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Get the most out of your profile

Your profile is a key feature of your account. It lets customers know more about you and your business, it’s where they can read your reviews, and it’s where you select the type of leads you want to receive. Completed profiles win up to 230% more work.

Get Verified

Verify your business to earn customer trust by completing these 3 profile elements:

  1. Upload a business logo or profile picture
    Looking professional in your profile photo strengthens your profile. Customers want to see who they are inviting into their home.
  2. Add a business description
    Outline exactly what you can do, highlighting your skills and experiences.
  3. Add your ABN and confirm your Public Liability Insurance, license or certificate
    Build trust with customers by showing you are a legitimate business.

Get verified

Highlight your best work

Photos are a great way to show off your work. Here are some useful tips for how to display your photos:

  1. Upload photos of you and your team in action.
  2. Display before-and-after examples of your work.
  3. Include descriptive captions.

Tell your story

Help customers understand and trust your business by answering a few questions:

  1. Talk about your experience
    And give a few examples of your work.
  2. Show your love for what you do
    Share stories of how you started and what keeps you going.
  3. Always show professionalism
    Customers notice attention to detail through your spelling and grammar.

Ready to update your profile?

To find more information on your profile, visit our Help centre.

How to win work

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