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Top wedding makeup artists near you

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Types of wedding makeup artist services

Bridal makeup trials

All wedding makeup artists provide makeup trials. This gives the bride a good idea of the feel and look of the makeup and whether it complements her wedding dress. As part of these trials the bride can show the makeup artist photos of the look she wants on her wedding day and the professional will provide recommendations on it too. Having a trial helps rule out the chances of unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

Wedding makeup packages

Most bridal makeup artists also provide packages that include the trials, the bride’s makeup and the makeup for the mother, the flower girls and the bridesmaids. This comprehensive package also becomes a more cost-effective option if you need all these services.

Wedding day makeup kit

The artist may also provide a makeup kit for the big day that includes all the basic makeup products in case you or members or your bridal party need to touch up your makeup during the course of the event.

How to choose a good wedding makeup artist


One of the best ways to find a great wedding makeup artist is to get recommendations from family and friends. The first-hand feedback that you get from people you know holds a lot of value while looking for a makeup artist for your big day.

Experience and reputation

If you are looking online for a makeup artist for your wedding, check the person’s experience level and whether they have a good reputation in the market. You can do this by reading online reviews and customer testimonials, as well as checking their social media pages.


Most brides hire makeup artists not just for themselves but for their mother, the bridesmaids and the flower girls as well. If that is your requirement, you need to check what kind of packages the wedding makeup artist provides and whether they offer any discounts.

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