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Types of pool cleaning services

Weekly maintenance

The basics of pool cleaning are simple – remove the leaves and twigs that have fallen in and clear the debris from the filter. In reality, people often neglect to do this themselves, so a professional pool cleaner takes this worry off your hands.

Chemical checks

A backyard pool needs to have certain chemicals (such as chlorine) in it to make sure it's safe to swim in and to inhibit algae growth. Having the pH level of your pool checked regularly is important, as it makes balancing the levels a lot easier if an oddity is found early. Saltwater pools require regular checks too.

Equipment checks and repairs

There's a heap of technology that goes into keeping your pool clean, and if one part fails, the rest of it often suffers. Having a pool cleaner check your plumbing, pumps and chlorinators helps to keep operations running smoothly.

How to choose the right pool cleaners

What do others say about them?

Reviews are one of the best ways to judge a company, with one that's repeatedly given five stars and glowing recommendations being one you know you can trust.

What guarantees do they give?

A professional pool cleaner should back themselves to do a job properly. Oneflare gives the Verified Business badge to those who have given us adequate information (including ABN and an accurate description). There's also the On-Time Guarantee (customers can get $50 back if the contractor is late) and the Home Care Guarantee (for those with public liability).

Get the right price for your job

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