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    The best Scandinavian lighting ideas

    We shine a light on the trending interior style

    Hannah | Oneflare

    The Scandinavian style of home décor has been trendy among home owners for many years. There is a distinct and inherent charm that appeals to many lovers of Scandinavian home décor. Scandinavian interiors are a balance of simplicity, functionality and elegant aesthetics.

    Although incredibly simple in design, the clean lines of the Scandinavian style can be incorporated seamlessly into any décor. The end result of which is a minimalism elegance and warm functionality that helps to give your space the homey atmosphere. Here, we’ll take you through exactly what this beautiful interior design style is, and how you can use their bright ideas for your lighting solutions.

    Source: DK Lifestyles

    What is Scandinavian style?

    Minimalist in form with a maximum function, The Scandinavian style originated in the 50s as part of a movement by five Nordic countries namely Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark. Because of the style and affordability of the designs, the look caught on with the rest of the world and became all the rage in the early 1960’s. Here we are over 50 years later and the style is still as sought after and cutting edge now as it was back then. What exactly is Scandinavian Style and how can you imitate this look in your home?

    Scandinavian style is basically taken from the idea that functional, beautiful, everyday objects should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. With a nod toward minimalism, functionality and practicality, the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark began mass production of furniture between the first and second World Wars. Ornate designs were scrapped as clean, easy lines and aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic designs were put in their place. The affordability of the furniture, as well as the design and colour schemes had many adopting and embracing this new look. Scandinavian design includes some of the following:

    • Space: airy and open. Windows adorning every wall, sliding or folding doors opening up to the outside, open floor plans… all allow for a feeling of space.
    • Light: loads of natural light, daytime, evening or night. Skylights and glass doors allow as much natural light as possible to fill the space.
    • Materials: all natural materials are preferred. Wood, stone and bamboo are just a few to choose from. Natural timber flooring as well as floating floors and stairs create a natural look and feel of space in the home.
    • Colour: white or a muted neutral colour is usually primary, complimented by a bold, refined colour scheme. Bright or bold colour should be added as an accent to provide character and excitement to a room.

    Most design trends of our modern era are influenced by our concerns for finding and utilising sustainable resources. Finding ways to reduce wasted light and energy and helping to make our homes more efficient, all tie directly in with the Scandinavian style and design. We want more functionality and space out of our homes. We have the technology to help us and the minimalist designs and maximum function of ideas that born within Scandinavian countries to draw from for inspiration.

    Scandinavian lighting styles

    Due to the Nordic region’s long winters, it has always been more suitable to have bright and well-lit interiors. Today, this minimalist style of a Scandinavian style home has become popular especially among people that prefer clutter free and well-lit homes. So how can you create a beautiful Scandinavian home?

    Since Scandinavians rely heavily on lighting, Scandinavian light fixtures have to be practical, simple and neutral. Scandinavian lighting also has to share the same clean lines as the interior, furniture and home appliances.

    This means that extravagant lighting like the use of massive crystal chandeliers is not applicable in a Scandinavian style home. The good news is that Scandinavian light fixtures designers are among the best in the trade so you can always rely on them for high quality and superior lighting for your space. Light is usually incorporated in so many elements of design so you will always find an impressive collection of fixtures to choose from.  Here are the top lighting ideas for living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom:

    Living room lighting ideas

    The Scandinavian living room has to be spacious and extremely well lit. Light helps to create a warm natural atmosphere principally in the Scandinavian living room. While Scandinavian design insists on utilizing as much natural light as possible, modern living room lighting ideas must also be incorporated into the décor.

    Source: Custom Home Builders Adelaide

    Most Scandinavian living rooms tend to mix contemporary lighting for luxury and warmth. White on the wall is the obvious go-to colour. However, Scandinavian wall lights can be a great addition to your décor. Nordic light walls can make the living room feel fresh and airy.These lights also help to break the monotonous white backdrop as there is an extensive collection of silhouettes and designs to choose from. Along with greenery and warm wood tones, wall lights help to add instant style to your space.

    A unique curved indoor wall light can make your interior look stylish and elegantly designed. To save on energy costs, you should consider getting LED indoor wall lights for long time use. You can also go for wall lights that have bronze or aluminum finishes that can give you a complete Scandinavian rustic look.  You can also include different Scandinavian table lamps to complement your Scandinavian wall lights.

    The best bathroom lighting

    The best lighting for the bathroom has to be Scandinavian pendant light. Pendant lighting is flexible enough that it can be used in so many other rooms aside from the bathroom. As always, a Scandinavian bathroom has to be free of clutter and simple.

    Scandinavian bathroom lighting such as pendant lights are inexpensive, and there is a huge selection that can be used in many different settings. This type of bathroom lighting can be used beside your bathroom mirror or right above your bathtub. Pendants lights maintain a simple and natural look that is ideal for keeping the light muted or bright.

    Source: Visualising Interiors

    Dining room lighting ideas

    It is the small details in décor and Scandinavian lighting that make a Scandinavian styled dining room magically come to life. The use of simple but unique floor lamps can be just what your Scandinavian dining room needs. This dining room lighting idea requires that you keep the adornments to a minimum.

    You can include a floor lamp that has a unique design to give your guest a welcoming feeling as they arrive. A natural timber finish or one with a tapered fabric shade can help you realize a classic Scandinavian minimalist look. Floor lamps that have been made with natural wood can also blend into Scandinavian décor without standing out.

    The best kitchen lighting

    Several components can help to create a decidedly Scandinavian kitchen. Scandinavian kitchen lighting should take into account the hues and colours used in the kitchen. Pendant lighting, which is used commonly in Scandinavian kitchen lighting, adds an understated visual appeal to a clean-lined kitchen interior.

    If you have a Scandinavian ceiling fan in your kitchen, you can also alternatively opt for Scandinavian wall lights or Scandinavian table lamps if your dining area is also in the kitchen. The wall lights can help to illuminate your kitchen area, especially if it is small, while the table light can help to create a romantic ambience.

    Source: Little White Label

    How can I introduce Scandinavian lighting at home?

    There isn’t just one style of Scandinavian lighting out there; there are endless designs that can suit your preference, taste and design. Try and mix vintage, as well as traditional elements to get a combination of clean lines, which are fundamental in Scandinavian décor.  When it comes to choosing your preferred Scandinavian light fixture, always remember to pay attention to:

    • The functionality of the lighting that you choose.
    • The textures and construction materials of the lighting that you would like to buy.
    • The furniture and the wares in your house.
    • The colour of your walls and flooring.

    Wrap up

    Scandinavian style can suit almost any individual. From the contemporary, urban house dweller who prefers black, grey and white colour themes to a more natural or neutral soul who prefers light woods and water themes, every budding home designer can find exactly the right fit with Scandinavian styles and designs.

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