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  • Flooring job

    Posted by Lee

    21 Nov 2023
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    Location: Liverpool, NSW
    Job Description: I need to pay credit card OR for the rent to pay for the job when rented

    Lee's review for a a carpeting job in Liverpool



    Richard the manager of city timber flooring had good communication skills and the price was reasonable An excellent job was done on the floors I’m very happy with this part of the service I would give it 5 Stars Unfortunately communication with the workers was difficult due to language barrier so I could not ask questions on the day of the job. They filled all of my bins with the sawdust and sanding pads without asking (Richard came over and picked this up for me once I asked him) I had painted my front veranda the day before and the workers put the heavy machinery on the freshly painted veranda putting some scratches on the surface I would change the coating used in the future.It was so volatile that even with all doors and windows closed my Neigbours and I felt like vomiting and they were in the home next door .So you can imagine having to go to the fridge to get food !Think Chernobyl !! Never get the fast dry coating. This needs to be explained as to how bad the fumes are. Yes I would get City Timber flooring again but Low VOC coating and the workers briefed about where the rubbish goes and taking care with things.


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