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Types of plumber services

Removing blockages

Although many blockages are caused by what we flush or wash down drains, others are caused by external factors such as tree roots. Plumbers have a wide array of tools to check inside pipes and find out where and what is the blockage is, as well as the know-how to fix the problem.

Pipe problems

Whether you've got a leak, your hot water isn't coming through or you've got a burst pipe, these issues can cause discomfort and even bigger problems if they're left unattended. Make sure to call a plumber as soon as you spot a problem with your pipes, otherwise this problem could quickly become more serious and your bill more expensive.

Laying new pipe

If you're fitting a new bathroom or renovating your kitchen, it's likely you'll need new pipes fitted to move water to the new space. This can be a big job, and a very messy one if someone inexperienced tries it, so it's best to call in a qualified expert.

How to choose the right plumber


With so much at risk, if plumbing work goes awry, it's vital that you hire a plumber who's fully covered should they cause greater problems. Look for the Home Care badge on their Oneflare profile.


There's a big difference between a competent plumber and a great one. Read reviews of potential businesses to get a better idea of their work ethic and standards before trusting them with the job.

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