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How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

$2,000 - $4,000

    How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

    A video can capture the atmosphere of an occasion in a way that goes beyond what a picture can do. A video of your wedding day creates a lasting memory that you can replay to remember those special moments and the love that you feel for one another. In some cases, the videography can have a short clip available for your reception. The average cost of videography for a wedding depends on many factors. The average cost of a videographer in Australia is around $2,000 to $4,000, but many factors can affect the price.

    The price for a videographer can vary by location. Things such as travel time and competition can affect the average price. Here are a few of the average rates for different areas around Australia. This price reflects the standard package price.

    City Average Reported Costs
    Sydney $2,000 – $4,000
    Melbourne $1,500 – $3,000
    Brisbane $2,000 – $3,500
    Canberra $2,000 – $4,000
    Perth $1,500 – $3,000
    Darwin $1,750 – $3,000
    Hobart $1,500 – $3,500
    Adelaide $1,500 – $2,500

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Wedding Videographer

    Many wedding videographers offer their services as a package. Some offer a combination wedding photography videography package for a single price. Some packages include an hourly rate plus add-ons. Others provide complete packages of services for the day. Regardless of the pricing scheme, several factors can affect the cost. Here are a few examples.

    Duration – One of the things that affect wedding videography prices is the amount of time spent at the wedding and reception. Some offer a package that includes a certain number of hours, while others charge strictly by the hour. One thing to make sure is whether the package includes travel time or whether it is extra. The longer the ceremony and reception, the more you can expect to pay.

    Pre-wedding Content – If you want to include content that takes place before the wedding, you might have to pay extra. For instance, you might want to include footage of the engagement, or statements from the bride and groom about the upcoming wedding.

    Experience of the Videographer – Wedding video prices can vary according to the experience of the photographer. You can expect to pay more for an experienced videographer that has a good reputation than for a beginner who is only starting to build a business.

    Number of Videographers – Some videographers use two people. One operates a camera from a fixed position to get those fabulous ceremony shots. They might have a second person who moves around, trying to capture different angles or the emotion of the moment. You can expect to pay more for two videographers than for one.

    Length of Video – The duration of the video will have an impact on price. Be aware that more time is often spent editing than filming the video. The longer the video, the more editing will be required. This can drive up the price significantly.

    Equipment Used – Professional gear is expensive, but it also results in a higher quality product. For instance, an HD camera with high-quality sound can run into tens of thousands of dollars. It also takes considerable skill to operate. You will pay more for this higher quality than for someone who is only a beginner with basic equipment. The difference can be one between a choppy video with mediocre sound and a professional one.

    Location – A wedding videographer cost is affected by a variety of factors, including distance travelled to the location. If you are planning a destination wedding, hiring a videographer at the location will be cheaper than taking one along with you in your travels.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Wedding Videography

    A wedding video cost can also depend on the type of video that you want. Videos generally fall into three different categories. The cost depends on the amount of work involved in each sample. The prices are for comparable packages at various levels.

    Documentary – A documentary video takes the most amount of work. In this style, the videographer tries to capture the essence of the bride and groom. They might do a bit on the background and life up to this point. They might include some video of the engagement. They are typically cinematic and professionally produced. You can expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 for a package.

    Cinematic –  A cinematic video simply means a professionally edited and produced video. They typically try to tell the story of the day like a movie. They might include cinematic techniques such as zoom-ins, fades, pans, and other cinematic effects. They typically take a considerable amount to editing time, but the result is a professional movie about your special day. Cinematic packages start in the $2,000 to $3,000 range.

    Traditional – This type of video is the typical wedding video with minimal editing. They typically start around $1,000 to $2,000.

    Why Hire a Videographer?

    The next thing that you might be wondering is why hire a videographer instead of just a photographer. A video has many advantages over photography. Let’s explore these advantages.

    Captures certain things photographs won’t – A video captures emotion in a way that photography cannot. With a video, you add sound, which means you hear the emotion in the voice as the vows are said.

