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A celebrant should be experienced and qualified

Types of services a celebrant performs

Marriage ceremonies

An authorised marriage celebrant can legally perform marriages as per the Marriage Act. These celebrants may be representatives of some religious organisations (religious marriage celebrants) or may provide non-religious/secular weddings (civil marriage celebrant).

Funeral ceremonies and ash-spreading ceremonies

A funeral celebrant is a qualified individual who officiates at different types of funeral services. They plan and oversee all the funeral proceedings on the day. This celebrant can conduct spiritual, non-religious, and semi-religious services. Most celebrants conduct ceremonies for funeral services that focus on the ‘celebration of life’ concept.

Anniversaries and renewal of vows ceremonies

Many couples like to renew their wedding vows on their anniversaries and take the opportunity to reaffirm their commitment and love for one another. A celebrant can organise a memorable and unique anniversary or renewal of vows ceremony that could be simple, elaborate, casual, formal or adventurous.

How to choose an expert celebrant

Expertise and reputation

When you are looking for a celebrant, understand what types of services they provide, how long they have been in the profession and what ceremonies and events they have officiated before. Check online reviews and testimonials so you know you are hiring a celebrant with a good reputation.


It’s also a good idea to contact the celebrant and ask them for referrals. Getting referrals from friends and family who know celebrants or have used celebrants before can be a great way to know you have a good one.

Personality and professionalism

This is a very important aspect to look at when you are hiring a celebrant. The person should be proactive, presentable, able to communicate well and sync well with your values.

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