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Get the most out of your reviews

Reviews are the perfect way to show off your unique selling points and build trust with more potential customers.

“The reviews and ratings systems give potential customers a chance to see what other people think about my business before they make a decision.” – Andrew Russell – Sense Technology

Collecting Customer Reviews

  1. Log in to your profile
    Your review link can be found below your business information in your profile.
  2. Send your review link
    Copy your unique review link and send it to past customers. You can also share your review link on social media by clicking the relevant social icon button.
  3. See your live reviews
    Once you start receiving reviews, check out your public profile and see what customers see when they visit your profile.

Responding to negative reviews

Every now and then businesses come across a negative review. It’s important to not get discouraged; take this as a good opportunity and a challenge to improve. Here are some useful tips to help you with your response:

  1. Follow up with a thoughtful and positive response
    Customers will see that you are responsive and solution-oriented.
  2. Apologise as appropriate
    Show that your business cares and that you are taking steps towards improvement.
  3. Ask for false or inappropriate reviews to be removed
    False, malicious, or inappropriate reviews can be removed. Contact our Oneflare Support Team at 13 18 18 and we will investigate your case.

Ready to get a great review?

To find more information on your reviews, visit our Help centre.

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