    Enhances photographs – Many videographers will include photos in the package. You do not have to miss out on posed pictures. The videographer can do this, too. However, the videographer has many frames from which to choose. Perhaps the best expression was right after the picture was taken. A videographer captures this moment and can isolate the frame to create the perfect photo.

    Sensory experiences felt during a video – With a video, you can hear the reactions of the crowd, catch the touching moment when the bride expresses her love, and the first dance. This is something that you cannot capture in a photo.

    Recording of speeches – With a video, you can still have that touching speech of the Best Man or that candid moment when someone tells a story about the groom. These memories can be preserved forever with a video.

    Wedding Videography Package

    The main differences in videography packages depend on what is included in them. When you are comparing packages, here are a few things to look for in the offers.

    What do they include?

    Most packages include at least the following.

    • Time spent filming
    • Length of the Video
    • Number of Videographers and staff
    • Equipment Used
    • How the Video Is Delivered and format
    • Any travel or other expenses

    Some also include extras and add-ons such as:

    • Additional photos or a photo album
    • An exclusive wedding box to protect the USB drive
    • Sneak peek video to be played during the reception
    • Drone footage
    • Custom music selections

    Price estimates for these different packages.

    The average wedding video cost varies significantly, depending on what is included. Here is an example of a typical package that starts around $3,500 in Brisbane.

    • Two videographers
    • 10 hours of filming
    • A video clip for reception
    • Full Ceremony coverage
    • Reception Speeches coverage
    • 5-minute cinematic highlights of the day video
    • Drone footage
    • A USB drive in a wedding box

    Wedding photography/videography package.

    Here is an example that includes both videography and photography in a single package that starts around $2,000 in Brisbane.

    • 1-2 minute sneak preview video
    • 6-8 minute storytelling highlight video
    • Full ceremony and reception video
    • High definition photos for social media
    • Two cameras, multi-microphone setup
    • Up to 12 hours of total coverage
    • Package includes Bride and Groom preparations
    • General Venue and Detail shots
    • All speeches with full sound

    How to Hire a Wedding Videographer

    As you can see, many factors affect a wedding videography cost. Now, let’s explore a few final tips for finding a wedding videographer who is right for you and right for your budget.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Here are a few tips before you call.

    • Do Your Research – Spend some time researching the various options in your area. You might be able to narrow it down considerably.
    • Clarify What the Package Includes –Make sure you understand precisely what the package includes and does not include. Assume nothing.
    • Know What You Want – Take some time to write down what your perfect videography package includes and convey this to the videographer. For instance, clarify if the pre-wedding video price is included.

    Licencing and Qualifications

    Videography is a creative art and does not require any licence other than the proper business registrations. However, there are still a few things you can do to get the right person.

    • Portfolio – Take a look at the videographer’s work online. This will tell you a lot about quality and style.
    • References – Try to find reviews or references that you can contact to find out about previous experiences.
    • Terms in Writing – Make sure to get everything in writing to avoid confusion later.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Wedding Videographer

    Here are a few tips for saving money when hiring a wedding videographer.

    • Combined photographer and videographer – Hiring a videographer who also provides photographs will be the best deal if you want both.
    • Shop Local – Travel time and expense can significantly raise the cost of the package. It pays to shop local.
    • Compare – When you compare packages, make sure that they are similar and include everything that you want.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Jennifer's Wedding Videographer Job

    Location PinSouthern Highlands, NSW
    Videographer duration

    Six and a half hours

    Parts of wedding videoed

    Ceremony and guests dancing

    Type of video

    Short video

    $800inc. gst

    Quoted by Gcc Visuals Video & Photo

    Angela's Wedding Videographer Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Videographer duration

    12 hours

    Parts of wedding videoed

    Tea ceremony, wedding ceremony and reception

    Other notes

    Happy to negotiate

    $2500inc. gst

    Quoted by Gw Photography

    Charles's Wedding Videographer Job

    Location PinSunshine Coast, QLD
    Videographer duration

    9 hours

    Parts of wedding videoed

    Pre-wedding, during wedding and after wedding footage

    Amount of people in attendance


    $1000inc. gst

    Quoted by Visual Reality Productions

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