the TV has little to do with the TV wall mounting service cost. Unless it is a very unique brand that does not follow the VESA compliance code.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Mounts

    Fixed Mounts – Fixed TV mounts run approximately $20 to $100. This price is separate from the TV mount installation cost. The screws can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 2″, depending on the size and weight of the TV.

    Tilting Mounts – Tilting mounts are used when the TV is placed higher on the wall than the viewer. It is tilted down at the bottom to present a more comfortable picture. These TV brackets run anywhere from $20 to $120.

    Full-motion Mounts – The full motion mounts enable you to swivel the unit from side to side for better viewing. These brackets cost $65 to $250, and the TV bracket installation cost may also increase because of the labour.

    How to Hire a Handyman

    A handyman is often capable of installing a TV on your wall. However, it is always best to hire a handyman that is experienced. A flat screen TV is a substantial investment and needs to be handled with care. Here are some questions you may ask:

    • Do you carry insurance?
    • Is there electrical work involved?
    • Can I contact past clients?

    Some are insured while others are not. There are also limitations as to what a handyman is qualified to do. If there is any electrical work required, an electrician will also need to be hired. Be sure to check with past clients, especially those who have used the handyman for installing a flat screen on a wall.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Take your time and consider different areas for the placement of your new TV. Once you decide, look for accessible plugins. You do not want to be running extension cords. After reading the manual and understanding what is involved, check with a handyman service, a TV wall mounting service and the store where your TV was purchased. Many times you can receive a reasonable installation price and guarantee from the store’s service team. Depending on what you desire, the cost can vary between $200 and $1,000.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Handyman

    A handyman will charge by the hour or by the job. If he charges by the hour, here are some ways to save money:

    • Offer to assist
    • Make needed runs for any hardware.
    • Have the area cleared

    When the job is performed quickly and smoothly, you will save in labour costs.


    How much does it cost to wall mount a TV and hide wires?

    Depending on the method you wish to use, hiding wires can be cheap or expensive. You will already have $50 to $100 wrapped up in the mounts and $40 to $80 for the labour. If you use a metal or plastic raceway, this could be $20. Or you can add an extra hour or two on the installation and have an in-wall power kit installed.


    How much weight can a DynaBolt hold? 

    The answer varies based on the specific Dynabolt model and installation method. Typically, the weight capacity for Dynabolts ranges from 60 kg to 160 kg. It’s recommended to consult with a professional installer to determine the right size and weight capacity of Dynabolts needed for your specific TV wall mount setup.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Misha's TV Wall Mount Installation Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Number of tv's mounted


    Size of tv's

    55 inches

    Other notes

    Door latch installed on front door

    $180inc. gst

    Quoted by Rossy's Carpentry

    Roy's TV Wall Mount Installation Job

    Location PinPerth, WA
    Number of brackets installed


    Location of brackets

    Lounge room and bedroom

    When needed


    $90inc. gst

    Quoted by Holm's Maintenance

    Leanne's TV Wall Mount Installation Job

    Location PinSunshine Coast, QLD
    Job type

    Bracket installation

    Number of brackets installed


    Other installations

    Powerpoint and aerial point installed

    $275inc. gst

    Quoted by Matthew Wood Electrical

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