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Introduction to kitchen renovations

The kitchen is a central area of the home. It is where we cook, chat to our family members, entertain guests, and simply spend time in. The most popular style of kitchen these days is to have it open-plan, where the kitchen is located along an interior wall and flows out to open-plan dining and living areas.

A lot of older-style homes, and unrenovated homes, still have the kitchen tucked away in a separate room, which was the fashion of homes in previous decades. New homeowners often opt to have their kitchens renovated. A renovated, open-plan kitchen increases the property’s value, creates a feeling of more space by removing interior walls, and allows for it to be a more sociable area of the house which is in keeping with current housing trends.

What to expect when doing a kitchen renovation

It’s important to know what to expect before you get your kitchen renovation organised. For most people, the top things they’ll need to consider are the types of kitchen renovations available, the cost of having the renovations done and the timeframe kitchen renovations generally take.

Types of kitchen renovations

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are three main types: Cosmetic changes, major upheaval and total redesign. Cosmetic changes are great for people who like the layout of their current kitchen, but it could do with an update due to age, and wear and tear. Cosmetic changes can include getting new cupboard doors, replacing tap fixtures and having the kitchen counters replaced.

Major upheaval renovations involve larger jobs that will require extra expert help. People might opt to remove their old oven or stovetop and get new ones installed, or change from a gas to electric stove and vice versa. Outdated or broken white goods like fridges and dishwashers might need to be removed and new ones installed. Some people choose to have greywater systems installed to recycle their kitchen sink and dishwasher water.

A total redesign is when an entirely new kitchen is installed. The location of major kitchen aspects such as the sink, oven and stove can be moved around requiring the help of plumbing and electrical experts. Builders may need to remove interior walls to create an open-plan design, and new kitchen islands may need to be built from scratch. Total redesign involves the most work, and can be done as a separate project, or as part of a whole property renovation.

Estimated cost of kitchen renovations

The cost of a kitchen renovations is going to depend on what type of renovations you need done, and the type of materials that will be used to create your new kitchen. Marble benchtops are going to be more expensive than synthetic materials, while whitegoods, ovens and stovetops vary in price depending on functions, age and brand.

On average in Australia, the cost of the workmanship for a kitchen renovation is going to be between approximately $8,000 and $14,500+. This price will fluctuate when you add on the cost of materials, installation costs, and whether builders, electricians and plumbers will also need to be hired to complete the job.

Timeframe of kitchen renovations

The time it takes to have your kitchen renovated depends greatly on the finishes, materials and work methods required to complete the job. A lot of skilled experts will be needed throughout the renovations process, and a renovations company can usually arrange for these themselves, or you can opt to have the kitchen design done and then hire the tradespeople yourself. Generally speaking, a kitchen renovation can take anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks+.

Tradespeople you'll need for a kitchen renovation

The steps involved in a kitchen renovations job starts with the material selection and design, then demolition, framing, plumbing and electrical work, plastering, cabinetry, flooring, benchtops, fit-offs, splashback tiling, painting and finally site clean-up. For each of these steps, a tradesperson will need to be used who is skilled in that particular area.

Every kitchen renovations job is going to be unique, but for most, the tradespeople that will need to be hired will depend on if the renovation is customised or flatpack, the level of finishes, and whether major building work needs to be done like knocking down walls, changing or extending rooms.

Here’s a guide to the different tradespeople that need to be involved in custom-built and flat pack kitchen renovation jobs.

Custom-built kitchen renovation Flat pack kitchen renovation
Architect Kitchen designer
Builder Fabricator (depends on type of benchtop)
Plumber Builder (if walls need to be knocked down or room extended)
Gas installer Electrician
Electrician Gyprocker
Fabricator (depends on type of benchtop) Glazier (if splashback is glass)
Tiler Painter
Plasterer Tiler
Renderer Plasterer
Floor coverer Renderer
Carpenter Floor coverer
Painter Plumber
Glazier (if splashback is glass) Gas installer
Cabinet maker

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