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    Wall lighting ideas for your living room

    Take your living room lighting to the next level

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Lighting plays an important role in the design of any room, especially a multifunctional space like a living room. Not only is it used to illuminate a space and promote functionality, but it can also create a certain ambiance and elevate the living room décor. Yet, despite such an important role, lighting still remains one of the most neglected design elements. Something as simple as wall lights can completely transform your space and give it a really cool look. If you want to beautify your living room and accentuate its features, using these wall light ideas as design inspiration.

    How to choose a living room lighting scheme

    1. Layers: First things first, you need to make sure that your living room has an appropriate, layered lighting scheme. Installing several sources of lights, including wall lights, will provide you with a balanced lighting scheme and a harmonious ambiance that exudes comfort, style and functionality.
    2. Ambient: Your space should have a general source of light that will illuminate the entire space. This type of lighting is also called ambient lighting. For instance, a stylish pendant or a chandelier can not only work as a show stopping feature in the room, but also as general lighting.
    3. Task: Your living room should also have task lighting that will illuminate specific areas and provide you with focused light necessary for performing tasks, such as reading or working.
    4. Accent: Accent lights is the last layer of lighting that your living room should have. These lights are used to create a dramatic effect and illuminate a decorative item or they themselves may work as embellishments. Incorporating all of these types of lighting will fill your living room with a stunning glow, support its different purposes and enable you to enjoy your space to the fullest.
    Wall entry lights / Source: Illumina Electrical

    How to choose the right wall lights

    The purpose of the lighting will determine what kind of wall lights you should get.

    • Ambient light: Go with wall fixtures with translucent glass lamps, as they will illuminate your space with a diffuse glow while also embellishing your living room.
    • Task light: Try a wall sconce as it provides a more focused glow

    Number, strength & position

    The number of ceiling lights you have will affect how many wall lights you’ll need in your living room. The position of your living room wall lights is yet another factor to have in mind when buying them. Since wall lights are typically placed at eye level, you need to pick the size and style that will work well when set against the background.


    When it comes to style, you should go with wall lights that fit in the general design of your living room. For instance, if you have a modern living room, you should go with a simple, sleek design with clear lines that will fit into the minimalist nature of contemporary style. On the other hand, iron fixtures are a much better choice for an industrial living room. The design and style of your wall lights is as important as their purpose because it will enable you to use them as stylish embellishments and create a cohesive look in your living room.

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    Wall lights & atmosphere

    Lighting can have a major effect on your living room, its style and overall atmosphere. When installing wall lights, you should consider what you want to achieve. They can be used as both task and accent lights, helping you create completely different effects. Before implementing them to your space, you should consider how they will work with other lights. You should also consider whether you want to use them to enhance the functionality of your living room or create a particular visual effect. These decisions will greatly influence what type of wall lights you should buy and the way you’ll use them in your living room.

    Another important factor to have in mind when installing additional lighting fixtures is whether there is a functioning electricity connection in your living room. You may need to install additional lighting switches or solve certain electricity problems before installing new wall lights. This will prevent any electricity-related accident and damage, so it’s an essential step that you shouldn’t skip. Of course, if you’re not experienced in dealing with electrical installations, it’s advisable that you call in an experienced professional.

    Creative ideas for installing wall lights

    Wall lights are simple details that offer a world of creative ideas that can help you elevate your living room décor and create a stylish, elegant ambience. If you want to create an artsy effect, you can use these fixtures to illuminate your artwork. These wall lights should be subtle yet impactful, with a strong glow that will accentuate your paintings. For a similar effect, you can use them to illuminate a collection of decorative embellishments. Placing them a bit lower and closer to the collection will accentuate details while the position will create an unusual visual appeal.

    Creative lighting ideas / Source: Geelong Bathroom Renovations

    Stunning wall lights can be used as stylish decorations that can stand out on their own. You can pair up two wall lights and place them right next to each other on an empty wall. This way, you’ll let the style and design of the lights come into focus, creating a strong, dramatic effect. Furthermore, if you like this idea of using multiple identical wall fixtures, you can line them up approximately eight to ten feet from one another for a stunning vibe. If your living room has a dark, empty corner, a wall light will give it a completely different dimension. Placing wall fixtures in opposite living room corners can make the entire room seem wider.

    The way you use wall lights with other lighting fixtures can also create an enticing ambiance in your living room. You can match wall lights with pendants and lamps to create a harmonious, cohesive appeal. On the other hand, mismatching them can also create a beautiful effect, fill your space with diversity and give it an authentic character.

    Wall lights might seem like simple, barely noticeable elements, but they can actually help you create a real wow effect in your living room.

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