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Types of prepurchase car inspection services

Mechanical check

Sometimes all you need to know is that a car is going to keep driving once you leave the car yard. Having someone who knows what to look for and give the engine, brakes and chassis a once-over can give you peace of mind that you're not buying something that's going to need roadside assistance on the drive home.

Road test

You can't always tell everything just from looking. By taking the car out for a short drive, a prepurchase car inspector can get a better idea of its engine's health, its handling and its wheel alignment.


Even though a car's in good condition, it may not be everything that's advertised. By running a few checks, you can quickly be told important information like how many owners it's had and if it's ever been stolen.

How to choose the best prepurchase car inspector


Not all prepurchase car inspections are equal. While it's true that you often get what you pay for, make sure you check what's included in your inspection before you hire a business for the job.


Hiring someone for their expertise can be a hard thing to do, especially when you're not so hot on the topic yourself. By looking through the reviews of previous jobs completed through Oneflare, you can see how well a prepurchase car inspector's recommendations have worked out in the past.

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