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Types of carpet cleaning services

Stain removal

If you don't clean up a stain as soon as it appears, it can be much more difficult to remove later on. If you don't have the persistence, the elbow grease or the best cleaning materials available, it can be almost impossible.

Pet odour removal

Before pets are house-trained, they can have little accidents on your carpet as they try to mark their territory. Over time, these patches can build up an unpleasant odour that's difficult to get rid of.

Weekly clean

Sometimes there's no major problem with your carpet or rugs, you just need a bit of help to keep your house in order. A regular vacuum – whether that's weekly, fortnightly or monthly – can help keep your place tidy, while you focus on other tasks.

How to choose the right carpet cleaning service


There's not much that can go wrong with regular vacuuming, unless someone clumsily knocks into a precariously placed vase. However, if chemicals are used to remove a stain or smell, they may discolour your carpet and lead to an expensive refit.


If you just want someone to come in for a one-off clean, you don't need to look for any extra skills in their profile. But if you think you might get your cleaner to take on some other tasks, then you should check to see if they're happy to do these before you hire them.

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