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Get the most out of your quotes

A quote is your very first contact with a customer. Make an impression by providing a customised price and message, and increase your chances of being selected for the job. Clear messages are key elements to perfecting your quotes.

“I select businesses who I know have carefully read the details of my job and took care to address issues that I may have forgotten to mention. Being friendly and professional is a must.” Nicholas J. Dunford – Oneflare customer

Tips for a winning quote

  1. Set your price or provide an estimation
    Give your customer an idea/estimation of the price and explain the factors that may affect the total price.
  2. Explain the next steps
    Set realistic expectations and let your customers know what you plan to do with the estimation you provide.
  3. Be professional and courteous
    Show excitement for the work you do. Share previous experiences and any necessary qualifications.

Optimising to win work

Be fast: 60% of winning quotes are submitted within 60 minutes of the job being posted.

Follow up: We will notify you when a customer has seen your quote, so you know when to follow up with a more personal conversation.

Ready to send quotes?

To find more information on quotes, visit our Help centre.

How to win work

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