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    How to know if your sewer line is broken?

    8 common symptoms of a broken sewer line you need to know

    Ashley | Guest contributor

    All homeowners want to keep their houses in perfect shape. But, no matter what, you can’t avoid plumbing repair once in a while.

    One of the most common plumbing repairs has to do with your sewer line, especially if your house was built in the era of 1970. Because those houses contained cast iron pipes and, by and large, they have outlived their utility. It is imperative to identify the issues with your sewer line and fix them at the earliest. If not, you could be risking the health of your family members along with your property. You can’t afford to ignore the following signs if you don’t want to turn a minor sewer line issue into an ultimate catastrophe:

    1. Sewer gas odour

    Sometimes you can’t see a problem in your drain line because the damaged pipe is out of our sight. But you can smell the problem. We are talking about the foul odour. Sewer pipes are impenetrable because, naturally, nobody wants to smell the scent of sewage. So in the normal condition of a pipe, no foul odour is supposed to come out.

    If you are using the room spray frequently and the odour refuses to go away, it’s time to find an expert plumber and have your sewer line inspected.

    2. Mould issues

    If you notice mould on your wall, ceiling, or floor, it could be the sign of a crack in your sewer pipe. Mould could be the offshoot of some other problem. If mould is growing at a rapid pace, then the sewer pipeline is more likely to be the culprit behind it. This is it is the ample humidity level for mould to grow.

    Apart from damaging your interior, exterior, and foundation, mould could also trigger health problems. Therefore it is essential to be looked at immediately.

    3. Slow drain

    Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets are the places where the slow drain is more evident than any other part of the house. Slow drains are not always due to the leakage in the sewer line. It could well be caused by tree root penetration, hair, and such blockages.

    However, some homeowners make it a point to buy cheap chemical cleaners to clean their pipelines. But far from being an easy fix, these chemicals end up harming your pipeline even more. You should instead try green alternatives.

    If you continue to face issues regarding slow drain, then the odds are your sewer line could be in for a bigger fix. That’s the time when you should contact a professional without further ado.

    Source: Oncall BSI

    4. Rodent problem

    Rats like to live in sewers. And if there is a loophole in your main sewer line, rats could easily find their way to your house. To be more precise, an opening of about 7 to 10 centimetres is enough for an average size rat to earn an entry in your home.

    Rats are known to spread dangerous diseases like plague and hemorrhagic fever. So all of sudden if you find rats marching in your house, you can take it as a sign of a crack in your drain line.

    5. Gurgling sound

    If you notice a gurgling sound in your toilet right after flushing, it could be because the air from an outside source is going into your sewer line. However minor it may sound, there is no way you can ignore it. Because you never know what would be the scale of this tiny issue in the future. It is the hallmark of a smart homeowner to nib in the bud a plumbing issue right in the beginning. That’s the best way to keep your sewer line repair costs at the bare minimum.

    6. Grass turning extra green

    Is there a specific portion in your garden that is greener than the rest of the backyard? If so, ask yourself whether you are using any fertilizer in that fraction. If the answer is no, then it could be a clear cut case of sewer line leakage. As a homeowner possessing a garden, you must know that the sewer line water works as a quality fertilizer.

    Though you might get fresh vegetables from your garden, for the time being, any delay in the repairs will pose an unimaginable threat to your property and health.

    7. Foundation cracks

    Foundation cracks are perhaps more threatening than any other sign discussed above because they suggest that your house’s sewer line craves for immediate attention. You can spot foundation cracks at places like pavement, driveway, foundation slabs, and sinkholes.

    There are various types of foundation cracks. But the most dangerous of them include horizontal and stair-step cracks. However, it does not mean you can take other cracks any lightly.  Regardless of the type, as soon as you notice a foundation crack, you should get in touch with a professional because being ignorant could lead to more structural damages.

    8. Insect infestation

    If there is a gradual upsurge of insects in your house, then it could also be an indication of a broken sewer line. These insects typically contain cockroaches, sewer flies, and palmetto bugs. Cockroaches are prone to trigger allergy, particularly among kids.

    As a temporary solution, you can use different means to kill the insects, but the bugs will keep finding their way back to your house. A permanent solution lies in fixing the drain line once and for all.

    Wrap up

    If you are currently noticing any of these signs in your house, it’s time for a thorough inspection from a certified plumber. You never know, the repairs that seem small today, might not remain small tomorrow.

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