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    Homemade & natural cleaning products

    Homemade and natural remedies to get rid of tough stains

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    More and more these days we are looking for safe, yet effective, natural cleaning products. With so many chemicals and harsh pollutants in the things we consume on a daily basis, this shift towards natural products makes sense. Here are our top tips for which natural cleaning products are best for particular kinds of stains.

    Baking soda

    Baking Soda is a natural compound commonly found in the corner of your pantry and an effective natural cleaning ingredient. The fine powder can be used to scrub your bathroom and kitchen floors. When combined with vinegar, it also does wonders in clearing drains. Baking soda is a natural carpet cleaner. Sprinkle it onto your carpet for 15-20 minutes and then vacuum. Try adding a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to baking soda to create a carpet deodoriser.


    Lemons are amazing natural cleaning products, fresh and aromatic and great at combatting household bacteria. Lemons are the perfect addition for any bathroom spray, BBQ degreaser or odour eliminator.You can also combine 1 cup oil with ½ cup lemon juice and apply it to furniture to dissolve dirt and grime. In the kitchen, deodorise your chopping boards by cleaning them with lemon juice or freshen up your dishwasher by positioning slices of lemon on the rack.


    Common salt, or sodium chloride, is a fantastic natural cleaning product that can be used in the form of a scrub, paste or solution. A saltwater solution can help to brighten coloured curtains or faded rugs, while a mix of salt, lemon and water is great for rubbing rust off surfaces.

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    Vinegar is an acetic acid that comes in a variety of forms –apple cider, palm vinegar and white distilled vinegar will probably sound familiar. When combined with water, vinegar is an effective window cleaner and can also be used to prevent mould from building up in the bathroom and can help soften fabrics. Have something specific you’d like to get rid of using natural cleaning products? Here are our top natural stain removers for everyday stains.

    Tea bags

    Not just a drink for the soul, tea holds plenty of cleaning properties including for wooden surfaces. Revitalise the appearance of your wooden furniture by immersing a cloth in cooled tea. Remove excess tea-water from the cloth and allow it to sit on the surface momentarily before wiping the area to reveal a polished look.

    Essential oils

    Instead of opting for store-bought air freshener, use the natural fragrance essential oils to invigorate the scent of your abode. By creating your own mixture from scratch, you give your home a personality of its own  that’s different from the familiar smell of commercial brands. Try mixing a few drops of tea tree, eucalyptus and lemon with half a cup of water in a spray bottle to freshen the air.

    Natural grease stain remover

    Natural Detergent: Rub the stain with detergent as a pre-wash and then chuck it into the washing machine.

    Talcum powder: Sprinkle some powder on the stain and let it sit overnight. Simply brush off in the morning and wash as usual.

    Hairspray: Spray some hairspray on the stain then wash as normal. Simple as that!

    Sugar: To avoid getting grease on clothing after you’ve been fiddling with your bike or car, wash your hands with a mix of soap and sugar as this dissolves the grease.

    Natural red wine stain remover

    Salt (clothing): It is important to treat the stain ASAP as it becomes more difficult when it dries. Blot the area with a dry cloth soaking up as much wine as possible. Then sprinkle salt onto it and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse under cold water while rubbing the stain between your fingers. Repeat until it disappears. 

    Water, soap and vinegar (carpet): Firstly blot the area using a clean paper towel. Then using a clean towel dipped in a vinegar/water/detergent solution – 1 tablespoon detergent, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 2 cups of warm water, clean the area until the stain disappears.

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    Natural grass stain remover

    Toothpaste: Using a wet toothbrush rub a small amount of toothpaste (paste variety not gel) onto the stain until it disappears. Then wash the clothes normally.

    Natural stain remover for clothes

    Depending on the type of stain there are a number of ways to approach the problem.

    Ink: Use rubbing alcohol to soak any items of white clothing for 30mins, then spray with hairspray and throw into the laundry as usual.

    Tea & coffee: Saturate the stain immediately with boiling water until the stain disappears. If the stain has already set into the fabric, scrub with borax and water then wash immediately.

    Tomato based stains: Tomato-based stains respond well to vinegar placed directly on the stain and then put into the laundry straight away.

    Source: Cq Rags To Riches Cleaning Services

    Natural carpet stain remover

    The best way to remove stains from your carpet naturally is with a 2:1 mix of white vinegar to warm water. To this solution to a spray bottle then add 2 teaspoons of table salt and 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oils (to mask the vinegar smell) Apply the spray liberally to the stained area and let it dry before vacuuming it up.

    Natural blood stain remover

    The most effective natural blood stain removal product is vinegar. Pour it directly onto the blood and blot until the stain has been removed. If you need some extra help, or if the stain has started to dry use a 1:2 solution of baking soda and water and repeat the process of soaking and blotting.

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