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Types of home renovation services


A home renovation done well can last for a long time, but others may need redone if they followed a fad or fashion that's now long gone. Basic beautification renovations leave the majority of the structure untouched and instead focus on tidying up smaller parts of the home.


Whether you've been in the same home for a while or you're new on the property ladder, one of the most common reasons for a renovation is to make a home more modern. This combines stripping out old-fashioned styles and installing the latest energy-efficient appliances.

Changing the space

Some home renovations are done simply to change the space available. This may mean knocking down a wall to make two small rooms into one big one, or it might mean segregating a large open floor space. It can also mean changing the function of a room – such as adding in an extra bathroom, creating a man cave or building the perfect wine cellar.

How to choose the right home renovators

Check their history

If you have a specific home renovation idea in mind, it makes sense that you should work with someone who knows what they're doing. Look at their past projects to see if there's anything close to what you want to do, and how well they did it.

Check their reviews

Another factor to consider is how well they've worked with others. Online reviews tell you everything you need to know – from whether they arrived on time to the mess they left behind at the end. All reviews on Oneflare are provided by customers who have hired the business through the site.

Get the right price for your job

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